Mr. Ring



Hello all and happy Thursday! The teachers had a meeting yesterday over zoom and confirmed some of the activities planned to replace your regular work here. I think you will really enjoy them. That also means today is your second last day of written work, give it your best and contact me if you need anything. I am also currently working on your school reports, please remember to post back the pupil and parent passports in the stamped and addressed envelope you received. They will go to your secondary schools.


Reading Zone: pg. 131 D + E

(I have decided against spellings for this week!)


Answers to yesterdays mental maths;

blue group                red group

mental maths 3 and 4 june blue group

mental maths 3 and 4 june red group

Hope you all got on ok with yesterdays fractions, here are the answers

Todays topic for revision is Percentages

Go to Planet Maths page 94 Part A Questions 1, 2 and 3

Write each percentage as a fraction in its lowest terms.


Today I would like you to revise ‘buncheisteanna’ pg. 122 Seo Leat. Learning the pink question words off by heart is a minimum expectation for you to learn. Anyone who wants to do better than the minimum should practice asking and answering the ‘ceisteanna coilianta’. I think you will learn more from looking up translations yourself but if you are stuck with any then you can message me.


Urban Rascals continues today and as the weather is not as nice it is a great opportunity to get some exercise in.


Let me know if you need anything! – Mr. Ring.