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75+ Funny Monday Memes for the Week

Good morning all! 🙂

I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend and are ready to get back to routine! We have been given a little more freedom to get out and meet other people from today, just remember to keep a safe social distance and to do as your parents/guardians ask! I have another week of work ready for you; get in contact if you need help with any of it! 🙂


mental maths 18 and 19 may red group

mental maths 18 and 19 may blue group

For anyone having difficulty with the circle last week; I want you to make your own version of this poster and stick it in your room!


After you can complete or try to complete the Check Up page (145). Complete what exercises you can.

If you learn the poster off by heart you have a good grasp of the circle for secondary school.


Spellings; -ial

  • denial
  • trivial
  • burial
  • jovial
  • material
  • imperial


Please view the PowerPoint below to learn about semi-colons (;) and colons (:).


Take the quiz at the end to test your learning.

Reading Zone;

Unit 24 – Betty Brightside – Read and find meanings for red words.


Cuairt ar an meánscoil – U.16 pg. 90 SEO LEAT.

Today I want you to read the 1st page of the new story ‘cuairt ar an meánscoil’.

Read slowly for understanding and answer the first four questions (Part a pg 92.)

Some help;

Cuairt – visit

Meánscoil – secondary school

Cé a chuaigh  – who went? – Chuaigh …

Cá ndeachaigh  – where? – Chuaigh

Cé a labhair –  who spoke

Cé a chonaic Fionn – who did Fionn see

daltaí – students

ar dtús – at first

fáilte – welcome

an-ard – very tall

SESE: Science; Sound

Attached is an experiment  to complete investigating sound;


You may not have all of the materials available to you but you should do your best to make use of what is available to you.


That’s all for today, as usual if you need any help with anything then feel free to message me on classdojo or via email;

Have a nice day! 🙂





Good morning all, happy Friday!! I hope you all have the chance to enjoy the weekend.

Reminder to join our second Zoom meeting today at 1 pm.

Join Zoom Meeting;

Meeting ID: 850 4504 7598
Password: 217028


Topic 23; The circle; pg 143 / 144.

pg. 143; Read the dark writing above each set of questions. Use the rules learned previously to work out how far Bugsy carries his carrot.

pg. 144; Follow the instructions to practice drawing circles and investigate their relationship with other 2D shapes.


Spellings for test;

  • activity
  • ability
  • purity
  • reality
  • security
  • identity
  • safety
  • anxiety
  • variety
  • society
  • entirety
  • subtlety
  • opportunity
  • possibility
  • curiosity
  • familiarity
  • generosity
  • responsibility

Letter writing;

Today I want you to use everything you have learned about letter writing this week to write a letter to your future self.

Even though this could be a simple exercise, you should take it seriously in order to get the most out of it. Spend some time brainstorming ideas before sitting down to write the letter itself, then put the letter in a place that will allow your future self to find it later.

If you want some more ideas you could visit;


Turas go Plútón – Trip to Pluto. Pages 10 – 11.

Take your time to read for understanding. Try to read out loud. Answer fact finding questions part B.


Today I would like you to combine your math and art again to create some geometry art.

See example below but feel free to make changes to the design to add your own twist!

Geometry Art Project using a Maths Geometry set by ofamily learning together


Hello everyone, Thursday again and one day closer to the weekend! 🙂 Don’t forget Urban Rascals today for some exercise. It is really important for all of us to keep our minds and bodies active and healthy. I have started running everyday and am sticking to my usual school hours for going to bed and getting up in the morning. The exercise and schedule for sleeping is helping me to stay sane!

Some more of you have been in touch in the past few days. This is great as it helps me to see you are keeping up with some work. If you started slow or haven’t been doing much work, I would invite you to start fresh from today and give it a good go from now until our summer holidays. It is important to keep up good practice – it’s a long time until September.

Just a few things that you might have missed previously;

  • For access to all of your Folens school books including the Gaeilge reader ‘Am don léamh‘, register as a student at;
  • You should have received a username and password to access mathletics. If you didn’t then please get in contact and I will forward your details again. I had messaged the wrong account for some of you! Mathletics takes a little time to get used to. Spend some time today exploring the page, see if you can find and complete the assigned work.
  • We have another Zoom meeting scheduled for 1 pm on Friday. We can chat about any issues you might be having with mathletics then and will all be ready to start fresh next Monday.


Topic 23: The circle; pg. 142 Planet math. (also available at

Calculating the circumference of a circle;

The distance around a rectangle or a square is as you might remember called the perimeter. The distance around a circle on the other hand is called the circumference (c).

circle diameter radius

A line that is drawn straight through the midpoint of a circle and that has its end points on the circle border is called the diameter (d)

Half of the diameter, or the distance from the midpoint to the circle border, is called the radius of the circle (r).

Visit the following page to learn about ‘π’ (pi);

The circumference of a circle is found using this formula:

C=π x
Circumference = pi (3.14) x diameter.


Find the circumference of the circle:


Diameter = 18 inches

Circumference =  Pi x Diameter


Circumference = 3.14 x 18 inches = 56.52 inches

Some of this is a little complicated so take your time and ask for help if you need it! From Planet Maths I want you to go to page 142 and complete exercises A – D. See below for more examples.

Pg. 142 –

A and B are the same as below. Multiply the diameter by π /pi/ 3.14 to find the circumference.


Diameter = 4 cm

Circumference = 3.14 x 4 cm = 12.56 cm

C. gives us the radius. You must double the radius to find the diameter before you find the circumfrence.


Radius = 1 cm

Diameter = radius x 2 = 1 cm x 2 = 2cm

Circumference = π /pi/3.14 x diameter = 3.14 x 2 cm = 6.28 cm

D. asks us to find the radius and diameter based on the circumference. We must now work backwards and divide by π.

(a) diameter = circumference ÷ 3.14 = 28.26 ÷ 3.14 = 9 cm

radius = diameter ÷ 2 = 9cm ÷ 2 = 4.5cm



Letter writing; Letter of complaint

Another type of formal letter which you may have to write is a letter of complaint. You will need this kind of letter if you have bought faulty goods, or you have a complaint over a certain issue or topic. Remember always to include all the important details of your complaint.

See example; formal-letter-of-complaint-writing-sample


You have bought a pair of trainers which are faulty – the sole of the trainer has become unglued after one day. In your copy, write a letter of complaint to the company/shop from which you bought it, giving all the details and asking them to replace or refund your money.


I want us to start moving quickly through the online Gaeilge reader ‘am don leámh’.

Follow here if already registered;

Today I want you to read; Turas go Plútón – Trip to Pluto. Pages 10 – 11.

Take your time to read for understanding. Try to read out loud. Answer questions Fíor nó bréagach.

I can start to post correct answers here if that would help you.

SESE – History:

The Celts

Lesson 5; Warriors in Celtic Society pgs. 31 – 35



Good morning all. Hope you are all doing well. 🙂

Hope today’s work goes well for you, remember you can message me on classdojo or via email if you have any questions.


Only a few of you have completed the set work on mathletics. Perhaps we can have a chat about it on Friday and those of you who have finished the work can share your tips. The website is not the easiest to navigate so I will give you a little longer to get used to it. Try the ‘explore’ and ‘play’ tab.

mental maths 13 and 14 may red group

mental maths 13 and 14 may blue group

Answers All Mental Maths Monday Week 28

Answers All Mental Maths Tuesday Week 28


Planet Math; Topic 23; The Circle; pg 141. 

circle is the shape in which with all points the same distance from its center. The parts of a circle include a radius, diameter and circumference.

Part B + C; Find the diameter by doubling the radius.

Part D; Find the radius by halving the diameter.

