Ms. King

Wednesday 27th january 2021

Well here we are mid way through the week – I hope you are all keeping well.

Counting: Today I want you to say the number that comes after the following numbers :

34, 56, 79, 83, 99, 104, 109, 231, 256, 456, 789, 654, 98, 753

Now I want you to say the number that comes before these numbers :

79, 65, 90, 45, 67, 134, 245, 543, 765, 987, 666, 453, 531

I want you to practice counting in 6s please – use your 100sq.

Today we are going to use our 100 sq to add on 10, 20, 30 etc.  Remember beforeChristmas we added on 10 by moving down to the number under the number we are adding 10 to  eg 32 add on 10 is 42 (42 is immediately under 32)


Now try and do the following

17+ 10=

42+ 50 =

69+ 20 =

33 + 30 =

11 + 20 =

47 + 60=

37 + 10 =

45 + 40 =

For this activity today I want you to draw out the 8 jugs and colour them in to the level of the amount it says underneath.  If you find it hard to draw jugs just draw a rectangle with a handle .  Mark off the measurements  100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900ml and 1l .  Then colour to the level you are asked for .  There is no need to do a to g at this stage.



Read the story about George Stephenson and then write out 5 or 6 sentences of a summary of the story.  If there are any words that you do not understand please message me or ask someone at home if you can’t look them up in a dictionary.

Well that’s all for today.  Remember to check in with Donna Dunne fitness and  try and get some air or exercise.  Keep Safe N King


Tuesday 26th January 2021

Good morning .

Today I want you to continue counting forward and backwards – start at 123, 269 and 345 and count for a minute forward and then backwards.  See do you get back to the number you started with.

Practice your multiples of 6 please.

Today I want you to say the number that is half of the number:

18, 24,22, 30, 14, 26, 12, 16, 28, 32, 20, 34, 10.


Estimate and then measure how many litres you would need to fill the following containers ~:

Bucket, basin, Sink, Kettle and Teapot.  If you haven’t got a litre measuring jug please use a milk carton – either a litre one, 2l or 3l.



Please read the story- answer the questions and draw a picture of Grace.


That’s all for today.  Have  a good day and take care.




Monday 25th January 2021

Welcome to another week of online learning.  This week I posted my quiz on class dojo and also I mentioned Catholic Schools Week .


Continue counting forwards and backwards.  Start at 67, 178 and 295.

Today I want you to learn counting in 6s – 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 78, 84, 90, 96.

Draw out your 100 sq and colour in all the numbers above.

Read out the whole sum:

20 – ? = 6

20 -? = 20

20 – 4 =

20 – ? = 17

20 – 16 =

20 – ? = 10

20 – 12=

20 – ? = 1

20 – ? = 5

20 – 8 =

20 – 3=

20 – ? =18

20 – ? = 6

Try these in your copy – 2l 360ml + 4 l 98 ml=

6 l 84 ml + 3l 985 ml =


4th class Maths Puzzles

4th class Maths 25 Jan



gone in 8 min

Please read the story and then answer the question.

Today I would also like you to draw a picture of the story.

That’s all for today – remember to get out for some exercise – keep adding up the km you walk every day.

Take care NKing


Friday 22nd January 2021

Happy Friday – we are all set for the weekend again.

Today we have a school assembly at 11 so I’m looking forward to seeing you all at that.  Remember please turn your camera on so we can see you.


Today I want you to put the following words into sentences – they were in your reading page yesterday:

squeezed, blame, chestnut tree, trousers, elbow, yard.


Continue counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s.

Today set your timer to aminute , count on from 379 and stop after a minute, then count backwards and see where you get.

Read the whole sum and then give the answer:

5 + ? = 20

14 + ? = 20

7 + ? = 20

10 + ? = 20

2 + ? = 20

? + 9 = 20

16 + ? = 20

0 + ?  = 20

? + 3 = 20

12 + ? = 20

? + 1 = 20

11 + ? = 20

? + 4 = 20

That’s all for today.  Have  alovely weekend and chat on Monday.

N KIng


Thursday 21st January 2021

Happy Thursday – I hope you are all keeping well.  Today s to be a much brighter , dryer day so hopefully we’ll all be able to get out.



Please read the story and draw a picture describing the story.


Same challenge this week – set your timer for 1 minute and start counting from 356 -see how far you get.  Then count backwards for 1 min and see do you get to 356.

Count in 2s, 3s , 4s , 5s.

Do the following sums:


10- ? = 7






Double 7


Double 14



Double 6

Double 11

That’s all for today – have a lovely day and remember to get some fresh air and exercise.


Wednesday 20th January 2021



Please read and answer the questions.


Please set your timer  for 1 minute and start counting from 256 – see how far you can go.  Then set the timer again for  1  minute and count backwards and see do you get to 256.

Continue to count in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s.



Try the puzzles on this page .  Please contact me if you need any help.

Have a lovely day – not as easy to get out these days as it is too wet.


Tuesday 19th Jan 2021

Good morning everyone – hope you all are keeping well.



Please read the story and pick 5 words and put them into sentences.


Please continue to count in 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s.  Please count as you walk .

Solve these number problems

Alan has 35c and Ryan has 45c .  How much have they altogether?

The children in 3rd and 4th class went on a school tour.  There were 29 children in 3rd class and 33 in fourth.  Four SNAs  also went with 2 teachers.  How many were on the bus?  ( remember the driver)

There were 58 people on atrain.  When it stopped 48 more people boarded.  How many passengers were on the train then?

Paula had 78 stamps and Martin had 29 more .  How many did Martin have?  How many did they have altogether?

That’s all for today.  Remember if you need anything explained please email me or message me on dojo.

Have a good day.

N King


Please email your answers to me  at or send me a photo on dojo.  Thks 

Jan 2

NRICH maths problems

Challenge for the week – measure the amount of steps (or KM) you walk each day and after  add them up  and see how far you have walked.  Then try and find a place that is that distance from your home or from New Ross ( you might find that after a few weeks you have walked to Waterford!!!!)

Answers to last weeks quiz:

  1. 43
  2.  true
  3.  1 mile
  4.  stonehenge
  5.  were
  6. throw
  7. tennis
  8. yes
  9. General Electric Company
  10. yes
  11. Van Gogh
  12. 50s
  13. churches
  14. Japan
  15. painting
  16. positive
  17. bread
  18. piccolo
  19. sugar
  20. true


Looking forward to seeing all your solutions and answers.

Monday 18th January 2021

Welcome to week 2 of online learning.  I hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to get out and about at some stage.  Remember to send your outdoor photos to Mr Moran at




Please read this story and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.


Count on in 2s, 3s, 4s , 5s – please draw a 100sq and colour in the multiples of 5 – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100



Say the number that is double these numbers

12, 15, 7, 13, 17, 19, 11, 8, 18, 10, 9, 16, 14


There are 1000millilitres(ml) in a litre (1L)

A small spoon holds 5ml

An eggcup holds about 50ml

A Cup of water measures about 150ml.

Using an eggcup, a teaspoon and a cup please try the following:

1. How many spoonfuls are needed to fill an eggcup?

2. How many eggcups are needed to fill a cup?

3. How many mls in 2 spoonfuls and 5 spoonfuls?

That’s all for today .  Remember it’s good to have a routine and to get outside for some fresh air.

Take care and have a good day.N King


Friday 15th Jan 2021

Happy Friday – I hope you are keeping well and looking forward to the weekend.  Today we have our school Zoom at 11am so that will be brilliant – you”ll get to see all the other classes and teachers.

Over the weekend please try and get out for a walk -Yesterday was fabulous so hopefully there’s more of the same to come.


Today I want you to continue counting in 2s and 3s and I will add in 4s today

4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,68,72,76,80. – maybe draw out your 100 square and colour in the multiples of 4.

Practice a few doubles also – 4, 9, 12, 18, 15, 24, 28.


Write a diary explaining all you have done since Wed both with chool work and home life – have you gone for a walk, what did you see, did you bake something, played a game?   Just simple things.

That’s all for today.  I’m looking forward to seeing you at the assembly at 11am . If you need to ask me anything please message me on dojo or email me at

Have a lovely weekend and keep safe.

Ms King


Thursday 14th Jan 2021

I hope you all enjoyed your Zoom class today – it was lovely to see so many happy faces. Remember it is a good idea to have a routine to your day and also to get some exercise.    Maybe when you are out for a walk measure the distance you walk using your phone if you have one and then calculate how far you have  walked at the end of the week.  Rememeber to tune into School Hub on television and also Go noodle is great for exercise.


Keep counting – today count forwards and backwards from 148 to 175; 186 to 225.

Count in 3s  – 3, 6,9,12,,1518,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51, 54, 57,60  You can make your own 100square and fill in the multiples of 3 (you can make a second one and fill in multiples of 2)

More doubles  – say the number that is double these numbers  (please say yesterdays numbers als



The capacity of a conatiner is the amount of liquid it can hold    Look at the milk carton in your fridge – does it hold a Litre, 2 litres , 3 litres or 500 ml (half a litre)

Now make a list of 8 things that come in cartons or bottles that are

a)smaller than 1 litre

b) bigger than 1 litre.

Now make a list of 8 liquids that are bought and sold in very large containers eg petrol.



Todays story is about Alice the witch from Kilkenny – enjoy reading this story – you can answer the questions and write a few sentences telling what you learned from  the story.  If there are words in the story that you don’t understand please ask an adult or message me on dojo and I can help you .

That’s all for today. I hope you have a lovely day and manage to get some fresh air.

Take care NKing

Wednesday 13th Jan 2021 

Quiz – every week while we are out of school I will post a quiz and some Maths Problems – please email me your answers to



Jan 1


I hope you enjoy these challenges.  Check in on Monday for next weeks .  NKing




Wednesday 13th January 2021

Happy New Year and welcome back to online learning.

