Crazy Hair Day!

On Friday June 11th we had ‘Crazy Hair Day’ in Bunscoil Rís.


Each child was asked to bring in one euro and the proceeds went to the local charity Wexford People Helping People. This charity operates on donations from all around the county to help those who really need it. This year has been very tough on people and we were delighted to have this day to help raise funds. The boys and girls made a great effort with their hair and donations…well done!!

Hot Food Menu

The hot food lunches have been a great success so far in the school. The children are thoroughly enjoying the variety of food that comes in every day. You can change your child’s food order each week by logging on and using the details we have given to every child. In order for the lunches to change for the following week, you must change it by Thursday. Try to choose a different hot lunch each day for your child as a balanced and varied diet is best.

World Book Day 04/03/2021






Lots of World Book Day, Ireland Activities. Just copy and paste. 




World Book Day Website



Online Learning January 2021

This month we went back to online learning due to new lockdown restrictions. The children and staff have adapted brilliantly to this and we are very proud of everyone who has engaged so far. Each morning we host Zoom meetings for each of our classes for one hour. They are hosted by the class teacher and an SET teacher. The children and their teacher discuss the work for the day, teach mini lessons and also correct work. It is an opportunity for teachers to check in with each student and to continue teaching the curriculum, as best as possible. School work is uploaded daily to Class DoJo and then the children share what they have done with their teacher using Portfolio on Class DoJo. Children are also logged into Mathletics. Here they work on their Maths daily and independently. Every Friday we have also successfully held a whole school assembly on Zoom where over 250 students and staff have logged on.

Below is a sample of just some of the work the children have completed this month.



Flu Vaccine Information

Bunscoil Rís will be running a FREE flu vaccination clinic for all pupils in the school after the Halloween break. There will be a consent form going home with your child today. If you want your child to be vaccinated you MUST return the consent form to the school by this FRIDAY 23rd October.
Flu is one of the biggest causes of short term absences from school and the best way to prevent related illnesses is by getting the flu vaccine each year.
I am attaching, below, information about how the vaccine is given to children.

Any questions feel free to call Niamh Foskin on 086 8276511.


Bunscoil Ris Edmund Rice Senior School Letter For School Clinic and Consent Form

Fluenz Tetra Patient Information Leaflet

Return 2 School

Return 2 School:
We are working hard to get the school ready for the return of our pupils and staff next week.

We want to keep the school a Covid free zone.

Maximise Distance, Minimise Contact.

Hand washing & Sneezing Etiquette:
It is really important that children arrive at school clean and that they wash their hands before they leave home. They will wash hands first thing on arrival and several times during the school day.

Practice washing and sneezing properly at home!!

Staggered Start:
To avoid crowding we will have a staggered start for a number of weeks. For the first 2 days there will only be half the school in attendance as we need to give them important information about how the school day will run for them.

Thursday 27th:
School only for 3rd & 4th classes
• 3rd class times 9.30am – 1.45pm
• 4th class times 9.15am – 2.00pm

Friday 28th:
School for 5th & 6th classes only
• 5th class times 9.00am – 2.15pm
• 6th class times 8.45am – 2.30pm

From Monday 31st:
All classes in school with different start times.
• 3rd class times 9.30am – 1.45pm
• 4th class times 9.15am – 2.00pm
• 5th class times 9.00am – 2.15pm
• 6th class times 8.45am – 2.30pm

Each class will enter & exit through a designated door that we will show them.

We hope to extend the school day for all classes as we get better at entering and exiting the building.

Important Notes:
1. Children have the option to wear a mask, some tissues bring some sanitiser but are not allowed to share. No sharing of any equipment allowed. Staff will be wearing a mask or a visor in school.
2. Pupils should only arrive at correct times only.
3. No dropping off early.
4. Brothers & sisters from the same family can enter school with the oldest child and go straight to their class. Same for collecting.
5. No breakfast club to start with.
6. School lunches will be delivered as normal in school.
7. School uniform or school tracksuit to be worn each day alternating daily.
8. All school pens/pencils/books will stay at school. we won’t be giving any written homework to start with, might be more active homework.
9. Adults are asked not to enter the school and must make an appointment. Masks to be worn.
`10. Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. This is really important this school year.
Parents will be contacted to collect their child if the child feeling unwell at school.

Our Return 2 School Plan is a work in progress and we will update you again and again as we get closer to opening.

Email if you have a question/comment.

Sorry for the long list but we want everybody to be safe.
Looking forward to working with you in the next school year.