Part E; Draw the circles given using a compass if you have one. Be careful to read if you are given the radius or diameter.




  • opportunity
  • possibility
  • curiosity
  • familiarity
  • generosity
  • responsibility

Letter writing;

Formal letters
Formal letters are business like and get quickly to the point. Formal letters are different to personal letters. You do not write in a chatty manner or use slang. For example, you would write a different letter to your Principal inviting him to your class JCSP graduation as you would to your friend.
Formal letters are usually written for some of the following:
– To apply for a job.
– To make a complaint.
– To order goods.
– To the editor of a newspaper.
– To ask for something – a form, an appointment.
– To ask for information.
– To make a booking for a holiday etc.
– To invite someone to an event or to visit such as a school open day or a JCSP celebration.

Points to note:
* The sender’s address (your address), is on the top right hand corner.
* The address of the company/person to whom the letter is being sent is written on the left-hand side.
* When you do not know the name of the person to whom you are writing, you may start with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’.
* If you begin with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’, you end the letter with ‘Yours faithfully’, and your full name.
* If you know the name of the person you are sending the letter to e.g. Dear Ms Smith, you end the letter with ‘Yours sincerely’ and your full name.
* Remember to use capital letters, full stops and commas.
* Use paragraphs in your letter – at least 3.

Writing a letter;

-Write a formal letter to your principal giving your opinion on the school uniform. Remember to follow the points above.


Read the story and pay close attention to the verbs (briathra).

Answer questions part B.

SESE – Geography:

Mountains of Ireland;


Research and match the mountain ranges. Check your answers before learning them by heart.

I will provide a blank map of Ireland at a later date and ask you to place mountains and rivers and certain counties on the map.



Good morning all! 🙂 I hope you managed to have a look at mathletics yesterday. I can see that some of you completed the set work, more of you had trouble accessing the set work – this is ok! Mathletics is a great website but will take some getting used to. For anyone unsure from yesterday;

  • log in using your username and password
  • go to the purple ‘learn’ tab on-top of your page
  • select topic 6 – decimals and percentages
  • work your way through the ten titles and complete the test when finished

If this is still causing confusion feel free to message me.


I have assigned the rest of the decimals and percentages work to be completed by Friday. Do your best to get through a little each day.

Don’t forget to check out the explore and play tabs. – You can even set a challenge for the rest of the class to try to beat

Mental math – see yesterdays sheet.



  • safety
  • anxiety
  • variety
  • society
  • entirety
  • subtlety

There are two types of postcards:

1. Plain postcards can be used for short messages. For example:
* to send for an application form. You would include your name and address on
the postcard.
* to enter a competition. You would include your contact details – phone number
or address.
* to remind somebody of an appointment or a meeting.

2. Picture postcards are often used to send greetings when you are on holidays. The message
is usually fairly short and friendly.
Leave out:
* your own address
* the date

Send for a job application form for a summer job in a local shop on the postcard below. You should follow the rules for ‘Plain Postcards’ as above.



It was brought to my attention yesterday that you can not read the screen shot uploads of the written work. Thank you for the feedback!

In order to access the reading you will need to register at if you have not already done so. This website will give you digital access to a large range of resources. Once registered look for ; Am don léamh – rang a sé; An Giotár Dearg; pg. 8, 9. Or follow the link below.

Today I want you to re-read the story and answer the Fíor nó Bréagach (true or false) questions.


Réamhfhocail (prepositions); Seo Leat pg. 86.

Study the box on top of page 86. – If you can learn this box off by heart it will be of great help to you when it comes to doing your junior and leaving certificate exams in secondary school.

Try to complete the third set of “líon na bearnaí” : ó / de

You need to chose does the missing word come from the “ó” or “de” box of prepositions.

  • ó (from)
  • de (off)

match the correct preposition to the sentence.

SESE – Geography

Review counties of Ireland;

Use the sheet to test your knowledge of the 32 counties of Ireland. The answers are on the last page but try not to look until you are finished. Making mistakes helps us to learn.




Good morning sixth class! I hope you had a nice weekend. It was nice to see so many of you Friday, we will have another Zoom meeting this week and hopefully we can talk with more of you. If any questions come up during the week you can message me on classdojo, email me or save your questions for our next meeting. Please remember to upload to classdojo, your posts go into your portfolio and are not visible to anyone else unless I share them. I will never post any of your work without asking your permission first.


I messaged each connected account a user name and a password for mathletics last night. If anyone didn’t get their username or password please check your classdojo messages. If you can’t find it there please email me on and I will send it again. Today I want you to spend some time getting used to mathletics website and the different games available. You may also begin on the percentages work I have set online. This can be found under the drop-down menu; topic 6, Decimals and Percentages.

mental maths 11 and 12 may red group

Mental maths 11and 12 May blue group


Spellings; -ity // ety

  • activity
  • ability
  • purity
  • reality
  • security
  • identity

We are also going to look at letter writing this week.  Today we will start with writing an informal letter. I have included a list of rules for letter writing, you may wish to refer back to these each day or copy them somewhere for yourself;

Rules for all letters;

* It is important that your handwriting be neat and clear.
* The writer’s address is written in the top right-hand corner.
* Leave a space between the address and date.
* Spell out the month in full, e.g. 15th February 2006
* Begin the letter Dear . . . . , on the left-hand side.
* The first paragraph of the letter begins under the person’s name.
* A formal letter usually ends with either:
Yours sincerely, or
Yours faithfully,
* Followed by your signature. (Note: ‘Yours’, always begins with a capital letter, but ‘sincerely’ and ‘faithfully’ begin with a small letter.
* A large size writing pad is best for most letters.
* Write your letter in blue or black pen only.
* Revise the rules for using capital letters.
* Always use paragraphs when writing a letter.

Today we will start with writing an informal letter.

* Informal or personal letters are those you write to people you know – friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
* Informal letters should be friendly, chatty and relaxed as though you’re talking to the person.
* You sign an informal or personal letter using phrases like – Best Wishes, Love, Yours truly, Lots of love etc.
* You must, however, obey the rules for all letters.

See the power-point below for a visual idea of the structure required;


Write an informal letter. It can be to a classmate, a friend, a family member, to me or even a fictional character. Follow the rules as outlined and send me a picture on classdojo so I can offer you some feedback. Afterwards you could send the letter – it might brighten someones day!


Réamhfhocail (prepositions); Seo Leat pg. 86.

Study the box on top of page 86.

Try to complete the second set of “líon na bearnaí” : do / ag

You need to chose does the missing word come from the “do” or “ag” box of prepositions.

  • do (to/for)
  • ag (at)

match the correct preposition to the sentence.

Read this weeks story. Take your time to help your understanding. Questions to follow tomorrow.


That’s all for today, I look forward to reading some of your letters! Get in touch if I can help with anything! 🙂



Good morning sixth class and happy Friday! 😊

It would be really nice to see you all today! Please join our zoom meeting if you can. You will have a chance to see and chat with each other and ask me and Mr. Moran any questions you might have. The chat room will be active at 11.00 am.

To our class Zoom meeting follow the link below at 11.00;
Meeting ID: 739 448 5359
Password: Bunscoil07

  • Please make sure there is a wall behind you not a window.
  • Please dress appropriately.
  •  An adult must be in the room with you.
  •  No recording of class is allowed.

As always try your best with today’s work and contact me via the classdojo app or email at if I can help with anything.


Later today I will forward you a password and username for the online maths tool; mathletics. We will be using this site for future lessons. It has challenges, games, leader-boards and much more. It should make maths fun and will help me see how much you are engaging with the work being set.

Planet Math; Percentages 2; Topic 17; pg. 111 (C, D, E)

The questions on the checkup page are designed to see do you remember everything from the chapter. You need to be really careful when reading the word questions. Remember the RUCSAC method we practiced earlier this year.