I will post some work every day and I will be on Ms O Byrne’s Zoom meeting daily at 10am.



Please read the above piece from Read at Home and answer the 5 questions .  There is no need to write the answers .  If there is a word you don’t understand please look it up in your dictionary.


Count – in 1s starting at 80 and count forwards to 109, start at 359 and count to 415

Count in 2s from 2  –  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50

For this exercise please say the number that is double these numbers


Over the next few days you can estimate and measure how much the following containers contain:

Container Less than 1 litre About 1 litre More than 1 litre
Egg Cup

One of the most important things you can do in this lockdown is get some fresh air and exercise  – please build a routine into your day.

That’s all for today.

Take Care NKing

Friday 4th June 2020

Happy Friday – it’s the end of another week,   I hope all is good.  We are at the end of the hard work and next week we will have themed weeks s0 there will be alot of fun for you.  Remember Keep reading and counting.  Look out for Maths around you.  When I am walking I count the cars and sometimes (if I am going through a car park) I look for the most common digit and also the most common year.  Also every time we bake something we are using Maths expecially if we have to half or double the recipe.


The last chapters of Charlotte’s Web are on the Dojo – there is a little sad part but the ending is lovely.  I would love if you would write a book review for me and also draw a picture of your favourite part in the book.  You can send it directly to me on Dojo or to your class teacher.


Count in 3s starting at 12 and keep going as far as you can.  Now start at 60 and count back.

This time count forward in 3s but count from 14 and keep going.

Puzzle:  1.  Lucy never tells the truth.  Lucy says Lou never tells the truth.  Lou says “I am double digits years old”.  Lucy says to Lou “You are an even number of years old”.

What is the youngest age Lou should be?

2. What is the time 59 minutes after 4:15?

What is the time 59 minutes before 2:45?

What is the time 62 minutes after 3:59?

3.In America they put the month before the day when they write the date.  3/7 in America means March 7th.  In Ireland it means 3rd July.  How many times in the year do the  Irish and Americans say the date the same way?

In America how many days come between 3/4 and 4/3?

Ok that’s all for today.  I really hope you enjoyed Charlotte’s Web.  If you would like me to read another book for June please message me on Dojo.  Keep safe and remember to to keep helping at home.   NK



Thursday 3rd June 20200

It’s Thursday again – I feel the weeks are flying by – I’m sure you do – even though it wasn’t as warm yesterday it still was a lovely day.  I hope you were outside enjoying the fresh air.

2 Chapters on Dojo of Charlotte’s Web – I’ll finish it by Friday hopefully. Can you predict about the award that Wilbur will receive – what will it be for?


  1.   Evie and Ed are brother and sister.   Together their ages add up to 32.  Ed is 4 years younger than Evie.  How old is Evie?
  2. Ed has a twin called Eric and Evie has a twin called Emma – How far are the ages of the 4 childrem away from 100 years?
  3. 1 papa bear weighs the same as 3 baby bears.  2 papa bears weigh the same as 3 mamma bears.  How many baby bears weigh the same as 1 mamma bear?
  4. Papa bear and mammabear are on the same side of a seesaw.  How many baby bears are neeed on the other side of the seesaw to balance them?
  5. That’s all for today  .  Have fun and keep safe.  NK

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Happy Wednesday – here we are half way through the week again..

2 chapters up on Dojo – today they are at a FAIR – alot of people still go to Fairs – eg The Bannow Show in Wexford or the Adamstown  show – children love them because like in the story they often can walk around with their friends and see everything?   Have you ever been to a show?  This year unfortunately the shows have been cancelled.


Today I would like you to predict what you think might happen – also if you have any wonders please write them down also.


We’ll count again this week – start at 50 and count on to 89, now count back from 104 to 76.

Next start at 123 and count on to 156 and then count backwards from 176 to 159.

This time skip count – start at 14 and count as far as you can for a minute.

Puzzle:  4 numbers are taken away from 100.  70 is left over.  1 of the numbers is 11.  1 other is 8.  What do the other 2 numbers add up to?

5 numbers are taken away from 100.  0 is left over.  2 of the numbers are 20 and 22.  What is the biggest whole number that 1 of the other numbers can be?


3 cubes are connected together to make a tower.  The tower then stands on a table.  How many square faces of the original cubes can be seen?

The tower is laid on its side.  How many square faces of the original cubes can now be seen?

That’s all for today – enjoy the day – keep safe and keep well.   NK

Tuesday June 2nd 2020

Hi everyone – I hope you had a lovely weekend – the weather was amazing – barbeque weather – I hope you enjoyed a bbq.

Charlottes’s web  I’m putting up 2 chapters today – Charlotte is making lots of web words to describe Wilbur – these are words that we can use to decribe ourselves also.   We are also reading facts about spiders – maybe some of you knew these facts anyway – it’s all very intersting.

Today I want you to choose one of the words that Charlotte made in the web and write it out and put it somewhere where you will see it to remind yourself of yourself.


Today’ s date is 2/6/20 – can you work with these numbers and see what results you get.

These are all even numbers. Are your answers even?

Try to find the temperature for Friday, Saturday , Sunday and Monday – what is the average for the 4 days = now add in todays – does the average change?

It’s June now – how many days – can you set yourself a walking challenge for June – say you will walk 2 km a day?  How many km would you walk in the month ? – keep a record.

That’s all for today – enjoy the sun and keep safe.  NK



Thursday 28th May 2020

Hi everyone – it’s Thursday and the last day of our school week.  We have Friday and Monday off so enjoy the break. Two chapters from Charlottes’s Web on Dojo – Lots to listen to.   Today I want you to look around to find webs.  I saw a lovely one on a tree on Wednesday when I was out walking.     I also want you to think of words to describe Wilbur.


Today I want you to look around you for Maths – 1.are there shapes in your kitchen/ bedroom

2. when do you use the clock   3, do you count your steps   4. if you are baking what measurements do you use?    Can you record these?

That’s all for today everybody.  Enjoy the weekend – lets hope the weather stays good.  Take care NK

Wednesday 27th May 2020

It’s Wednesday again – I hope you are keeping well – I met a few people when I was in New Ross today – it was lovely to see some friendly faces.

Charlotte’s Web is on Class Dojo


Target Board

If one whole is 100e what does each number represent?

Order the numbers in each  row or column from highest to lowest.


The symbol @ means add on 2

The symbol ^ means double

The symbol * means take away 4.

Start at 14,      then * ^ ^ @ * .    What number are you on now.

After you ^ * * @ you are at 34.   Where did you start?

2.   4 numbers add up to 30.   1 of the numbers is 12.  1 of the numbers is 5.  What do the other 2 numbers add up to?

5 numbers add up to 100.   3 of the numbers are 20, 30 and 11.  What is the biggest whole number that 1 of the other numbers can be?

5 numbers add up to 100.  3 of the numbers are the same .  1 of the numbers is 35.  What are the other 4 numbers?


An Explosion is the title of the chapter in Charlotte’s web I read today.  What words do you think of when you hear the word EXPLOSION.  Can you illustrate it?  Can you make small words from the word EXPLOSION?


That’s all for today everyone.  I hope you are all keeping well.  Keep safe and keep well . NK


Tuesday 26th May 2020

Good morning – welcome to Tuesday.

Chapter 9 has been uploaded tp Dojo – I hope you enjoy it.


Target Board

1. Can you find a fraction that is equivalent to a decimal number?

2. What must be added to each to make a whole?


  1. Benjamin has e1.40.  he counts the money and sees that he has 6 coins.

What coins might he have?   How many different answers can you find?

Pearl has e1.60 – she has 4 coins.   What might her coins be?

2. With the digits 4, 2, 4 you can make 3 different 3 digit numbers. Put them in order from smallest to biggest.

With the digit 4,2, 2, 4 you can make 6 different 6 digit numbers.  Put them in order from biggest to smallest.

Find all the different 4 digit numbers you can make by using the digits 4,6,6,4.


Sedentary is a word in the story.  Charlotte explains the word in the story.  Can you remember what it means.  Maybe look it up in the dictionary and write the meaning.  Can you make small words from the letters in SEDENTARY.

Charlotte gives us very good advice in the chapter.  Can you remember?  I think it is as important today as it was when the story was written in 1952.  (WOW that’s a long time ago).   Can you write out the advice and put in your room or somewhere that you will see it so you can use it every day.


Well that is all for today.  Remember Urban Gym is on today at 1. 30pm and also I hope you are watching School Hub.   Keep safe, Keep well . NK



Monday 25th May 2020

Another week beckons – hard to believe it’s the last week of May.  We have a short week this week with no school on Friday.

Charlotte’s Web is on Class Dojo.  If you are enjoying it tell your friends – all classes can listen and or read.


Target Board

2/5 0.5 3/4 1/2 40%
1/10 20% 0.2 0.1 1/100
25% 0.4 50% 0.75 1/4
75% 1/5 10% 1% 0.25
  1. What kind of number is each number? Fraction/ Decimal/percentage
  2. Express each number in another way = eg 25+40%=0.4


1.Shan starts at 3 and skip counts by 5.  Which of these numbers will Shan eventually say? 25, 40, 53, 78. 170. 295, 418

What are the last two 3 digit numbers that Shan will say?

2. Katy has the digits 1, 3, 5 and 6.  She uses them to make a 4 digit number.  The number is an odd number. The 10s digit has the highest value.   The 1000s digit minus the 1s digit equals 2.  The 10s digit minus the 1000s digit equals the 100s digit. What number has Katy made.

Katy has the gigitd 2, 3, 6, 9.  She uses them to make a 4 digit number.  If you multiply the 10s digit by itself, you find the 100s gigit.

