Mr. Ring



Good morning all and welcome to June! I hope you all managed to enjoy the beautiful weather we had for the weekend. It is almost time for summer holidays and this will be our last week of regular work; from next week we will be working from a thematic plan for the whole school. This is a short week and as we wind down there will be a little less work here this week. Put the effort in one last time!

As usual, contact me via classdojo if you need anything.


Reading Zone: u 26. “The Hook”.

Read story and answer fact finding questions (Part A pg. 130)

Spellings list:  -que- for /k/

  1. unique
  2. antique
  3. mosque
  4. plaque
  5. queue
  6. conquer


Mathletics – I am not going to set a topic this week. I want you all to work away through the page and to practice the areas you feel are the hardest for you.

Mental math; 2 days available, you only need to do Tuesday.

mental maths 2 June blue group

mental maths 2 june red group

Revision;  – lines and angles – Planet Maths page 38 Part A question 1 and 2. If you have a protractor it would also be a good idea to go through pg. 37.


Read this poem from Am don léamh; complete fíor nó breagach exercises


And that’s all for today! If anyone needs some extra work in any particular area then please feel free to contact me and I will arrange it for you.