RUCSAC stands for ‘Read’, ‘Understand’, ‘Choose’, ‘Solve’, ‘Answer’ and ‘Check’, and relates to what you should do when solving math problems.

*for part E you will need a parent or sibling. If there is no one available you can try measuring your own pulse.


Reading Zone; u 23; pg. 116; (D, E)


Réamhfhocail (prepositions); Seo Leat pg. 86.

Study the box on top of page 86.

Try to complete the first set of “líon na bearnaí” : le / ar

You need to chose does the missing word come from the “le” or “ar” box of prepositions.

le (with)

ar (on)

match the correct preposition to the sentence.

SESE / Art / Physical challenge;

As it is Friday I wanted to give you some freedom to choose what work you would like to finish with today. You can pick a topic to research and present as a project OR challenge yourself to complete a piece of art OR set yourself a physical challenge.

If you like you can do all three over the weekend! Please forward me some pictures for your classdojo portfolio.

That’s it for today! Have a nice weekend.

Hope to see you all at 11! 🙂



Good morning all! Hope you are keeping safe and well! I am in the process of setting you all up on a math website; mathletics. I will be in touch regarding your log in details later today. I will also host a zoom call with you all tomorrow; again I will upload the details on the classdojo app later today. The meeting will be for a catch up and for you to ask any questions you might have so it would be nice to see as many of you as possible. 🙂


Percentages 2; pg 110, (C) / pg. 111, (B)

eg. (C) 1 (a);Read the example box.

you need to multiply the numerator (top number) and denominator (bottom number) by the same number to make the bottom number 100.

9/20 = 45/100 = 45%

12/25 = 48/100 = 48%

pg. 111 (B); find the percentages.


Reading Zone, U 23; re-read about the life of a guide dog pg. 113, 114.

Creative writing; Design an advertisement for the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind to be placed in a newspaper looking for volunteer puppy walkers.


An siorc; yesterday you read the story, today I want you to re-read the story and then answer questions page below;

*** I know teaching yourself Gaeilge is very difficult, please email or message me for any help you might need.

SESE -Geography – Rivers systems

Read the attached factsheet. Write your own meaning for each word in dark black.





Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed your days off from work this week and are ready to get back into it today. We got the news on Friday that we will not return to school this year due to corona-virus. This is sad news for all of us but let’s try to stay positive. These measures are to save lives! I will continue to post work from our yearly plan and you should continue to do as much as you can. I know it is not always easy; if it was easy to teach yourself then you wouldn’t need to come to school at all! I want to assure you all that when you start first year your new teachers will know that you missed out on the end of your school year and will help you to catch up. Do continue to try your best at learning from home but please do not worry or become stressed about anything you find difficult. If you need help or have any questions you can message me via class dojo or email me at We will arrange to have a zoom call together this week so we can have a little catch up and a chat. I will update you regarding this on the classdojo app.


Percentages 2; pg 110, A and B.

eg. 1. (a) 10% = 1/10 = 45


100% = 10/10 = 10 x 45 = 450

Use the examples in the yellow box to help you figure out how to work them out.

Mental math;

Mental maths 6 and 7 may blue group

Mental Maths 6 and 7 May Red group


As it is Wednesday already, there will be no spellings this week.

Reading Zone; U 23 ,pg. 113

Find meanings for red words before you read the story.

Read and write full sentence answers for fact finding questions, part A pg. 115.


Read and take your time to understand the story about “a shark”. I have not given you questions to go with it as I want you to explore the story first. Use the picture clues, your Gaeilge dictionary or an online dictionary such as to help.


SESE; Geography – Rivers: Shapers of the land

Unlocking SESE: Unit 5 pg. 40

We briefly looked at this chapter previously. Today I want you to look at pgs. 40 – 41 and become familiar with erosion. Draw out and label your understanding of erosion when you have finished.

More tomorrow,

Take care!

Mr. Ring.



Hello everyone and welcome to the month of May! It’s hard to believe time is passing so quickly. There is another government announcement today so we should find out a little more about the possible easing of some of the restrictions. As this is a bank holiday weekend I wanted to inform you all that there will be no work posted on Monday or Tuesday – as we were due to have both days off anyway. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Percentages 2. pg 109 (B, C, D)

This is similar work to yesterday. The most important thing to remember at this stage is to read the question properly, check you are sure what you are being asked before you do any sums!

mental math; 

red group;

mental maths 1 May blue group


Test your spellings;

  1. valour
  2. savoury
  3. splendour
  4. behaviour
  5. endeavour
  6. honourable
  7. odour
  8. clamour
  9. colourful
  10. neighbour
  11. labourer
  12. vigour
  13. armour
  14. favour
  15. flavour
  16. humour
  17. harbour
  18. rumour

Homophones – words that sound the same but have a different meaning. Check meanings for the following homophones and put them into sentences. if you can try to have two part sentences with both words in.

  • Throne / thrown
  • principle / principal
  • brake / break
  • son / sun
  • eight / ate
  • scene / seen


Review comparáidí (comparisons) pg. 124 learned this week. Once you are confident you know them properly, try to translate the following comparisons;

(Give yourself 2 points for each correct translation and 1 point for each correct spelling.)

  • old
  • richer
  • the sweetest
  • younger
  • the strongest
  • small
  • weaker
  • the biggest

Pick a story from Seo Leat that you enjoyed; Read the story and see how much of it you can understand. Try to answer the fact finding questions orally.


Cherry blossom art; Ms. Ryan is running an art competition with some art supplies as prizes. You will find all the details on the home page of this website;

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Friday and enjoy your bank holiday weekend! 🙂



Good morning all. Hope everyone is safe and well! I know the weather isn’t great again today so don’t forget to get some exercise in with Urban Gym. If you spot a gap in the rain try to get some fresh air too! Please continue to read your novel or anything else you enjoy reading if you are finished. You don’t need to write a review of every chapter. Get in touch if I can help with any of today’s work;


Percentages 2. pg 108 (D,E)/ 109 (A)

108 (D) – The book says to use a calculator but I think you should be able to work these out using a pencil and paper, maybe you could check your answers after you have tried them all.

108 E) – Increase by 6% by multiplying by 0.06 and adding your answer to the number you started with. // Decrease by 4% by multiplying by 0.04 and subtracting your answer from the number you started with.

109 – Which method. (blue box) – I want you to write each of those percentages and there equal value in fraction form. You could make this a poster and hang it somewhere you will see it each day. When I was studying for secondary school exams I found it helpful to stick notes on the wall in my room, just by looking at them helped me to remember! eg. 5% = 1/20

109 (A) – use the multiplication or fraction method to complete the sums.

Mental maths 29 and 30 April blue group




You have all of this weeks spellings, test your memory of your learning so far, spend some extra time today learning any you aren’t sure of.

Reading Zone: pg 112 – (F / G)

Both of these are open questions and there is no real right or wrong answer. Much of your secondary schoolwork will be questions like these. If you are asked your opinion you must always explain your thinking. Each answer should be a minimum of half a page.


Comparáidí: (I will give you a list tomorrow from the 8 words we began with. eg. – biggest – is mó /  óg – young. )

milis (tasty/ sweet)

saibhir (rich)

óg ( young)

sean (old)

SESE; History; The Celts 

Lesson 3 – Life in a roundhouse pg. 21 – 26.

Read the pages and pick at least one of the three activities to complete.


29/ 04/ 2020

Good morning all! It’s not the best looking day out there so far but hopefully that will pass and we can get some exercise later! Not being able to get out is a good excuse to get your work done today! Remember – if you are having any trouble with this work being too easy, too hard, too much or not enough then please contact me and I will try to arrange more appropriate work for you.