If you multiply the 1000s digit by the 10s digit, you find the 1s digit.  What number did Katy make?



Drifting Summer Poetry for Kids | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

What a lovely poem to read. I love the words FROLIC and DRIFTING – do you know what they mean   If you don’t look them up in  a dictionary.    Try and put them into sentences.

That’s all for today – it’s lovely weather to be outside – if you have a garden I hope you are helping to keep it neat, tidy and flowery.  Keep safe and keep washing your hands.  NK

Friday 22nd May 2020

Happy Friday – imagne it’s Friday again.  The days are going so fast .  I hope the weather is good at the weekend and we can chill.  You probably are meeting your friends for the first time now so that is very exciting – remember keep your distance , wash your hands and please keep to a group of 4.

Chapter 6 of Charlotte’s Web is on Dojo – did any part of today’s chapter remind you of what you see around you now – eg lilac trees, bees etc.   Take a look the next time you are ouside.


Target Board:

Can you add the amounts in each column and row.

What must I add to each amount to reach 10e.

List the amounts in each row from highest to lowest.

List the amounts in each column from lowest to highest.


I divided my set of marbles into quarters and recorded my work in the pictures above. Could I have divided them into thirds or sixths.   You can work it out using marbles or lego pieces .


I am a number more than 300 but less than 500.  I am an even number.  There is a 7 in my number.  My 100s digit is even.

List all the numbers that I could be.

If my 1s digit is bigger than 7, which numbers can I be?

That’s all for today – I hope you have a lovely weekend – remember to get some exercise, eat well and sleep early.  Take care NK

Thursday 21st May 2020

It’s Thursday again – I hope you are doing ok and enjoying the sunny weather.

Charlotte’s Web chapter 5 is on Dojo. Today for Literacy I want you to write out all you know about SPIDERS .  Use some of the information in the story.

There is a list of the things that Charlotte eats in the story – can you remember what they are and list them.


Target Board

  1. Change each euro amount to cent.
  2. Increase each amount by 50 per cent
  3. Work out 12 times each amount


Puzzle :

3 numbers are in a line.  They increase by 2 along the line.  The numbers add up to 30.  What are the 3 numbers?

Extension – 3 numbers in a line – they increase by 2 along the line.  They add up to 66.  What are the numbers?

How did you figure it out?

2.  I am a 3 digit number.  2 of my digits are the same.  My 10s digit uses the highest digit in my number .  My 1s and 100s digit add up to 16.  What number am I?


That’s all for today .  I hope you have a lovely day.  Enjoy school hub and Urban Rascals.  Keep safe, keep well.  NK

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Chapter 4 is on Class Dojo.  I hope you are you enjoying it.

Literacy :

Today I want you to find something that’s your favourite colour, something that you are thankful for  in nature, something that you can use to make a gift for someone and finally something that is useful for you.  I would love to see some pictures of the things you picked.


Target Board:

  1.  Pick two numbers and find their total and difference.
  2. Multiply each number by 10.
  3. Divide each number by 10.
  4. Can you find a pair where one number is ten times the other?


  1.     6 apples are exactly the same size in a bag.  3 are green and 3 are red.  Patrick wants to pick out 1 green apple.  What is the smallest number of apples Patrick needs to pick from the bag to have a chance of picking a green apple?

What  is the smallest number of apples Patrick needs to pick from the bag to be sure of picking a green apple?

2.  Year 3 was asked about the number of TV sets in their home.  The results are:

                    TV Sets             Homes
                          0                    1
                            1                     4
                            2                     8
                             3                     3
                             4                     2
                    More than 4                     2

How many students’ homes swere in the survey?

How many homes had more than 2 TV sets?

How many homes had fewer than 3 TV sets?


That’s all for today – I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine.  Keep safe and keep well.  NK

Tuesday 19th May 2020

I hope you enjoyed the first 2 chapters of Charlotte’s Web .  Chapter 3 today.


Today I want you to find something that makes you happy, something to give to someone to make them smile,.

Find something that you love to smell and one thing you enjoy looking at.

Please illustrate and write about these.


Target Board

Look for pairs that make a whole number of euro.

How much do I  need to add to each to get to the next whole euro?

What change would I get from é10 if I spent each amount?

What coins could I use to make each amount?

Puzzle:   Marcus records the colours of the 12 cars that pass the post office.  He notices that they are either yellow, black or white. He also notices that there is an equal number  of cars with each colour.  The first 8 are:  Yellow, black, yellow, white, black, black, yellow, black.  What colours must the last 4 cars be?

What is the most likely colour of the 9th car?

That’s all for today – remmeber Urban Rascals at 1.30pm.   Keep safe and keep well,  NK

Monday 18th May 2020

Another week – I hope you had a lovely weekend.

I’ve uploaded on Class Dojo a new story – Charlotte’s Web – I hope you enjoy it.


Counting – please count forward – from 87 to 100,  105 to 130 and 176 to 195.

Now count backwards from 89 to 55,  110 to 89,   165 to 145.

Write out 2 ,  3 , 4 times tables

Target Board

      4é                22c            é1.04      é1.94      é1.36
      20c                 é0.66           é0.58       é4.78       é3.46
       104c               34c             200c      é0,74       é3.80
        40c              é2.14            é4.36      é5.72             64c
  1. What is the largest sum of money on the page?
  2. What is the smallest sum of money?
  3. Double each amount of money?
  4. Halve each amount.
  5. Round each number to the nearest 10c.


Alice, Beth, Casey and Danni play tennis.  You need 4 players to play doubles. Find all the different teams the 4 girls can make to play a doubles match.   Find all the different teams the 4 girls can make to play a doubles match.

Now find all the different singles matches the girls can play without anyone playing the same person twice.


Printable Kid's Poems for the Month of May | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Can you read the poem- can you write your own called May Skies.

That’ s all for today  .  Take care and have a lovely day.

Friday 15th May 2020 

Happy Friday- the weekend is here again – I hope the sun continues to shine and we can be outside.

The last chapter of Famous Five is on Dojo – I really hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.  Ruth in 3rd class helped me to pick the next story – I’ll start that on Monday.


I’ve a card game for you to play today – It’s an adding and subtracting game.


Rules – you add  a black card and subtract  a red one.

You  need a pen and paper to record your answers.

Take out the coloured cards.

1.  Start with 10

2  Pick a card  – if its black add it to 10 and if its red take away.

3.  Then pick another card and add or subtract.

4.  Keep going until you can’t subtract.


Write a summary of the book and also draw a picture.   Please send me your summary and illustrations.

That’s all for today.  Enjoy the weekend.  Keep safe, keep well .  NK

Thursday 14th May 2020

Happy Thursday – I hope you are all well – it was lovely to see some of you today on Zoom.  Hopefully more of you will be on Zoom the next time.

Chapter 16 is on Class Dojo.


Count in 2s starting at 5 and count to 51.

Count in 3s starting at 6 and count to 42.

Play the What comes before and what comes after game with a family member.  They say a number and you say the number after or before.

Target Board

  1. How many are less than 1 metre ?
  2. Find two lengths that total to 1 metre?
  3. Change all the metre lengths to centimetres.

Puzzle: In the morning the temperature was 4 degrees.  In the afternoon it rose to 27 degrees.  When I went to bed it was 21 degrees.   By how many degrees did the weather change during the day?

On another day the temperature changed by 40 degrees.  In the morning it was 4 degrees.   In the sfternoon it rose to 26 degrees.  What temperature did it drop to at night?


Can you finish these sentences:

It wasn’t very long before…..

And in the meantime…..

The others waited in silence while…..

And suppose the one who….

That’s all for today – remember Urban Rascals.  Have a good day NK

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hi all – it’s Wednesday again – the days are flying by.  I hope you enjoyed Urban Rascals and also were able to get out in the fresh air.  We are very lucky that the weather has been so fine and we can be outside.

Chapter 15 is on Class Dojo – today I want you to think about Anne and Dick and how they remained calm and were able to help George and  Julian.  What words can you think of to describe Anne and Dick?


Target Board:

List the measurements in each row/column from the highest to the lowest.

Which lengths are greater tahn 80cm ?

Which lengths are less than 1 metre?

Puzzle:  1.     13/5/20 – look at todays date – what numbers can you make from adding/ subtracting/ multiplying the digits?

2.  Snake, Wombat, Platypus , Kangaroo and Emu are all lined up in a row.  Kangaroo has 2 animals to his left and 2 animals to his right.  Wombat has no animals to her left.  Snake doesn’t like his position, which is 2nd from the right.  Emu likes being next to Wombat.   List the animals as they are lined up, from left to right.

3. In a shop 10 footballs cost 80e and 2 cricket bats cost 12e.  What is the cost for 1 football and 1 cricket bat?

How much for 2 footballs and 3 cricket bats?

How much for 5 footballs and 6 cricket bats ?


Can you finish these sentences with your own endings.  They are from the story but you can finish as you like:

  1. He saw through…..
  2. There was just time to……
  3. The old stone slab that Tim had…..
  4. The thing to do is to get…….
  5. How they hoped……
  6. After what seemed a very long time…….

That’s all for today – I hope you are reading lots – or maybe listening to a story on Audible or Borrowbox from the library – sometimes it’s lovely to have a story read fot you.

Anyway keep safe, keep well by eating well, exercising and sleeping well.   NK


Tuesday 12th May

Hello again.  Chapter 14 is on Class Dojo – Prisoners – what do you think of when you hear this word.

1.   Look the word up in the dictionary,   write  out the meaning.

2.   Can you write a few sentences  about prisoners –

3. What words do you associate with Prisoners?

4.  Can you make little or other words from the word PRISONERS



Maths Game today:  Cut out 10 cards with a digit on each one – 0, 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Make a grid like this:

Hundreds Tens Units
Player 1
Player 2

Shuffle the cards, and place them face down on the table.

