Mr. Ring

Good morning! Tuesday again so remember the UrbanGym lessons today! Hope you are finding the work OK still. This is day 2 of a 4 day week so you’re halfway through this weeks work after today! 🙂 As usual, contact me via ClassDojo or email if I can be of any help.



  • comfortable
  • valuable
  • reliable
  • suitable
  • fashionable
  • understandable

Reading Zone; U 25; pg. 125 – B + C


Here are yesterdays answers to mental maths

Blue group                   red group

Please click on link for todays mental maths – Do Tuesday

mental maths 25 and 26 blue group

mental maths 25 and 26 May red group

We are on the topic of Variables. today we are looking at the formula of area .

Area = length x width example 20m2 = 10 x2

With this in mind please do the following in your copy;

Planet Maths page 179. Part D- (be careful with last 3. I will put up answers tomorrow for those 3.)


This week’s verb is the verb téigh which means to go. Have a read through of the verb and when you are ready I would like you to focus on the A. Fháistineach today.


Please have a look at the chapter on Brazil (unlocking SESE) page 82. Read pages 82 – 84

Look at the Map skills questions(pg 83) and answer them orally.

Here is a quick powerpoint to look at and after that see if you can complete this map.(print it off if you can)

PowerPoint – Brazil

Map Worksheet – Brazil – LA