Percentages 2. pg 108. (A, B, C)

Part A – Find a percentage

We previously worked on finding a percentage of a number using the multiplication method. First you change the percentage to a decimal number and then you multiply. For example to find 18% of 100, we multiply 100 by 0.18.

eg. 18% of 100 = 100 x 0.18 = 18.

Part B – Word problems.

Be careful to read the question closely and decide what is the question asking you to do. There is more than one sum involved in these questions so make sure your work is clearly labelled, neat and easy to follow.

Part C – Increasing and decreasing.

Again you find the percentage as you did in part A, but this time you must take the percentage found and add it to, or subtract it from, the whole number you started with.



  1. valour
  2. savoury
  3. splendour
  4. behaviour
  5. endeavour
  6. honourable

Reading Zone – (D,E) pg. 112

Part E – Grammar – For regular verbs, adding -ed to the end of the verb creates the past participle. For example, the past participle of cook is cooked.

Past participles formed from irregular verbs may have endings like -en, -t, -d, and -n. Examples include; swell-swollen, burn-burnt, hope-hoped, and broke-broken.


Seo Leat – pg.124 -Comparáidí (comparisons)

I want you to take your time and learn these properly! It is not written Gaeilge so spend the time you would spend writing practicing! We will go with four new ones per day so you should all be able to learn those.

Mór (Big) – Níos mó (bigger) – Is mó (biggest)

Beag –

Lag –

Láidir –

SESE – History – The Celts

Read all of lesson one – then try the True or False section on pg. 11

Read lesson 2 – pg. 12 – 20. You may wish to attempt a Celtic greeting card, if not I would encourage you to try drawing a Celtic Knot.


That’s all for another day! I hope you are all getting on OK!





Good morning all! I spoke with more of you yesterday, it was nice to catch up with you! More of you did not answer my call – that’s fine! If I haven’t been speaking with you and you would like me to call you, you can email me at; or message me on the classdojo app.


Percentages 2. Topic 17, pg. 107, Planet Math.

This is the second chapter on percentages. The blue box you were asked to learn off by heart is on pg. 95. If you have not learned them yet then now is a good time. This chapter looks at the connection between percentages and decimals.

You should be able to complete all of page 107 today, take your time and read the sentence at the top of each set of questions. Be careful to double check what you are being asked to do.

Example Values

Here is a table of commonly used values shown in Percent, Decimal and Fraction form:

Percent Decimal Fraction
1% 0.01 1/100
5% 0.05 1/20
10% 0.1 1/10
12½% 0.125 1/8
20% 0.2 1/5
25% 0.25 1/4
331/3% 0.333… 1/3
50% 0.5 1/2
75% 0.75 3/4
80% 0.8 4/5
90% 0.9 9/10
99% 0.99 99/100
100% 1
125% 1.25 5/4
150% 1.5 3/2
200% 2




  1. odour
  2. clamour
  3. colourful
  4. neighbour
  5. labourer
  6. vigour

Reading Zone; pg. 111, B + C.


Questions Part B.

Cé – who

Céard –  what


SESE History – The Celts 

The Celts

Read the first 7 pages of the attached pages. Take some notes if you need to!

Design and upload a picture of your own celtic brooch.


Have a good day!




Good morning all, I hope you had a nice weekend. I spoke with some of you on Friday and it was really nice to have a chat. I will be calling some people who did not answer again today as well as those I didn’t get around to on Friday. Please note I will call twice if I do not get an answer first time, after that if you would like a call please message me on classdojo or on my school email;

Some of those I spoke with told me they don’t have all of the books so I will post pictures of pages on here as we go. Each of you should be able to register for to get full access to all of their school books free of charge. Those I have spoken to so far seemed happy with the amount and level of work I am putting up daily, however if you are not happy for whatever reason then please do reach out to me – this is new for all of us and I appreciate feedback.

In relation to the daily diary or record I had asked you to keep – You most likely no longer have something new to add each day. I would suggest you return to it once a week to add a few small bits. If not you may wish to return to it when there is more news. Hopefully we will all know more when May 5th gets here.

Have a good day and week and remember you can only try your best; if you could teach yourself everything then there would be no need for you to go to school at all!

Speak soon,

Mr. Ring.

Math; Area 

To revise what we practiced last week, please try pg. 116 in your Planet Math book.

Mental Math;

mental maths 27 and 28 April blue group

Mental maths 27 and 28 April red group


Spelings – (our) – This weeks spellings all contain our in that order. The reason these spellings can cause difficulty is that the is often not pronounced. In fact you will find that in American English none of today’s spellings use the letter u so you may see them spelled differently on the internet.

  1. armour
  2. favour
  3. flavour
  4. humour
  5. harbour
  6. rumour

Reading Zone; Unit 22; Smart Ice-cream

Before reading:

  • Look at the title and pictures only. Make three predictions about the story and give reasons for your predictions.
  • Find meanings for all of the red words.

Read the story and answer fact finding questions (part A, pg. 111).


We are going to move on to new learning in Gaeilge. It will not be easy for many of you but you can only try your best. If you have any feedback on making it easier, please get in touch. I am going to include stories from ‘Am Don Léamh 6’ which is a sixth class reading book and is available on You will need to take your time and read the story for understanding before you can answer any questions.

SESE – Geography;

Today I want you to investigate some of Europe’s mountain ranges. Do your best to do your own research and complete the worksheet.

Europe Mountain Ranges Worksheet




Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I will be calling some of you today between 11 and 1 and will speak to the rest of you next week hopefully. If you miss or can not take my call I will try again next week. There is nothing to worry about I just want to check up on everyone and see if there is anything I can do to help with work or any questions you may have for me.

Math: Surface Area.

Today we will be working on figuring out the surface area of a cubes and cuboids. Surface area is the total of the areas of all faces (or surfaces) on a 3D shape. A cuboid has 6 rectangular faces. To find the surface area of a cuboid, add the areas of all 6 faces.

The PowerPoint below should help to explain visually and will give you some practice questions with answers.


Next, try part B on pg. 115 of your planet math book. I have included some squared paper if any of you are able to print them out and would like to draw out the shapes. Sometimes math can be easier to understand when we can see it. If you have a squared math copy you could draw them there either.




Ask someone to call you out your spellings from this week and test how well you have learned them.

  1. texture
  2. pasture
  3. sculpture
  4. creature
  5. stature
  6. picture
  7. nature
  8. injure
  9. lecture
  10. torture
  11. rupture
  12. cultured
  13. manufacture
  14. adventurer
  15. procedure
  16. treasurer
  17. acupuncture
  18. disfigurement

Learning spellings helps your memory skills as well as your vocabulary and spelling ability.

Reading Zone: pg. 106. – (E, F, G)


Seo Leat pg. 85. (D)

– use the pictures to help you finish the sentences.

Féach arlook at 

Tá sé in am agam – it is time for me


SESE – Geography:

Use an atlas or google maps to explore the countries in Europe and find their capital cities.


When you have checked all your answers are correct, spend some time trying to memorize the capital for each country.


Enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend, speak to some of you later!



Hi all! Hope you are doing well!


Mental math – (sheet uploaded 22/04)

AREA; Planet Maths

pg. 114 (A) – this section asks to change meters squared to centimetres squared and the other way around.

There are 10,000 cm2 in 1m2. See picture below for scale.

pg. 115 – (A)

cm2 to m2 comparison


I don’t know how far along in the class novel you all are but would ask you to finish it over the next few days, I am working on getting us digital access to a new novel. Please do spend some time reading about something that interests you and challenges your reading skills, it does not have to be a novel – it doesn’t even have to be in English!

