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Good morning all! Today is another fantastic day for getting outside and the last day of work this week! 🙂 I hope you all enjoy the long weekend, please remember to be safe when you go outside, especially if you go near the water in this hot weather! Have a go at what you can from today’s work and then enjoy your weekend!


Spellings; ask someone to test you.

Reading Zone;

Pg. 127 – The Hook

Fact finding part A pg. 130


answers to yesterdays mental maths


blue group                                 red group                                                        red group

Variables; In today’s task y is the variable –

example 5y = 25    ∴ y = 5  (25÷5)

6y = 852    ∴ y = 142  ( 852÷6)

Planet Maths page 181 Part B question 1, 2 and 3.



Translations: rewrite the following sentences with the verb ‘oscail’, (to open).

Be careful to check the tense of each sentence. *hint – the last word in each sentence tells us the tense.

  1. D’oscail mé an doras aréir.
  2.  Osclóimid an bronntannas amárach.
  3. Osclaíonn sí an doras gach lá.
  4. D’osclaíomar an cófra inné.
  5. Osclóidh siad na siopaí amárach.
  6. Osclaím an doras gach lá.



Please complete the next page in your handwriting book, take your time and try to be as accurate as possible! I’m sure your joined writing has really improved in recent weeks. I would love to see some examples, you can send them on Class Dojo.

P.E./Active work

Try to get at least 30 mins of exercise every day. The weather is so nice at the moment! If you can go outside safely and get some fresh air in this lovely weather that’s even better! You have the option of Urban Rascals today; live at 1.30.


If you need any work for the weekend, check out twinkl or folens online and search for something you feel you could improve on. You are 6th class now and almost first year students, its time to take ownership of your own learning! With that said, if I were you I’d take a break! You deserve it!

Enjoy the weekend!! 🙂 🙂 🙂