Mr. Ring


Good morning. Wednesday again already! Hope you are getting on OK, I haven’t heard from many of you at all, I hope you are doing well! Please see notice from Mr. Moran on classdojo in relation to the school plan for recovering books from next week.

Like I said yesterday, we will begin to wind-down with the amount of work given. I am still here to support anyone who would like more to work on during June and beyond, you have my email! ;


I gave you the same work yesterday as last week and only one student pointed it out! The rest of you had a nice break!! Well done to Rachel for keeping me on my toes! 😀

Reading Zone: pg. 130; B + C


mental math answers;

blue group                   red group

Today’s m.m. sheets are below;

mental maths 3 and 4 june blue group

mental maths 3 and 4 june red group

Revision – Fractions

Planet Maths page 46 Part C question 1 to 4. Follow example closely

note the number of fifths in 3 wholes — (5×3) +2


The back of your Gaeilge book has a large amount of translated Gaeilge, anyone who would like to make a big improvement before first year should photocopy from pg. 121 – 132. If you can learn these by heart you will be in a very good position for secondary school Gaeilge. Today I would like you to revise na Míonna (months) agus na séasúir (seasons) on pg. 121 Seo Leat.

My top tip for learning something off by heart is to break it into smaller chunks and see what you can remember. After that write out the bits you can’t remember nice and big and stick them on your wall somewhere that you will have to look at it everyday until you just know it!


Hope you all have a good day. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.