Reading Zone pg. 106 part D.

You have all spellings to practice for tomorrow when you should ask someone to help you test yourself. To practice writing your spellings today I want you to put all 18 spellings from this week into alphabetical order.

  1. picture
  2. nature
  3. injure
  4. lecture
  5. texture
  6. pasture
  7. sculpture
  8. creature
  9. stature
  10. torture
  11. rupture
  12. cultured
  13. manufacture
  14. adventurer
  15. procedure
  16. treasurer
  17. acupuncture
  18. disfigurement


I hope you all know all of your briathra inside out at this stage, you are probably sick of looking at them! 😀

Today I have attached one last sheet of mixed tense briathra. Read the sentence to guess what tense each verb should be in.


SESE Geography

Today I have attatched a map of Europe. I want you to try to match the countries correctly. I have left the answer sheet attached for you to check when finished. It would be a good idea to take some time to memorize any you get wrong. We will look at Europe in more detail in the coming weeks.



Urban rascals gym session online today.

That’s it for today, happy Thursday!

Speak soon,

Mr. Ring.


Good morning everyone! I hope you are keeping well! 🙂

Math – Area;

Finish Area of Compound shapes worksheet from Monday (Pg 5).  – In these sums the shaded area must be worked out and then taken away from the area of the rest of the shape. The last two are a little different but try your best before checking the answers.

Mental math;

Below are today and tomorrows mental math sheets for each group;

Mental Maths 22 and 23 April red group

Mental maths 22 and 23 April blue group

Please find answers for Monday and Tuesday.




  1. manufacture
  2. adventurer
  3. procedure
  4. treasurer
  5. acupuncture
  6. disfigurement

Reading Zone – U 21. Alien visitors.

Re-read the story. What do you think will happen next? Write a creative new ending for the short story.


Briathra Neamhrialta – Aimsir Láithreach – (from learning your verbs in each tense, today I want you to conjugate each sentence into the everyday tense. Write the sentence with the bracketed verb changed to the everyday tense of the verb.)


Seo Leat – read pg. 19 – U. 4. Take your time and try to make sense of each paragraph using the words that you do know to guess meaning from sentences.

Answer part A pg. 20. Try your best! Remember to take sentence structure from the questions.

SESE Science – Today I would like you to complete a habitat investigation.

A habitat is described as the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other organism (living thing). If we were in school we would visit the ponds and investigate all living things in the area together. As we are not together we should be able to find a larger collection of living things as you will be investigating different habitats!

You will need to find an outside space – your garden, the green in your estate, a field close by, for example.

Become familiar with the habitat you are investing and then answer the questions attached.

Local habitat investigation 

Writing up your answers; this part is up to you. You are sixth class students and will soon become secondary school students! This means you will have to decide for yourself what is a good way to present your work. The minimum expected is for you to answer all questions (unless some can not be answered in your habitat location), and to use neat writing.  Some of you may choose to take or draw pictures. You might present your work as a poster, or as a well written investigation in your copy. We have some very creative students in our class so I look forward to seeing how these turn out. Put some effort in and share with me on classdojo so I can offer some feedback!

Try to enjoy some sunshine!

Finally I wanted to inform you I will be calling parents over the next few days to check everything is going OK for you all and to see if I can help out in any way. Hopefully I will get a chance to speak to some of you too!

Have a good day,

Mr. Ring. 🙂


Good morning all!

Please remember to visit Urban Gym online today as a replacement for your PE lessons. Also remember the school hub on RTE – I know some of the content is for younger kids but there are some really good lessons for sixth class students too. If you really think it’s too easy then watch ‘as Gaeilge’ on TG4.


Tuesday mental math.

Area worksheet. Starting on page 3 of yesterdays worksheets, complete the next 10 area problems.

  • Anyone who is still not 100% on their times tables should be practicing every day.



  1. sculpture
  2. creature
  3. stature
  4. torture
  5. rupture
  6. cultured

Reading Zone; Read u21 ‘Alien Visitors’, answer parts A ,B, C pg 105.


Briathra Neamhrialta – Aimsir Chaite – (from learning your verbs in each tense, today I want you to conjugate each sentence into the past tense. Write the sentence with the bracketed verb changed to the past tense of the verb.)

1.(Bí) mé sa siopa innè.

2.(Beir) Seán an liathróid sa chluiche GAA.

3.(Ith:sinn) an bricfeasta le chéile inné.

4.(Tar) na seanthuismitheoirí ar cuairt linn inné.

5.(Clois) tú torann sa ghairdín.

6.(Tabhair) Siobhán brontannas dom.

7.(Abair) mé mo phaidreacha aréir.

8.(Faigh) Lisa obair bhaile ón múinteoir inné.

9.(Déan) Niamh cáca mór sa chistin.

10.(Téigh:sinn) go dtí an linn snámha.

11.(Feic) sibh na páistí ag imirt sa chlós.

Seo Leat – read pg 18 – U 4 – pg 18. Take your time and try to make sense of each paragraph using the words that you do know to guess meaning from sentences.

SESE – History

We have finished the chapter on ww2. Below is a visual summary taken from the last page in the chapter;

I want you to think about what you have learned and what you may already have known. You can do some extra research too!

I want everyone to make a project on ww2. Remember to include a timeline.

Please send me class dojo pictures when completed.

I would like you to take your time and do a good project so I will not give any more work for today.


20 / 04 / 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the Easter Break as best you could! Well done to all of you who are following the social distancing rules – you are helping to save lives! We are of course being asked to stay home for another while and so we will continue to try and work from home. I have included a mixture of revision and new work for you to complete and will continue this way. It is not easy to teach yourself so don’t be too frustrated when you work if you can help it! If any of you are finding the work too difficult or too easy then please use clasdojo to contact me and I can try to arrange more appropriate work. Try your best!


Mental math:




We had begun to look at area. For some revision I would ask you to read over the last work you were given, read the power point or watch the youtube video.

Below I have attached a set of area worksheets. Today I would like you to try the first 10. –  The answers are on the last page. Only check answers when the first ten have been completed.



Spellings list -ure- spelings

  1. picture
  2. nature
  3. injure
  4. lecture
  5. texture
  6. pasture

Reading Zone – Unit 21 – Alien Visitors – pg. 102 – 104.

  • Make a list of the red words highlighted in the text – use your dictionary to find meanings.
  • Put red words in  alphabetical order.


Review the irregular verbs (briathra neamhrialta).

Check do you remember the meaning of each – look up any you have forgotten.



We will continue to review stories we have already practiced in class. The stories and questions from Seo Leat are excellent practice for secondary school Gaeilge exams. Today I want you to read chapter 3 – Tine sa bhácús – pg 12.

Make as much sense off the story as you can. Try to answer questions pg. 14. part A.

I understand Gaeilge can be very difficult. – you will need to practice trying hard even when you are not sure.

Remember – the structure for your answer is usually in the question. Answers start with a verb (briathar).

If you would prefer to practice from different stories instead please write to me on classdojo and I can upload different stories instead of you using your book.


History – WW2.

Read about ww2 in Ireland  – the emergency. Answer History Detective and Think and Discuss questions,


Please fill in the story of ‘Jesus is Crucified’ in your Confirmation Books, story is below. Decorate page also

Jesus is Crucified



Good morning everyone and welcome to the last day of term! I hope you have all been working hard on the set work each day and have earned a break. If not now is a chance to return to any work you didn’t complete. Easter holidays do not mean you have nothing to do however, it is still really important to get out into the fresh air, read, draw, write, do something that you love doing and use some of the websites during the holidays. I would also ask you all where possible to log onto Urban Rascals, watch the School Hub on RTE, and continue to update your work on Covid19. Today I have given you a review test to start with. Take some time to study before you begin.