Player 1 will pick a card and will have to decide where to place the card on the grid.

Player 2 will pick a card and then decide where to place his card.   Repeat this until all the hundreds, tens and units have been inserted into the grid.

The person who makes the greatest number wins.

Puzzle:  In a race 3 boys finished in front of me.   Joe finished 2 places behind me.  Sam finished last , 4 places behind Joe.   How many boys were in the race?   (Draw it out)

The  next race was between Amy, Beth, Clare, Danni , Eve and Fiona.   Eve came in front of 4 girls.  The position that Danni came in is the same as the position of the first letter of her name in the alphabet.  2 girls finished between Clare and Danni.  Fiona finished one place in front of Beth.  Figure out where each girl finished.

That’s all for today – it’s   lovely weather.  I hope you are getting lots of exercise – walking is great.   Also reading passes the time and brings you to another place, so it’s worth a try.

Take care and remember Urban Rascals at 1.30pm.  NK

Monday 11 th May 2020

Wecome to a new week – I hope you had a lovely weekend – the weather was great – the heat on Saturday was fantastic.

Chapter 13 of Five on a Treasure Island is on Class Dojo – Can you draw a picture to illustrate this chapter.

Can you predict what will happen next or is there anything you wonder?


With an adult or a sibling ask them to say a number and you say the number after.

Now when they say a number you say the number before.

Start at 38 and count in 2s to 80.

Start at 24 and count in 3s to 51.  You might need to write these down.

Target Board

0.5m 25cm 75cm 45cm 36cm
1/2m 95cm 2m 1.05m 90cm
3m 4/5m 1/5m 50cm 3/4m
1m 55cm 0.6m 0.1m 1/4m
  1. What is the largest measurement on the page?
  2. What is the smallest measurement on the page?
  3. Can you find equivalent measurements (measurements that are the same) on the page?



Using 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, place them in the grid so that each row, each column and each diagonal add up to the same number.

2.  Professor Digit wants to type 10+10 – 10 + 1 into a calculator but he makes a mistake.  The answer on the screen is 91.  What did the professor type?

3.    5 x 2 x 2 + 1   Answer on the screen is 11.

4.    3x 5 – 2 – 3   Answer on the screen is 9.



Finish the following sentences using your imagination:

On the other side of the ….. was a …….

They stumbled over …….

The children rounded a corner and then ………

It was fun….


That’s all for today – have a lovely day – remember to get up early,  eat well and  exercise as routine is key. NK


Friday 8th May 2020

Happy Friday.

Chapter 12 of Famous Five is on class dojo – can you draw a picture to illustrate this chapter.


Today we’ll just revise tables – count in 2s and 3s as far as you can go.


At the end of the season the top 4 teams in Ryan’s basketball competition are the Jets, the Cheetah’s , the Kings and the Doves.  They will now all play each other to see who will win.  All the teams must play each other.  Figure out how many rounds of matches will be in the finals.   (Make a table to help ).

The Jets win all of their games.  What is the largest number of games that any of the other 3 teams can win?

Challenge:  While you are out for a walk take note of the cars you see.  What is the most popular colour and year?


Today I want you to write your own poem about a time you felt very happy.


Simon Harris

4 years




That’s all for today .  have a lovely weekend- pleanty of air, exercise and eat well.  Keep safe.  NK

Thursday 7th May 2020

Hope you are all well.

Chapter 11 of the book on Class Dojo. Today I  want you  to look up the following words in your dictionary

– brooded, beseechingly, chiselled and valiantly


Count on from 67 to 87 ; 143 to 156,  234 to 249

Count back from 54 to 38; 167 to 149 ; 432 to 400.

Skip count in 10s starting at 10,

now start at 14 and count on in 10s

now start at 38 and count in 10s.   how far can you get?  can you do it backwards?

Target Board:

Increase each number by 10, 20, 30, 100.

What is 5 less, 10 less, 20 less than the number?

Add the numbers in each row and then add them in each column.

Puzzle: Dad has 5 chickens and 2 pigs in ever pen on his farm.  He visits some of his pigs and counts 10 pigs.  How many pens did he visit?   (Draw it out)

How many pigs and chickens are there in 12 of Dad’s pens?

How many in 15 pens??

How many in 20 pens?

Puzzle:  Todays date : 7.5.20  Add / subtract / multiply the numbers together?

Are you playing card games/ dice games?  Remember the  addition or multiplication game with 2 dice where you add or multiply the two numbers .


Lucky Worm Spring Poem for Children | Kids poems, Poetry for kids ...

Can you write your own poem called Lucky Worm.

Today I’d like you to make a wordsearch using May words – May, summer, sun, cherry, blossom, flowers, buds


  1. Who is the Minister for Health?
  2. How long is he Minister for Health?
  3. What is the Irish for jumper?
  4. What country/ city was to host the 2020 Olympics?
  5. What is  the capital city of Germany?


Answers;  Bealtaine





That’s all for today.  Have a lovely day  NK


Wednesday 6th May 2020

Imagine it’s Wednesday already – I hope you enjoyed the break from work.

I spotted some your Cherry Blossom Art on Class Dojo – it’s amazing – well done.

Chapter 10 of Famour Five is on Dojo – enjoy.  What do you think of George in this chapter- can you describe her in 5 words?


Count on from 79 to 95, 145 to 163 and 259 to 297

Skip count from 5 to 17.

Tables 3, 4 , 5.

Target Board:

50 425 75 250 150
350 475 450 375 325
25 300 175 100 125
200 275 250 225 400


  1. Add 5, 10, 20, 25 to each number.
  2. Find two numbers that total 500.
  3. What number comes just before each number?
  4. What number comes after each number?


The number 2012 can be made into many different sums, eg 2+0+12 = 14;         20-1-2 = 17.

Use the digits in 2012 to make sums that equal 32 ,  8,    3    and 21.

Now try make some different sums with todays date 6.5.20


Can you read the poem?

The Rare Season Poem about May | Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

In verse 4 what smells do we smell?


What is the Irish word for May?

In what county is Killarney?

What date did World War 2 end?

Add up the days in March, April and May?

What food is made from cocoa beans?

That’s all for today.  Keep safe , eat well and get some exercise.  NK


Friday May 1st 2020

Happy Friday, Happy May – we are not into the Summer.

This is a bank hol weekend so no school on Monday.  Remember though that the 2km rule and social distancing still apply.

Chapter 9 The boy from the wreck is on Class Dojo – title sounds very interesting.

Ingot is an interesting sounding word.  Would you like to draw your own map of the castle.

Robbie’s fundraiser is doing very well – can you support it?


Count on from 25 to 50, 67 to 100 and 112 to 150

Count back from 99 to 78, 56 to 44 and 237 to 221

Go over 5 and 6 times tables

Target Board;

What operation must I use with each number  to get to 15.

Which numbers are multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5 etc

What numbers can you get from 1.5.20 – if you add or multiply them.

Grace and Tate share out a bag of marbles.

Grace takes 1/3 and Tate takes 1/4.  How many marbles does each child get?

How many marbles left over?

Now if Grace takes 1/3 and gets 12 marbles, how many were in bag?

This weekend maybe you could play snakes and ladders or ludo.


This is a lovely May poem – I hope you like it.  Maybe you could write your own one.

May Poem Printables | Preschool poems, May poems, Kids poems

Quiz answers:  Shannon





Well that’s all for today.  Enjoy the long weekend – keep active, eat well , get some exercise and keep safe.  NK


Thursday 30th April 2020

Last day of April – can you believe it.   The weather is not as good as it was but hopefully you are still able to get out for a little while every day.  Remember routine is important.   Urban Rascals is on today please remember to comment on the page when it is on and send your photos also.

Robbie Kehoe in 4th class is fundraising for New Ross Community Hospital – he is making lots of Art – you can support his fundraising by clicking on the link below:

Well done Robbie and Ruby.

Chapter 8 is on Class Dojo – Exploring the Wreck – what things come to mind when you hear the title?

Initials on the wooden box were H .J .K .   Can you think of a name for those letters?    The ones I think of are Hannah Jane Kelly  .


Go over your tables today, 2 , 3 and 4 times please.

Today I want you to look around at all the shapes in your house – are there many triangles?  What shapes are there?

Problem:  Nanny is 5 years younger than Grandad.  Next birthday Grandad will be 71.

How old are Nanny and Grandad together?

When you add up the 4 digits of the year Nanny was born, you get my big sisters age.  She is 19.  Nanny was born before 1950 and after 1936.  When was nanny born?

Target Board:  Monday’s Board

  1. What numbers can be divided evenly by 2, by 5?
  2. Divide each number by 10
  3. Multiply each number by 10.

Dice Game – get two dice – multiply the digits together.  Record your answers – Which answer is the most common one?


Can you read the poem ?  I think it’s a lovely poem.   We all are missing our friends  – maybe you could write it out on a card and send it to your friend?


Image result for poem friendship kids | Preschool friendship ...

Another activity you could do is pick out 10 words from the poem and make a wordsearch and ask someone in your family to find the words.


  1. What is the name of the longest river in Ireland?
  2. What county is Thomastown in?
  3. Who won the Hurling All Ireland in 2019?
  4. What does Leabharlann mean in English?
  5. How many days in April?

Answers: w



Roald Dahl

Donald Trump

Well that’s all for today.  Take care, keep safe . NK

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Hi everyone – it was lovely to see so many of you on Zoom today.

I hope you are all keeping well – remember routine is very important so get up early, go to bed early, do school work, eat well and exercise.

Chapter 7 of Five on a Treasure Island is on Class Dojo.

Today I want you to tell me what you think of Uncle Quentin at this stage of the story.


