Mr. Ring


Good morning all, how is it Thursday again already?! It is another beautiful morning, do try to get out for some sunshine!


Please complete mathletics work before the weekend.

Averages; pg. 176; A, B.

For today’s questions you will need to read a chart and answer word problems. Please read questions carefully and do not make mistakes from reading the question wrong.


Spellings; you should continue to practice your spellings and ask someone to test you tomorrow.

You could practice writing them out by putting them in alphabetical order.

Grammar work; opposites.

The attached worksheet contains 10 sentences, each sentence has three words underlined. You need to re-write the sentences, changing the underlined word for its opposite.



Yesterdays answers:

  1. Táimi ag díol seanleabhar.
  2. Táimid ag cur síolta.
  3. Táimid ag cuardach eolais.
  4. Táimid ag traenáil don lá spóirt.


  1. an leabhar
  2. an gluiche nua
  3. an scannán
  4. na laethanta saoire

Pg. 94 –

E -Briathra beo; choose the correct verb to start the sentence. You will need to make sense of the sentence first. Remember to look for words you understand.

F – I can not make you learn the responses to the questions in part F but I can not recommend it highly enough. You will have to do Gaeilge in secondary school unless you already have an exemption. Learning these responses would be a huge help.

SESE: History; The Road to Independence

If you don’t have your SESE book, access Unlocking SESE online @;

Read pg. 120,  121 and 122 down as far as the ‘Think about it’ questions. Answer the questions!

 P.E.; Urban rascals

If you are not following the urban rascals online and need some help with ideas for keeping fir please message me and I will forward some further ideas.


Enjoy the good weather today! Be positive and helpful to others, take care of yourself and those around you.

More tomorrow!