If anyone needs any work sent over the holidays or needs to contact me for any reason you may do so on the classdojo app. Remember you are sixth class students and are expected to be responsible, respectful and helpful at all times. – Now more than ever!


Gaeilge – Translate the following question words to Gaeilge. Correct answers from yesterdays set work. Give yourself 1 point for each correct translation and 1 extra point for each correct spelling. Total score available: _/12


  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

Conjugate the following Briathra (verbs) into the Aimsir Chaite (past tense) Aimsir Láithreach (everyday tense) Aimsir Fháistineach (future tense).

Briahtra neamhrialta:

  • Téigh
  • Tar
  • Tabhair
  • Feic

English spellings – Please ask someone at home to call you out the following spellings from this week;

(remember all spellings contain -ough- but not all make the same sound.)

  • cough / dough / bough / rough / tough / bought 
  • Though / through / enough / drought / although / doughnut
  • sought / through / throughout / overwrought  breakthrough / afterthought

Mental Math Friday test:




Topic 18 – Area – Finding the area of irregular shapes

Yesterday you found the area of regular shapes by multiplying the length by the width. (L x W = Area).

With irregular shapes there are more than 2 measurements so the same formula can not be used.


3- 2 -4 -6 irregular shape

To find the area we must divide the irregular shape into regular shapes, find the area of the regular shapes and then add them up.

To answer the example above;

Divide the figure into two rectangles and find all missing lengths. (do you see where the missing sides came from?)

The larger rectangle has an area of

The smaller rectangle has an area of

If we combine these we will find the total area:


The following youtube clip will give you another example of how to find missing sides and the area of irregular shapes. It will help some of you to understand better to watch each step being completed;

Today I would like you all to try pg 113 part A.

Then try these 4.


Today I would like you to write a short story or essay from ONE of the following. Use your neatest handwriting. Pick a topic you would enjoy writing about. try to use creative language. Don’t forget grammar points – commas, full stops, capital letters etc. You may return to this page and pick another title during your holidays if you wish.

1. What is your greatest aspiration?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? How will you get there?

3. What challenges do immigrants in our country face?

4. Do you think there is anything only a man or woman can do?

5. When do you feel happiest? Why?

6. Write a short story about a 6th grader with a big secret to keep.

7. Have you ever felt different or left out? How did it make you feel?

8. Who is the most inspirational person in your life? How does he or she inspire you?

9. What is the most selfless thing you’ve ever done? Why did you do it?

10. Do you prefer giving or getting gifts?

11. Write about a time when you were wrong about something you thought you knew.

12. Have you ever gotten lost? What did you do? Where did you go?

13. What is your greatest fear? Why does it make you feel afraid?

14. What is the best way to make conversation with someone new?

15. What do you believe in?


There is a saying about the rain showers we often get in April. It is quite fitting in the current situation.  It goes “April showers, bring May flowers”.

It means that a period of discomfort can provide the basis for a period of happiness.

I would like you to interpret this saying into a creative piece of art. You decide how you want to design your artwork. I hope some of you can post to classdojo and I will give a prize to some winners from the art press when we return!


Enjoy your holidays everyone. Stay safe and remember to act responsibly and make things easy for those at home – this is hard for everyone! Please continue to stay active. Get fresh air each day. Read, draw and be helpful!

I am looking forward to seeing you all again. Happy Easter,

Mr. Ring.


Good morning all. Hope you are all doing well! The weather looks nicer today so try to get outside in a safe manner. Stay active and get some exercise, it will help you to feel better!


Topic 18 – Area.

Area is the measure of how much space there is on a flat surface. It is calculated by multiplying length by width.

Please start by opening the PowerPoint presentation below and working through some practice questions.

calculate-area-interactive-powerpoint-_ver_4 (1)

If you can not open the P.P. then go straight to pg. 112 in your planet math.

Complete exercises B, C and D.


Spellings; sought / through / throughout / overwrought  breakthrough / afterthought

Reading Zone; Pg. 101 parts D and E.


Next verb – Téigh – to go.


  • Cé – who
  • Cá – where
  • Cad / ceard – what
  • Conas – how
  • Cathain – when
  • Cén fath – why

Learn meanings and spellings of all question words. Try to put them into example questions. There are some examples on page 10 Seo Leat, based on the sentence under the yellow rectangle.

SESE – History

The second world war – ‘The home front’ pg. 134.

Read the page, answer think about it questions. I will also add this page to our classdojo story. Maybe someone can let me know if it is easier to read from this page or on the classdojo app?

Propaganda posters were used by all sides to spread messages during the war. The design and draw section asks you to design a ww2 poster. Search ww2 posters on google images for ideas. Post your posters to classdojo.



Good morning all, welcome to April!


Today we will finish with length. We will run a quick review when we get back to school!

To finish the chapter please complete parts C, D and E pg. 87.

I have attached another perimeter worksheet to help you practice.

Answers for yesterdays math for both groups;



Next verb – Tar – to come.

Seo Leat – pg. 10. part E. Look up meanings for and learn spellings for the question words on the page;

  • Cad / ceard
  • Conas
  • Cathain
  • Cén fath


Spellings; Though / through / enough / drought / although / doughnut

Reading Zone; pg. 100 – parts B and C.

Please continue reading daily.


A number of parents have contacted me with issues relating to registration at folens online. I will get in contact with folens and try to resolve any issues before I give you any more work from your SESE book. Instead today I have inserted a ww2 power point;


Today I would like you to read the first 7 pages of the power-point relating to rationing in ww2. Do your own research on rationing and make a small project.




Good morning all. I hope you are keeping well!


I know we have gone through this chapter very quickly but there isn’t much new involved. If any of you are finding anything difficult, please contact me via classdojo or email. Today we will complete the first half of the check up page (part B pg. 87).

Then complete the following perimeter worksheet;

Yesterdays mental math answers;


Creative writing: Reading Zone u20 tells the story of Tom Sawyer convincing others to do his work for him. Today I want you to think like Tom and create a wild and wonderful tale to convince someone else to clean your room.

Continue with your class novel and recording of the corona virus situation.


Next verb – Tabhair – (to give)

Seo Leat: Leisciúil sa leaba – read pg. 6 + 7.

Pg. 8. Part A, questions 1 -4.


Read the next two pages – 132, 133. Answer questions ‘Think about it’ pg. 133.

Draw out the timeline of events for WW2.


Have a go at today’s quiz on seomra ranga;





Good morning all. I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend!

Just a few bullet points for your notice;

  • RTE School Hub 11am -12pm each day.
  • Urban Rascals gym sessions, Tuesday and Thursday. This weeks prize; home study centre.
  • Weekly food box available for students; visit facebook page or text school mobile 086 021 1338.
  • Ms. Tobin – Students who visit Ms. Tobin during our regular class week should make sure to visit her class page for work.
  • Use classdojo app to contact me with any questions.


Length; pg 86. – Today we are looking at scale in length. You will need a ruler.  In math, the term scale is used to represent the relationship between a measurement on a model or drawing and the real measurement of an actual object. Without scales, maps and blueprints would be pretty useless.

  • Part B pg. 86. The scale for the kitchen is 1:100. So each 1 cm in the drawing is 1 m or 100 cm in real life.
  • Part C. Instead of the classroom, draw a scale drawing of your house or a room in your house.

Metal math: This week I am giving a second option for anyone who has been finding the mental math too difficult.

I recommend everyone continues to try 6th class mental math which will be blue group from now on.


Anyone who has been struggling so far may now chose to take on the more manageable mental math – Red group



This weeks spellings may be difficult as the letters in common (ough) can make different sounds. Remember to look up the meanings for any words you don’t know and check pronunciation for each. Monday: cough / dough / bough / rough / tough / bought 

Please continue to read your class novel. If you have finished or don’t have a copy of the class novel you should be aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes reading each day.