Count on from    25 to 52,   99 to 157,  353 to 376

What number comes after 67, 89 and 121

What number comes before 45, 76 and 143

Target Board – look at the one I posted Monday

  1. Count forwards in 10s from any 4 numbers
  2. Count Backwards in 10s from any 3 numbers
  3. What must I add to each number to get 50.



Are you playing dice games  – remember the game Race to 100.  You roll the dice and add up your total until you get to 100.   You can play with two dice if you like and you can play with a family member and make a competitive game out of it.

Puzzle:  I am a 3 digit number.  My digits add up to 10.  My 1s and 100s are different by 1. My 100s digit is shown  with 2 light bars on a calculator. What number am I?

If my 100s digit is shown with 4 light bars on a calculator and not 2, what number am I?  All the other clues are the same.

Can you make 24 :   Look at the number plate 201 L 15820 can you make 24 using the digits on the right.  You can add, subtract , multiply and or divide.


Can you read this poem?  Do you like it?   Can you write your own ABC poem about friendship?

The ABCs of Friendship Poem - Famlii


  1. What letter is beside Q on the keyboard?
  2. What is the Irish for cinema?
  3. What is the capital city of Spain?
  4. Who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
  5. Who is the President of America?

Answers:   Vowels





Well that’s all for today – I hope you have a lovely day.  Keep safe NK

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning.  I hope you are all keeping well.   Urban Gym is on today – remember to send your photos.

Also School Hub is on RTE every day – it’s excellent and worth looking at .

Chapter 6 has been uploaded to Class Dojo.  I hope you are enjoying the story .   The title of the chapter is “What the storm did” – can you write some sentences about what a storm can do – any storm not just the one in the story.

The word today is MAGNIFICENT. Please look up this word in your dictionary and put it into a sentence.  Can you think of any words that mean the same as magnificent.


Count on from 76, 143 and 659.

What number comes after 45, 89 and 231

What number comes before 89, 143 and 650.

Todays date is 28/04/20.  What numbers do you get if you 1.  add the 3 numbers together

2. add the first 2 and subtract the last

3. add the second 2 numbers and subtract them from the first.

Target Board

  1. Double each number.
  2. Round each number to the nearest 10.
  3. Add the numbers in each row/ column.


My shoe size is exactly halfway between my little sister Emma’s shoe size and my big brother Matt’s shoe size.

Emma wears a size 2 shoe and Matt wears a size 5 shoe.

What is my shoe size?

My dad wears a shoe size that is exactly 3 times as big as mine. What is my dad’s shoe size?


Can you read this poem.  Is there anyone that you could send this poem to ?   Maybe you could post it to them .

Friendship Poems For Kids

  1. Who wrote the poem?
  2. Is it a happy poem?


  1. What do we call    a, e i, o,u?
  2. How many letters in the alphabet?
  3. Tramore is in which county?
  4. What is the Irish word for beach?
  5. Which is better value:  3 apples for 99c or 4 for 1.30

Answers: Rabbits





That’s all for today.  I hope you all have a lovely day.  Remember to post your work on Class Dojo, take part in Urban Rascals, maybe watch School Hub and get plenty of fresh air and eat well.  Keep Safe.  NK

Monday  27th April 2020

Good morning and welcome to another week .  I hope you are all coping with this new way of living.  Remember eat well, get exercise and keep safe.

Chapter 5 of Five on a Treasure Island has been uploaded to Class Dojo.  In this chapter there is mention of the birds – jackdaws and cormorants – can you find some information on these birds.

Also look up the following word in the dictionary    OMINOUS .  Can you put the word into a sentence? Can you make any words form the letters?


Target Board

16 36 42 28 58
71 26 29 74 40
49 74 10 51 60
84 53 61 37 12
  1. Add 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10 to each number.
  2. Subtract the above numbers from each number on the target board.
  3. List the odd numbers.
  4. List the even numbers.
  5. Are there more odd or even numbers?

Count forwards from 15 to 29

Name the number that comes after 13, 20, 22, 40, 69, 99

Count forwards from 96 to 115


Can you solve the problem using 7, 4, 6, 5

___ x ____ + ____ – _____ = 19

Use 2, 8, 5 , 10          ___- ____ x ___ x___ = 20

Use 10, 3, 4, 5           ____ x ___ x ___ – ____= 50

Weight – Can you find rice/ flour/pasta/sugar etc in the kitchen and record the weight on the bag.


Read the poem  .  can you complete the follwing sentences:

  1. The title of the poem is
  2. The poet’s name is
  3. The teacher said the child had not
  4. The teacher said the child should
  5. The teacher turned white because
  6. Draw the first and second pictures the child might have drawn.


  1. Dutch, dwarf and Lop are all types of what?
  2. What ‘S ‘ word would you use for a large group of bees?
  3. What is the capital France?
  4. What is the Irish word for story?
  5. What is the Irish word for Four people?

That’s all for today –  hopefully you and your families are keeping well.  Remember to post some of your work on Class Dojo.

Keep safe NK

Friday 24th April 2020

Happy Friday everyone.  Today I want to say hi to 6th class who should be very excited at this stage as they should have their Confirmation on Saturday – hopefully they will have a  lovely celebration shortly.

Chapter 4 of Five on a Treasure Island will be posted on Class Dojo.

Today I want you to look up the meaning of  ADMIRINGLY – also  put it into a sentence and  see how many small words you can make from it.

Can you draw a picture of what you think George or Anne look like?

Can you also finish the following sentence  I wonder…..


Can you count in 2s from 2 to 42.

Count backwards from 87 to 65.

Target Board: How many 2 digit numbers on the page?

How many ways to reach 100?

How much do I need to add to each to reach 100?

Answers to Quiz:

Michael D Higgins

Aras an Uachtarain


The Wizard of Oz


That’s all for today.  I hope you enjoy the weekend and remember get plenty of exercise, eat well and help at home.  Keep safe NK

Thursday 23rd April 2020 

Hope all is well.   The weather is fantastic and I hope you are able to get out.

Chapter 3 of Five on a Treasure Island is on Dojo – it is in two parts as only 8min loads at a time .   I hope you are enjoying the story.  Obstinately  is a word I read in the chapter today.  I would like you to look it up in the dictionary, put it into a sentence and then look for small words you can make from the letters.

I would also like you to think about George and what type of person she is.


Today’s date  23.04.2020   – what numbers do you get if you add/subtract/ multiply these digits?

Target Board:

  1. Half each number.  Which ones have a remainder?
  2. Mystery number – it is more than 30, it is an odd number and it is a multiple of 9.  What is it.
  3. Can you find two numbers that add up to 50.
  4. How many 1 digit numbers on the target board?

Count backwards from 482 to 459

Name the number that comes before 121, 699 and 700

Count backwards from 86 to 75

Name the number that comes before 50, 89 and 100

Count backwards from 12 to 8

Name the number that comes before 14, 21 and 29

PROBLEM:Meg lives in Ghost Gum.  I live in Fern Creek.  The 2 towns are 36 Kilometers away from each other.  Halfway from my town to Ghost Gum there is a petrol station.  How far from Fern Creek is the petrol station?

Halfwat from my town to the petrol station is a waterfall.  How far from Meg’s house is the waterfall?


I hope you enjoy reading this poem .   Are there any tulips in the gardens around you?


Who is the President of Ireland?

Where does he live?

What is the capital city of England?

In what film is Somewhere over the Rainbow?

What is the Irish word for milk?

Answers to yesterday:


Reginald’s Tower




Remember today to take part in Urban Rascals and to send photos to the facebook page or to your class teacher on dojo.  Also School Hub will be on RTE.

Keep safe and help out at home.  NK

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday and enjoyed Urban Rascals.    Remember School Hub every day and Urban Rascals will be on again on Thursday.  Your work on Class Dojo is fantastic so please keep it up.


I hope you enjoyed Chapter 1 of the book.  Today I will post Chapter 2 and I want you to look out for the word EXTRAORDINARY.    Please look up the word in your dictionary, put it into a sentence and try to make as many words from it as you can.  I’d love to see some illustrations of the Ch 1 or 2 on Class Dojo.


On the Target board

  1. List the numbers in each column from lowest to highest.
  2. Add 10 to each number.
  3. Add 9 to each number.
  4. Add 11 to each number.
  5. Double each number.

Counting in 8s from 8 to 80

Can you do the same backwards?

Count in 5s from 5 to 50.

Can you do the same backwards.

Count in 2s from 2 to 20.

Can you do the same backwards?


Giraffes and pandas are sold in a toyshop.   2 Giraffes cost 14e .  1 giraffe and 1 panda cost 13e.  How much does 1 giraffe cost and how much does 1 panda cost?

You buy 5 giraffes and 2 pandas.  You may with 50e note.  How much change do you get?

For every 5 giraffes you buy you get 1 free.  How much would 12 giraffes cost?


Can you read the poem above?  Do you like it?   Can you write your own April poem?


1.What river flows through Wexford?

2. What tower is in Waterford?

3. Odd one out 50, 89, 66, 54

4. Irish word for sweets?

5. How many sides has a rectangle

Answers to yest


his crown

J K Rowling

1 km


That’s all  for today.  I hope you have a lovely day – please get some air and exercise and keep safe. NKing

Tuesday 21st April 2020.

Today I will upload the Famous Five book (Five on a Treasure Island) to Class Dojo.  I want you to listen to me reading it or read it yourself.   I would like you to predict what might happen in the rest of the story.

The word I would like you to put into a sentence today is Thankful – what are you thankful for?

Remember to take part in Urban Gym session at 1.30pm today.  School Hub on RTE1 is also excellent.


Count backwards start at 15 and count back to 0.

Name the number that comes before 16, 11, 20

Count backwards start at 101 and count back to 0.

