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Hi all, welcome to another week of online lessons.We have a short week this week; there will be no work on Friday as it was a scheduled day off for the June Bank holiday weekend. This will be our last week of formal school work. We will be concentrating on thematic weeks for the month of June. I’ll still be posting everyday but your tasks will be art, cooking, physical activities, Next Steps work(about moving to secondary school) etc. This is how school usually operates in June. During next month you will be asked to return any school books you brought home so it would not make sense to be working from these books. If any parents are worried or would prefer to keep working normally;

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As usual if you need any help you can contact me via classdojo or email.


Some are still having issues logging into mathletics, I have set some weekly work while I wait for a reply regarding the issues raised.

mental maths 25 and 26 blue group

mental maths 25 and 26 May red group

We are beginning the chapter on Variables on page 179.

Remember when we did the circle and that 2 times the radius is equals to the diameter.

2xr=d   example 2xr=24 ∴ (therefore)  r=12

Planet Maths page 179 Part C – do in copy.


Spellings;  -able-

  • enjoyable
  • adorable
  • avoidable
  • available
  • notable
  • reasonable

Reading Zone; u25 , pg. 122.

Read the story and answer fact finding questions pg. 124.


Briathar: Téigh – to go

Aimsir Chaite Aimsir Láithreach Aimsir Fháistineach
Chuaigh méChuaigh tú

Chuaigh sé/sí


Chuaigh sibh

Chuaigh siad

TéimTéann tú

Téann sé/sí


Téann sibh

Téann siad

Rachaidh méRachaidh tú

Rachaidh sé/sí


Rachaidh sibh

Rachaidh siad

This week’s verb is the verb téigh which means to go. Have a read through of the verb and when you are ready I would like you to focus on the A. Chaite today. Write it out in your copy.

The following are some sentences to practice too:

  1. She went to the shop yesterday –
  2. You go to the hotel every day –
  3. They will go to the library –
  4. You (pl.) will go to school –
  5. We went to the cinema on Friday –


Please complete the next page in your handwriting book, take your time and try to be as accurate as possible! You can find many handwriting books on the folens website.

P.E./Active work

Becci Whelan from 2 Many Dance Moves is a local dance teacher and she has sent the school a dance routine for you to follow. It’s really good and might be a nice activity for you to do for P.E. today. Have a look and see how you get on!



Good morning, happy Friday! I know it can be hard to remember what day it is anymore but its still nice to get your work done and enjoy the Friday feeling!

As usual please get in touch if I can be of any help to you in anyway;


Seo Leat; pg. 95; G

  1. Thug
  2. Chuaigh
  3. Shroic
  4. Labhair
  5. Chonaic

Pg. 95 – H

Unscramble the sentences. Each sentence starts with a verb and a capital letter, followed by a noun (person or thing).

H – Teanga téasc (text language).

These lists are common and helpful questions and phrases in Gaeilge. See how many you know. Use to translate words you are unsure of. Learning these lists off by heart would be a good idea.


Today’s work on pie charts will be quite difficult for some of you. Give the questions your best shot but don’t get frustrated, it is hard to understand something just by reading about it. Ask someone for help if you can but if it is too hard don’t worry, you will learn all of this again in first year. Try to complete as much of this weeks mathletics as you can and maybe explore the games available online.

Topic 28: Averages and charts – pg. 177

Read the blue box slowly and carefully. Watch the video below;

Complete exercise A and B.


Have someone test you with your spellings.

Use today as a free – writing lesson. Write a story you would enjoy reading.

Focus on neat writing, capital letters, full stops, commas, colons and semi – colons. Read your story when you have finished and check for any errors.

You may choose from the list below or make up your own.

  •  The last words of your novel are, “As night became day, he started to understand the truth.” Now, go write the rest.
  •  Turn one of the last texts you sent into a story.
  •  Add an original scene to the last movie you watched.
  •  Two friends have a disagreement.
  •  Write about your favorite teacher.
  •  Outside the window, you see something you can’t believe.
  •  Write about the first time you held someone’s hand.
  •  Write about the last thing/person that made you smile.
  •  Write about a time you were lost.
  •  Write about your first job.

SESE – Geography

Read the rest of page 122, 123 and 124 to finish the chapter. Answer the Check point questions page 124.

The road to Irish independence will feature heavily in first year History. Timelines are very important.

I would love to see a project based on what you have learned. If you wanted you could make one over the weekend!


Either way – enjoy your weekend!

More Monday, Mr. Ring.