Reading Zone: unit 20 – Tom Sawyer, Artist. pg. 96.

  • Dictionary work; find and write meanings for all of the red words before reading.
  • Read story and answer Fact finding Part A pg 100.


Briathra neamhrialta – Next verb; feic – to see. Complete sentences and learn verb in each tense.

Seo Leat: Leisciúil sa leaba – read pg. 6. – Take your time and guess meaning using words you do understand before checking with your dictionary.


Unlocking SESE, I would like everyone to start Chapter 20 – The second world war.

Read pg. 130, 131. Use your dictionary to find the meaning for Key Vocabulary pg 130.  Answer checkpoint questions pg .131.

If you do not have your SESE book then visit and use the free registration option.


Have a go at today’s quiz on seomra ranga;



Good morning all and happy Friday!

We are trying to keep some sort of normality in our days so today we will attempt to complete a test. You will need someone else to help by calling out your spellings. Remember a test is an opportunity for you to see how well you are learning so there is no benefit in cheating yourself! Take some study time to practice if you need to.


English spellings: –gu–

guarantee / lifeguard / disguise / beguile / guardian / guillotine / language / penguin / iguana / anguish / extinguish / distinguished / guide / guard / guess / guest / guilt / guitar

Math; Todays mental math and problem solving questions. I will post answers this evening on classdojo.   Menatl-maths-27-March-Blue-group

Gaeilge: Take the following vebs (briathra) and translate them to the past (Aimsir Chaite) present / everyday (Aimsir Láithreach) and future tense (Aimsir Fháistineach)

  • Abair
  • Beir
  • Ith
  • Clois
  • Déan
  • Faigh


I would like everyone to start taking place in daily quiz competitions on seomra ranga. Some questions are difficult but you are allowed to search for the answers online.  Today’s quiz can be reached via

The previous tests are also available for you to go back over.


Length continued pg 86 (A). – Multiplication and division.

Remember to keep your work neat and tidy. If using a math copy then each number should get its own square If you are not then leave an equal distance between your numbers. I am confident each of you can complete these sums, the only mistakes that can be made are through untidy work. Take your time.


Re-read Reading Zone U19. Complete exercises D and E pg 95.

Please update your project / diary  recount writing regarding the current situation.


Examine the work of Giuseppe Arcimbolo.


There are some other examples of his work available here:

Create your own “Archimboldo Masterpiece” using common objects around your home. Don’t forget you can upload to classdojo app where I will be able to see it!


Have a safe weekend everyone, get some fresh air and be kind to those stuck at home with you!



Good morning all! I hope you are getting used to working from home! If you have any questions / feedback then please use classdojo to contact me.


Topic 13: Length pg 85. (E, F, G).

* important;

  • 1.0 km = 1000 m
  • 0.1 km = 100 m
  • 0.01 km = 10 m
  • 0.001 km = 1 m

I will post the answers to the mental math pages we have done so far on our classdojo story.

Remember to practice your 3, 6 and 9 times tables, as well as review 2, 4, 6 and 8 from last week. Tomorrow I will ask you to complete a timed multiplication challenge.


Briathar neamhrialta: Faigh – to get

Seo leat pg. 5; Cén saghas lae atá ann? learn meaning for weather types.



Please continue to update your diary / blog/ recount writing regarding the current situation with Covid-19 and how you are being affected.

I hope you are more confident with your procedural writing. I would like you to re-read your work from the last two days and pretend you know nothing about the topic. Is your procedural writing easy to follow? If you would like to upload your work to classdojo I can give some feedback. .

Review and practice all of your spellings from the week, we will try to have a test tomorrow.

Reading Zone pg. 94 (B + C)

Take your time and use your neatest joined handwriting.

Confirmation booklet:

Today I would like you to look at the page ‘The people I most admire’. We admire people for different reasons, have a chat with a guardian at home about people you admire and think about which of those make a good role model.


Below is a step by step instruction to complete and investigation about density.

I would first like you to do some research into what density is.

After, you can try your best to complete the experiment. You may be missing some equipment but use what you do have available at home.

Write up your experiment using titles: Equipment / Method / Prediction / Results – include diagrams.




Good morning sixth class. Well done to all of you who took part in Urban Rascals gym session yesterday. Keeping fit is as important as anything else in these difficult times. The class will take place again at the same time Thursday. If you would like to then feel free to share a picture of you taking part on the classdojo app. Please try to get some fresh air today but make sure to follow all the social distancing guidelines to keep yourself and those close to you safe.


Planet math Pg. 85 looks at converting measurements. Please complete activities A, B, C and D. Read the questions carefully and look at the example highlighted in red for guidance.


  • 10 mm (millimeters)= 1 cm. (Centimeter)
  • 100 cm = 1 m (meter)
  • 1000 m = 1 km (kilometer)

Mental math;  Mental-Maths-25-and-26-March-Blue-group

Tables – practice on, also hit the button   x3, x6, x9


Spellings; guarantee / lifeguard / disguise / beguile / guardian / guillotine. – Remember to search for meanings before writing sentences. Spend some time learning these today, tomorrow will be a chance to review all spellings and on Friday you can test yourself.

I hope your procedural writing went well.  I would like everyone to re-read yesterdays checklist, correct your own work from yesterday and then re-write your procedural writing. If you are happy with your first effort, then create a new piece of procedural writing. Any student who would like to share their effort to the classdojo class story I will award 5 dojo points each!


Briathar neamhrialta: Déan – to make or do.

Seo leat: pg 5. (E) An Aimsir – the weather. Learn meanings for types of weather.

Handwriting: take your time and complete the next page in your handwriting workbook.



Parents can avail of free membership to Twinkl by using the following code IRLTWINKLHELPS at

You can also join Folensonline(which has many of our schoolbooks) go

simply register as a teacher and use this special code for the roll number Prim2o



I hope everyone got OK with yesterdays work. Remember to use the class dojo app if you have any questions. Please sign up for class dojo to be in with the chance of winning  pizza party for our class. This would be a lovely treat for us all when we return to school!

I would also like to direct everyone to Urban Gym New Ross on Facebook. They will be running fitness classes online at 1.30 today and Thursday. You can use these as your weekly PE lessons. One lucky participant from our school will win a fitbit! More information on school Facebook page.


Today we move onto perimeter pg 84 Planet math. – Perimeter is the distance around the outside of a shape. Everyone should be able to attempt all of pg 84.

Again practice your 3x, 6x and 9x tables. We will have a multiplication tables challenge when we return to school and I will expect every student to have learned their times tables off by heart.


You should continue to read two chapters per day from your class novel or any other book you have.

Spellings: Language / penguin / iguana / anguish / extinguish / distinguished.

Reading Zone: Read Tangy treats U.19 again. There are two very good examples of procedural writing for making Lemon Bars and Lemon Cheesecake. using these as an example, and following the checklist attached, create your own piece of procedural writing.



I hope everyone is finding the review of our briathra neamhrialta OK? Message me if you need some support in completing these sentences daily. TOday we move on to the verb – Bí – to be.

Please finish reading ‘Lá Cois Farraige’ and try to answer questions from part A pg 4. – Remember, the structure of your answer usually comes from the question.

Confirmation booklets:

Before we left school we had been looking at ‘Mary the Mother of Jesus’ in our confirmation books. Please research and complete the Mysteries of the Rosary and finish this page. You may wish to visit


I hope everyone is still recording your thoughts and feelings on the world news. Some are writing diaries, others recount writing and some are making power point presentation. I look forward to reading them all when we get back to school. These will be a great first hand record of a time that will go down in history!