Name the number that comes before 40, 81, 72

Count backwards start  at 120 and count back to 86

Name the number that comes before 115, 300, 212.

Take a look at yesterdays Target board and answer the following questions:

  1. Which numbers have only 2 factors?
  2. Which numbers have the following factors: 4×4, 2×5, 4×0, 2×7, 8×3?
  3. Which numbers are multiples of 3?
  4. Which numbers are multiples of 5?
  5. List the numbers in each row from highest to lowest.


  1. Brian is in a line outside his classroom.  The students in the line are in pairs.  Brian sees 10 students in front of him and 4 pairs behind him.  How many students are lined up outside the classroom?

In the playground Brian notices that the students are standing in groups.  3 girls are standing together, then 2 boys , then 3 girls and so on.  Brian counts 40 students.  How many students are boys and how many are girls?

2. My car registration is 151 WX 2359.    Round 2359 to the nearest 1000, 100 and 10.  What do you get if you add the two  numbers  together  (151+ 2359).  How many more cars do they need to sell to reach 3000.



Trees are the kindest things I know,
They do no harm, they simply grow
And spread a shade for sleepy cows,
And gather birds among their bows.

They give us fruit in leaves above,
And wood to make our houses of,
And leaves to burn on Halloween
And in the Spring new buds of green.

They are first when day’s begun
To tough the beams of morning sun,
They are the last to hold the light
When evening changes into night.

And when a moon floats on the sky
They hum a drowsy lullaby
Of sleepy children long ago…
Trees are the kindest things I know.

Harry Behn

Do you like this poem? Can you illustrate it? What is your favourite image?


  1. How many days in a leap year?
  2. According to the nursery rhyme what did Jack break when he fell down?
  3. Who wrote Harry Potter?
  4. 1000m is the same as ?km?
  5. What is the Irish word for Bread?

Answers to Monday’s Questions:

Enid Blyton





That’s all for today.  I hope you enjoy the story.  Keep safe NKing

Monday 20th April 20.

Welcome back – I hope you enjoyed the break. The weather was lovely and it was great to be outside.  Nature is at it’s best at this time – the birds are singing and the flowers and trees are blossoming.

Each day I will choose a feeling and I would like you to put it in to a sentence about a time when you felt that way.  Today’s word is       happy.

Please continue to read every day –

I put a recording of myself reading a Mr Pink Whistle story on class dojo yesterday – please read along with me.  Today I will start a book and read a chapter a  day.  The book is from the Famous Five series – Five on a  Treasure Island by Enid Blyton .  Please today think about the title and predict what it might be about.   Have you read it or any of her books?


Count forwards at 12 and count to 25.

Name the number that comes after 14: 21: 29

Count forwards from 86 to 105.

Name the number that comes after 50: 89: 100

Count forwards from 482 to 522.

Name the number that comes after 121; 699; 700.

Target Board

6 18 50 28 30
12 36 5 5 14
16 9 24 7 11
4 45 10 40 27

Questions on Target Board:

  1. How many odd numbers?
  2. How much do I need to add to each to get to 50?
  3. Add all the numbers in the first, second , third and fourth rows.
  4. Tot all the numbers in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth columns.
  5. My target is 15.  What operation do I need to use to get to my target number from each of these numbers?


A number has 5 added to it and then it has 2 taken away.  It is now equal to twice 12.  What was the starting number?

A number is doubled and then 4 is taken away from it.  The answer is 5 more than the starting number. What was the starting number?

Today’s date is 20/4/20 – this number is the same if you read it forwards or backwards.  What answers do you get if you add/subtract/ multiply the numbers together.  eg  (20+20) x4 =  160;

Literacy:   Can you read the following poem.

From a Railway Carriage

Faster than fairies, faster than witches,
Bridges and houses, hedges and ditches;
And charging along like troops in a battle,
All through the meadows the horses and cattle:
All of the sights of the hill and the plain
Fly as thick as driving rain;
And ever again, in the wink of an eye,
Painted stations whistle by.

Here is a child who clambers and scrambles,
All by himself and gathering brambles;
Here is a tramp who stands and gazes;
And there is the green for stringing the daisies!
Here is a cart run away in the road
Lumping along with man and load;
And here is a mill and there is a river:
Each a glimpse and gone for ever!

1.What do you think you would see if you were on a train?

2. Have you ever travelled by train?

3.  Can you make some  smaller words from  Fasterthanfairies.



  1. Who wrote Secret Seven books?
  2. What is the Irish for April?
  3. How many days in April?
  4. What is  the capital city of Holland?
  5. How many counties in Ireland?

Answers tomorrow.

I hope you are getting out for exercise every day and are helping out at home.

Have a good day. NK


Friday 3rd April

Good morning – today is the day that we get our Easter Hols- we would have all been very excited in school today.  Ah well, no work will be posted for the next two weeks – enjoy the break.  Remember Urban Rascals will be on Tues and Thursday as normal and School Hub will be on RTE.

Draw out a calendar for April and tick off each day – maybe try to do something different every day – maybe painting, make a wordsearrch, play a board game, make a jigsaw and play with Lego.   I’ll also add hoover, clean the bathroom, set the table, help making the dinner.


Counting:  count forwards and backwards from 79 to 119 .  Skip count and count in 3s.

  1. Maisie was making a bracelet. She threaded the beads in the following order. 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 2 blue . 2 red, 2 green.  then she started the sequence all over again.  .  She had 45 beads, can you draw out her bracelet .  How many of each colour had she?
  2. Measure the perimeter and area of your kitchen table and or your bed.  Remember the perimeter is whn you add up the length of the 4 sides and the area is the length multiplied by the width.
  3. I am thinking of a two digit number.  The tens is greater than the units value.  The sum of the digits is 12 and their produc is 35.  What is the number?    (rem product is multiplication)
  4. When 3 consecutive numbers are added, they total 63.  What are the three numbers?
  5. The product of two numbers is 126.  One of the numbers is 5 mre than the other.  can you find the two numbers.


Please read for 15min.  Maybe over the holidays you might enjoy reading for longer.

Can you make a list of all the things you are thankful for-   try and do it in alphabetical order like the picture.

I love this quote.


Can you write an Easter or Spring Poem based on the senses.

I see

I smell

I hear

I feel

I taste

I think

Finally I’ll attach a link to the Easter Story – Maybe you can read it and then write or draw pictures about it.

It would be a lovely idea to make Easter cards and post or drop to your grandparents and relatives.

Tip for the hols – leave a  random  note of kindness  for your Mam or dad.  Leave the note under their pillow or on the chair they sit in.  They will love it.

Enjoy all your Easter Eggs.  Remember to exercise, eat well ,  read, help  out at home and sleep well over the holidays.

Happy  Easter   NKing


Thursday 2nd April 

Good morning all – Happy Thursday – today is World Autism Awareness Day .  Today wear blue and send your photos to your class teacher or the facebook pg.  Remember Urban Rascals at 1.30pm today.

Maths:     Todays date 2/4/20 – all even numbers    what numbers can you get if you add and subtract the digits.

Counting:   Count forwards and backwards from 114 to 160.   Count in 5s from 5 to 100 and try counting backwards.

Play the game with your Mam / Dad/ brother/sister – they say a number and you say the number after.

Problem:  After an Easter Egg hunt 3 children count their eggs.  James has 12 eggs, Brittany has 8 eggs and Caitlin has 8 eggs.  The 3 children decide to share them equally.  How many will each child receive?

Problem  Can you work out what Charlie’s number is from these clues?

  • C1: Charlie’s number is palindromic, the second and third numbers are different.
  • C2: Charlie’s number is greater than 100 and is prime.
  • C3: Charlie’s number is odd. The difference between the largest and smallest digits is 5.
  • C4: Charlie’s number is less than 1000. The sum of the digits is 14.
  • C5: Charlie’s number is not divisible by 3. It is less than 500.
  • C6: Charlie’s number is a whole number with only two divisors.

Now can you make this tower from coloured cubes? Or, if you don’t have any cubes, you could draw it.

  • C1: There are six blocks in the tower, a yellow one is at the top.
  • C2: The red block is above the green block.
  • C3: One of the yellow blocks is above the green block, the other is below it.
  • C4: Each of the blue blocks shares a face with the green block.
  • C5: No two blocks of the same colour touch each other.
  • C6: There are no brown blocks in the tower.


Read for 15min – if you have finished a book write a book review , describe your favourite character, write about a part of the book you really enjoyed, write a different ending or draw your favourite scene.

Can you make an Easter card and post it to your Grandparents or a friend you haven’t seen for a while.

Todays poem:

The Dream of a girl who lived at Seven Oaks

Seven sweet singing birds up in a tree;
Seven swift sailing ships white upon the sea;
Seven bright weather-cocks shining in the sun;
Seven slim race-horses ready for a run;
Seven gold butterflies, flitting overhead;
Seven red roses blowing in a garden bed;
Seven white lilies, with honey bees inside them;
Seven round rainbows with clouds to divide them;
Seven pretty little girls with sugar on their lips;
Seven witty little boys, whom everybody tips;
Seven nice fathers, to call little maids joys;
Seven nice mothers, to kiss the little boys;
Seven nights running I dreamt it all plain;
With bread and jam for supper I could dream it all again!

Did you like the poem?   Chat with someone at home about it.
Can you make a wordsearch from the following words – maybe a family member will search for the words later in the day.
Bat, cheetah, crocodile, elephant, gorilla, leopard, lion, ostrich, parrot , zebra.