Good morning all! I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Yesterday we had great weather so I hope everyone managed to get some fresh air and exercise while maintaining a safe social distance!


Today you will need pg 83 from Planet Maths. Please ask someone to forward you a picture if you didn’t take home your math book. You will also need a ruler.

Planet math, pg 83, (B, C, D).

Please continue to try your best at daily mental math: Mental-Maths-23-and-24-March

After last week you should be confident with your 2, 4, 8 times tables. Test your memory. This week we will work on 3, 6, and 9 times tables.


This weeks spelling list is based on the letters —gu—

As usual use a dictionary to check the meaning of any difficult words. Learn to spell each word and put them into clever sentences or a short story. Remember you can use more than word per sentence but the sentence must make sense.

Monday – Guide / Guard / Guess / Guest / Guilt / Guitar

Reading Zone: U 19 Tangy Treats.

Read pages 92 and 93. Make a list of all the verbs you can find that are directly related to cooking and baking. eg. whisk.

Answer fact finding questions pg 94 (A).


Briathra neamhrialta: next verb;  Clois – To hear.

I would also like you all to practice some reading as Gaeilge. I am asking you to return to pg 2 in Seo Leat. I want you to read the page slowly, pick out the words you do understand and use these to try make sense of the sentences.


I want you to spend some time reflecting upon your favourite Biblical story. You may need to do some research or ask you parents/ guardians for some ideas. After your research write the story in your neatest handwriting on the ‘My favourite Biblical Story’ page in your confirmation booklet.


Get outside for a walk where possible. See if you can improve your time each day this week by covering the same distance each day. It is however really important that we all keep a safe social distance and do not hang around in groups.

Hope you are all keeping well,

Mr. Ring.



Hello everyone, happy Friday!


Mental math; please keep your mental math together in your copy. Today I have included the problem solving questions and the Friday test page. Mental-Maths-20-March

Again practice your 2, 4 and 8 times tables. See if you can beat your score from yesterday.

Set 1 minute on a stopwatch and see how high you can count in 2s, 4s and 8s in that time. Challenge other people and see if you can get even higher tomorrow.


Briathra neamhrialta: next verb;  Ith – To eat.

When you have finished the ten sentences you might like to try writing 1 or 2 of your own sentences for each verb,


Novel: next two chapters (5 and 6)

Creative writing: write a short story of your choice.

You can chose from the following list of titles if you prefer;

  • A surprising spy
  • Removed
  • Break time at school
  • Write a story about a lost key
  • Is life too hectic to enjoy fully?
  • My favourite memories
  • A farewell party
  • An attempted robbery
  • It was a while before I realised my cat could talk
  • Moving Houses
  • I don’t know what that noise was …..


Confirmation Book

Please check that you have  ‘ My First Communion Page’ completed. Now that you are at home you can check dates, find a picture/photograph and write in your Memories. Make sure border is coloured in. If you have already finished this – Well Done.

Next can you complete My School Page please: Ms. Brazil has kindly written an excellent example which you can see below. Use you neatest writing to complete this page and feel free to make changes to the example below;

My School

The name of my school is Bunscoil Rís / Edmund Rice Senior School.

Bunscoil Rís is a new school and it was opened in 2017.

It is located in Bawnmore Rd., Castlemoyle, New Ross and shares a campus with Bunscoil Nic Amhlaigh / Catherine Mc Cauley Junior School.

In my school ther are 17 mainstream classrooms and 8 rooms fro small group work. There is a large PE / Assembly Room. There are two basketball courts and a large play area. When the weather is fine and dry we share pitches with St.Mary’s Secondary School.

Carrickmore is the name of our ASD Unit and it contains two large room, toilets, showers, a multisensory room and an outdoor play area.

Children attend Bunscoil Rís from 3rd Class to 6th Class. I am in 6th Class and my teacher is Mrs Brazil.

There are over 400 pupils, 24 teachers and 5 ISAs in my school.

The Principal’s name is Mr Moran and his office is on the ground floor.

Jenny is our secretary and her office is near the front door.

In Bunscoil Rís we have an Afterschool Club, Homework Club, Breakfast Club, Green School Committee and a Chess Club.

We can take part in lots of different activities: Sports -GAA, Rugby, Crickey, Swimming, Basketball, Athletics. We take part in dance, drama and music. This year all the 6th Classes put on a show called ‘Rockbottom’ in St Michael’s Theatre. It was hard work but lots of fun. We do lots of Art and have Assembly every Friday.

My favourite subject is ……………………………

My friends in school are ………………………….

Next year I will be going to  …………………………………….. and I will miss Bunscoil Rís.

The End.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Remember to wash your hands and get outside for some exercise and fresh air when possible! Stay safe ,



Good morning everyone. I hope that you found yesterdays work manageable and tried your best. I understand this will not be easy for everyone, all we can do is try! If there is any issue which you can not resolve or if you are in need of extra work / support in any certain area you or your parents / guardians can contact me on my school email address; I will do my best to reply to all emails within 24 hours. I would also ask you to keep an eye on the school twitter page which will be regularly updated with ideas and the latest news.


Mental-maths-18-and-19-march – Please name, date and number your mental math. Try  your best, some can be difficult but this is 6th class math!

Again practice your 2, 4 and 8 times tables. See if you can beat your score from yesterday.

set 1 minute on a stopwatch and see how high you can count in 2s, 4s and 8s in that time. Challenge other people and see if you can get even higher tomorrow.


Briathra neamhrialta: next verb;  Beir – to catch or grab.


Please continue with your daily record of what is happening, it is your choice how to do this. Be creative!

Read the next two chapters in your novel.


It is very important that we stay active and healthy. get out for a walk where possible and remember to keep a safe social distance from others.

Today I would like you to set up your own stations to complete by yourself or with a family member!

Spend one minute at each station and give yourself a 30 second break in between each activity.Some recommended stations; jog on spot. Jump over item and back. star-jumps. sit ups. throw and catch a ball off a wall.


Be creative with your artwork and try to create something each day. If you do not feel creative then feel free to download and print the mindful colouring sheets below.


Finally, remember to wash your hands!

Mr. Ring.



Good morning sixth class. I hope that you and your families are well and are keeping safe. Over the coming days I will be posting work for you to complete on this page. Try your best to complete what you can. I understand some students were not in on Thursday to take home books so I will ask you to try to share with others as much as possible using your cameras where possible.

  • Scrap book / diary / daily recount writing: We are living in an unprecedented time. This virus will be remembered in history. I am asking that each student document Covid-19 from the beginning until this is all over. This may be done as a scrap book of memories. OR a daily diary explaining what is happening each day and how you feel. OR a daily recount of events at home and in the world. Watching news2day may help with some ideas.
  • Novel: – start reading the new class novel taken home last Thursday. You should read two chapters per day and write a short summary (half a page) each day. If you do not have the novel then please begin reading another book. Read as much as you can during these strange times!
  • Maths: This is a great opportunity to practice your multiplication and division tables. This week I would like you to review your 2x, 4x ane 8x tables. Tables games on   Focus on X 2,4,8 this week. Try to beat your own personal best each day.
  • Mental-Maths-16-and-17-March
  • Gaeilge: I have attached a full list of briathra neamhrialta recently practiced in class. Doing the sentences and learning one verb each day will help with all future Gaeilge learning. Today the focus verb is ABAIR – to say. na-briathra-neamhrialta-activity-sheets_ver_4
  • Try to get some exercise! set yourself a daily target of sit ups, push ups, squats and the plank. Try to improve on each target gradually.

Above all else please be safe and be helpful to those at home taking care of you.


13/03/2020 – Friday test