    Quiz    Thursday 2nd April

  1. Which pole would you find at the Artic?
  2. Where in the body would you find your PALATE?
  3. What is the last name of Wendy in Peter Pan?
  4. In which US State is Silicon Valley?
  5. In which Australian city would you find Bondi Beach?
  6. What is the Irish word for man?
  7. What fraction is the same as 33.3%
  8. What letter is not a vowel – aeicu?
  9. What word can you make from these letters? Vcodi
  10. 2km is the same as how many meters?
My first is in nest but not in tent
My second is in crab but not in bark
My third is in flag but not in golf
My fourth is in glue but not in huge
My fifth is in pest but not stop
My sixth is in sent but not in dent
(clue a body covering)
Have a lovely day – enjoy Urban Rascals at 1.30pm, get some fresh air and help at home – I hope you are learning lots of new skills at home.  keep safe and keep washing your hands.  NKing

Wednesday April 1st

Happy April.  I’m sure you will have some fun today.

Did you enjoy Urban Rascals yesterday –  it was great and it was lovely to see all your photos on facebook.

Remember it is important every day to get up early, eat well , exercise and go to bed early.   With the long bright days there is plenty of time to get out in the air.  Nature is at its best at the moment.


Counting:   Start at 25 and count forwards  in 5s.   Count to 100.  Then start at 80 and count back.

Count forwards from 87 to 143 and then back to 76.

Problems:      1.  Peter opens his book.   He adds up the 2  page numbers .  Will the answer be an odd number or an even number.  Try it.

2. Alex wrote down a 3 digit number and asked the class to guess it.  He gave the following hints.

The hundreds digit is 8 greater than the units digit.

The tens digit is 4 greater than the units digit.

The sum of all digits is 15.

When you have worked it out make your own puzzle for your family and friends.

3.  Design a house using 10 squares.  You can rotate the squares to make diamond shapes.  Send a picture to your teacher on class dojo.


Read for 15min.  Have you read lots of books?

Poem /  Riddle   –    what is it?   can you draw one?

I have only one foot, but thousands of toes;
My one foot stands well, but never goes;
I’ve a good many arms, if you count them all,
But hundreds of fingers, large and small;
From the ends of my fingers my beauty grows;
I breathe with my hair, and I drink with my toes;
I grow bigger and bigger about the waist
Although I am always very tight laced;
None e’er saw me eat-I’ve no mouth to bite!
Yet I eat all day, and digest all night.
In the summer, with song I shake and quiver,
But in winter I fast and groan and shiver.
Can you  chat with your Mam or Dad about the photo and maybe write some sentences.
How many words can you make from the word  ISOLATION?   What does the word mean?  What words mean the same as it?
That’s all for today.   I hope you have a lovely day and are having fun learning lots of new things every day.
Take care and keep safe.    NKing

Tuesday 31st March

Hi all, the last day of March 2020 .   It was a very strange March but all  nature is blossoming.    Make sure you get out for a walk today.  Also Urban Rascals in on today at 1.30pm – send your photos to your teacher via Class Dojo or to the Facebook pg.


Todays date:  31/3/2020 – what numbers do you get if you add/subtract/ multilpy or divide the digits.   eg 31×20=620-20=600 divided by 3= 200

Urban Rascals is on at 1.30pm – write this time    1. in 24hour clock time,   2. draw it on a clock.

How did you get on looking at the weight of the goods in your house?   Lots of different weights I hope.  Today I would like you to look at capacity – eg a litre of milk/ 500ml cream etc

Car Reg  201 KK78889 – can you make 24 from the digits?

Puzzle:  On one side of my street the house numbers are odd. On the other side the numbers are even.  My house is Number 27.  How many houses, on my side of the street, come before my house?     (Hint – draw it out)

Counting: Start at 56 and count forward to 89 and then back to 63.   Count in 4s as far  as you can go.   With  a family member they  say a number and you say the number after.

NRICH Problem:
Are the following statements about number always true, sometimes true or never true?How do you know?What about these statements about shapes?
Read for at least 15min .
Read this lovely poem – is there anybody like this in your house.


Can you write your own coded message.

Can you write some sentences about the picture – look at the colour in the balloons and the fabulous blue sky.

How many words can you make from the word ADVENTURE

Quiz Tuesday 31st March

Quiz Monday 30th Marchq and a

That’s all for today – I hope you have a lovely day.  Keep safe.

Monday 30th March

Good morning – welcome to Week 3 ,  I’m sure at this stage you have a routine.  It is important to get up early every day,  get washed and dressed, make your bed and have breakfast.   As the weather is gorgeous please get out every day and eat well.    This  week RTE are starting  a School Hub from 11-12noon –   maybe today you will watch that . Tomorrow Urban Rascals will be on Facebook at 1.30 – there’s a home study centre as a prize tomorrow.  Mr Moran sent out a text on Friday about a food box – contact the school FB pg or 0860211338.   If you are not connected to Class Dojo please join.   You can send your teacher your work and activities every day.


Maths :

Counting:   Count forwards from 138 to 179 and then backwards from 187 to 143.

Count in 3s from 3 – see how far you can go.  Then count backwards from 60 or 30 .

Play a dice game today – roll two dice and add the numbers, then multiply the numbers.  Record your answers.  See how many times you get the same answer.  The chart below will help you with the multiplication.

Below is a multiplication chart – can you draw out your own –

Puzzle:     Write a list of events that are impossible:  eg  A horse will fly into my garden.

How many ways  can you make 24 from the  digits on the car number plate   201 KE 62741.  You can add, subtract, multiply and divide.

How many numbers from 100 to 150 are in the 2 times and 5 times tables?

If you look in you presses at home what different weights do you find?  eg  1kg bag of flour, 500g bag of icing sugar.  Record them.


Read for 15 min – I hope you are enjoying this time to read.   Also keep a diary

All scientists are working very hard at the moment – what has this one discovered?

Can you read the poem below – it is one of my favourites.  It rhynes, can you find the words that rhyme and maybe make up your own line to add.


What is pink? a rose is pink
By a fountain’s brink.
What is red? a poppy’s red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? the sky is blue
Where the clouds float thro’.
What is white? a swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? the grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? Why, an orange,
Just an orange!
Can you make a wordsearch  using the following words:    spring, daffodil, buds, grass, nest, bird, , calves, tulip, march,  sun.
That’ s all for today – please send anything you have done already to me at or to your teacher on class dojo.
Have a lovely day – it’s a fabulous morning so remember to go for a walk – you can walk 2 km from your home –  exercise is great.    Maybe when you are out you might see some of the words from the wordsearch.
Take care and have a lovely day .  NKing

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday everyone,

Please remind your parents to download and log into Class Dojo – pizza party to be won.

Hope you enjoyed Urban Rascals yesterday – send your photos to the facebook pg or to your teacher on Class Dojo. Next gym session will be Monday.

Another gorgeous day – I hope you will get some air and exercise.  Remember it is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables every day.

Remember there is lots of work here and on other pages on the school website – you don’t need to do it all.


Today I want you to play a game with you sister/brother/Mam/Dad.  They say a number and you say the number after (eg they say 25 and you say 26) and also they say a number and you say the number before ( eg they say  148 and you say 147)

Numbers like 4, 5, 6 are called consecutive numbers. What are the 3 consecutive numbers that add up to 27?

Can you work it out for 60 and 63?



Remember to read for 10/15 min every day.

I hope you are keeping your diary.

What do you think about the picture?

POEM    Can you read the poem – maybe draw a picture about it.  I would love to see the picture. Can you send it on class dojo or email me at

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
   In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
   Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
   And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
    What a beautiful Pussy you are,
         You are,
         You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”
Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!
   How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
   But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
   To the land where the Bong-Tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
   With a ring at the end of his nose,
             His nose,
             His nose,
   With a ring at the end of his nose.
“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
   Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
   By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
   Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
   They danced by the light of the moon,
             The moon,
             The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.
That’s all for today.  It’s Friday so have a lovely weekend.  Remember to help out at home – there’s lots you can do. Get some air and exercise.  Keep safe and keep washing your hands.

Hi everyone,

Please remind your parents to download and log into Class Dojo – pizza party to be won.

Remember Urban Rascals at 1.30pm through Urban Gym on Facebook – there’s a prize for pupils and parents – it could be you.

It’s a beautiful morning- I hope you are getting up early and getting as much fresh air as possible – go for a walk, play in your garden.   Skipping is a great exercise – count as you skip.  I hope you are eating healthy food and sleeping well – it’s very important to keep a routine.

Remember there’s lots of work on the school website – you don’t have to do it all – do what suits in your house.  It is best though to do some school work every day.



There are 20 people in a room- if the shake each other’s hands once and only once, how many handshakes are there altogether?

How many triangles can you  count?

Today I would like you to count on from 62 in 1s   forward and then back  and  then in 10s forward.

Today is 26/3/20  what’s the biggest and the smallest number you can make with these digits- can you figure out the difference between the two numbers.


Using ALL four numbers write a number sentence where the result is 24. You can only use the simple operations addition, multiplication, subtraction and multiplication

2  3  10  9

5  3  7  15

11  5  8  10

8  3  2  10

4  5  11  3

Chat with your family about this photo.

Read this poem – I like it – what would you eat from the list ?

What would be awful to eat?

Quiz Thursday 26th March

Wednesday 25th March q and a

If you have grandparents that you haven’t seen for a while make a card for them and drop in the letterbox.

That’s all for today.  Have a lovely day, keep safe and keep washing your hands.  NK

Wednesday 25th March – 

Dia dhaoibh, conas atá sibh?   Tá mé go maith.

It’ dull and overcast at the moment but the forecast says it will be a lovely day – so please get out for a walk – today while out look at all the buds growing on the plants around us.  I hope you enjoyed the Urban Gym session – I did and I am looking forward to it on Thursday.  Andy is brilliant.

I was looking at your amazing work on Class Dojo – keep it up – it’s wonderful to see all you are doing.


Race to 100:  Play with your friend (you can show your scores on camera)  You need 2 dice, paper and pencil. Take turns rolling the dice –  when you roll the dice add the two numbers together , record it.  Then your frend takes their turn.  Next time you roll the dice you add your answer to previous answer – first to 100 wins..

If you like you could multiply the numbers on the dice and keep adding your total.  Try it.

Today I’d like you to start counting from 50 forwards and backwards, then count in 2s from 50 , 5s from 50.  See how far you can count.  Next I want you to pick a number between 50 and 100, count on in 10s from there and count back.

Using the car registration below try and make 24 – add, subtract, multiply and divide but use all the digits.

201 CE 66421

What county is the car registered in?    What year?  If you are out for a walk record some car registrations that you spot and when you go home pick one or two and see what the numbers add/ multiply up to.  Also round the number to nearest 100 or 1000 .


Will you read for 15 minutes today – I hope you are enjoying a good book.

I have a riddle for you – can you figure it out?

My first is in COLD but not in FLU

My second is in PUZZLE as well as in CLUE

My third is in CORGI but not in BARK

My fourth is in SKY and also in LARK

My fifth is in LEMON but not in LIME

My sixth is in POE< but not in RHYME

My whole is a bird that may tell you the time.

Can you write or talk about this picture?  I wonder where he is going.

Wednesday 25th March quiz

Tues 24th March quiz and answers

Ok that’s it for today – hope it is a good day for you all – I hope you are all getting eercise, eating well and helping out at home – lots of jobs you can do.

Take care, Slán NK


Tuesday 24th March

Morning all – I hope you are ready for another day.  It looks like it’ll be a fine day so hopefully you’ll get outside for a while.  Today while bouncing the ball try and improve yesterdays score and try it another time while counting in 2s. See also which hand gives you the better score.  I hope you are keeping a diary. Be as good as you can be today.

Numeracy:  As always keep counting – forwards, backwards, skip counting.  Get someone to count with you or against you.

We are to keep our social distance of 2 metres – today I want you to measure 2 metres  and then see how many bottles/mugs/forks/pillows/cereal boxes are the same as 2m.  Record your answers in your diary.

Puzzle: By using the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 in the order, you can make lots of different sums that equal lots of different numbers.

Example:   15=1+2+3+4+5

7= 1+2+3-4+5

60= 12+3+45

What answers do you get?

Shapes: Today look around your bedroom and note all the different 2D and 3D shapes in your room.


Yesterday you read a Feelings poem – today I’d like you to write a poem about yourself using the following(or some of the ) sentence starters:

I’m as good as a

As strong as a

As cute as a

And as smart as a

I’m as lovely as a

As nice as a

As fit as a

And as brave as a

As hairy as a

As funny as a

As clever as a

And as………


Chat with a family member about the photo.

Wordsearch – would you like to make one?

Use the following words – cough, infectious, lie-down, temperature, stay in doors, sneeze, shiver

Tues 24th March quiz

Monday 23rd March quiz and ans

That’s all for today – please remember to email me your work – I would love to see what you are doing.  Remember to keep washing your hands, keep your social distance and keep safe.

Have a lovely day – you are all brilliant. Well done. NKing





Monday 23rd March

Hello, it’s the start of a new week.  Let’s hope we have a good one and that we can all be happy at home – helping out, doing our school work and reading.  Try this week to limit your screen time.  If you have a ball count how many times you can bounce it without stopping – try and improve that every day.

Maths: Today I want to clock watch –  I want you to pick a time , draw it on a clock, write the time digitally and analogue eg  10 past 8 , 8.10 .  Try and do this 4 or 5 times today.

Problem:  Follow the clues to find the population of my town.

The population is a 4 digit number.

The number uses the digits 4, 5, 9, 9 but not in that order.

The 10s digit is bigger than the 1000s digit.

One of the 9s is 100 times bigger than the other 9.


Please count in 5s today – count as far as you can and then count backwards.

Also count with your mam, dad or brother/ sister – you say one number and they say the next – start at a number you are happy with.

Try this  Biscuit Decorations:     Andrew decorated 20 biscuits to take to a party.

He lined them up and put icing on every second biscuit.

Then he put a cherry on every third biscuit.

Then he put a chocolate button on every fourth biscuit.

So there was nothing on the first biscuit.

How many other biscuits had no decoration? Did any biscuits get all three decorations?


Literacy:    Write a few sentences or words about this picture.

Please read the following poem – I love it.   Can you add on another line or maybe you can choose the line that you like the best and draw a picture of it.


I’m as happy as an elephant , rolling in the mud,

I’m as excited as a shark, smelling fishy blood.

I’m as lonely as a camel, walking on desert sands.

I’m as frightened as a bird, cupped in your hand.

I’m as joyful as a bee, on a sweet and pretty flower.

I’m as cheerful as a hippo, in a mid September shower.

I’m as sad as a donkey, left in a field alone.

I’m as surprised as a puppy with a giant. juicy bone.

I’m as angry as a cat, when the mouse got away.

I’m as weary as a fruit bat, who’s upside all day.

I have so many feelings but I think I’ll pick just one,

I think I’ll choose the elephant, he’s having the most fun.

Monday 23rd March quiz   

Please send me in your answers

Can you figure out what this word is:  selbvgatee

Fri 20th quiz q and a

That’s all for today – I hope you will get out for a walk , count your steps, notice the birds singing and the leaves blossoming on the trees.  Take care , keep safe and make sure you keep your distance from people.


Friday 20th March   

Good morning all – it’s a beautiful morning – hopefully you’ll b e able to go outside today and get some fresh air – if you can’t go for a walk maybe you could look around you and count all the different things that you see.  You could play I spy with your brother or sister.

The first thing I’d like you to do today is write down 3 things that you are thankful for and 1 thing that you did to help at home.

Some activities that you can do today.

Maths: If you can go for a walk please count in 3s when walking – if not maybe you could skip or hop and count in 3s.

Problem: At a shop you can buy letters . The vowels are 2e and the consonants are 5e.  SYDNEY costs 27e.  Write down your address and work out how much it would cost to buy the letters to make a sign for your address.    You could also do the school address Castlemoyle, New Ross, County Wexford.  (remember the vowels are A E I O U).

Can you work out a solution to the following: How many vowels and how many consonants are in the sign if a) the letters cost 26e  b) 8 letters cost 31e.

If you have Lego maybe you could make the fractions in the picture above – you could also draw them in your copy.

Maths 20th Mar   

If you have dice you can play this game.


Please add to your diary today –

You can write a few sentences above the above picture or chat about it to someone in your family.

Hopefully you are reading – if so write a synopsis of what you read yesterday or look up some words in a dictionary.

This is a poem that I like – what do you think?

The Reader of this Poem
The reader of this poem
is as cheeky as a monkey swinging in the trees
as long as a lion running across Africa
as sneaky as a magpie stealing jewellery
As mysterious as a ghost
as powerful as a snake bite
as shiny as a new Lamborghini
as cool as a kangaroo
As clever as a monkey eating a banana
as sneaky as a mouse preparing for danger
as stylish as a Brazilian footballer
as muddy as a welly boot
As cheeky as a monkey shouting in the trees
as sly as a weasel hunting a rabbit
as funny as a bunny singing an out of tune song
as wise as an owl
As cheeky as a monkey stealing chocolate
as giggly as a witch
as wobbly as a penguin on the ice
as smelly as Mr Stink pumping
As funny as a monkey jumping in trees
as big as a tiger jumping for it’s prey
as sparkly as a jewel twinkling in the moonlight
as fast as lightning
As hard as a rock
as weird as an elephant catfish
as big as Godzilla ruining the city
as nice as Mrs Clark and Mrs Childs.

A poem using similes to describe a person – inspired by The Reader of the Poem by Roger McGough

Can you add to the poem?  What’s your favourite line?  favourite image? Any line that you would like to draw?

How many words can you make from the following letters: o i b g o r e s u

Quiz        Fri 20th quiz  

and answers from yesterday  quiz 19th Mar q and a

Yesterdays Maths problem about Emma – 11 children in the line.

If you want to send me any of your answers please email

Take care , have a lovely day and keep washing your hands.  NK






Thursday 19th March  

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Good morning everyone.  Hope you had a lovely day yesterday.  Today is going to be a fine day so hopefully you will get out for a walk. When you are out start counting from 75 and count forward to 200, then count back to 100.  Count on then in 10s from 10 as far as you can go and then count back.  If you are still walking count in 5s then to 100 and back to 1.


Maths :   Some of students in class 2B are lined up.  They are lined up boy. girl, boy, girl…. Emma is the 3rd girl in the line.  Emma is halfway along the line.  How many students are in the line?     (Hint: draw it out)

Problem of the day :

Thur 19thprob

Literacy: Make as many words as use can using the following letters.


Write a few sentences about the picture .

If you have a younger brother or sister maybe you could read a story for them today.  Try and read something for yourself also.  Today you could draw a picture of something you read.

If you have started a diary write 3 things in it that you are  thankful for.


quiz 19th mar

and answers to yesterday – keep a record of your results

quiz wed 18th q and a

Please help out at home .  Have a lovely day and keep safe


Hi everybody, I hope you are all keeping well .  I have started to keep a diary – maybe you could too.  If you don’t feel like writing in it every day you could draw a picture of something you did.

I will post  a 10 question quiz and a Maths problem every day.  Please also read every day and use your dictionary to look up words that you do not understand.

quiz wed 18th         wed 18th         

Here’s a puzzle and a photo that you can write about.

Have a lovely day and please try and get out for a walk – when you are out count your steps for to 100 and then backwards to 0.  If you are still walking skip count starting at 2  up to 100 and then back t0 0.


Please play the following game with your brother/ sister/friend