Mr. Ring



Good morning all. It’s another beautiful morning, hopefully the good weather will continue for the rest of today and you can get out for some exercise. Remember Urban Gym today on Facebook.


Yesterday I set no mathletics as some of the pages from the previous week were not working. I have today set all of the Place value pages to be completed for Friday.  You might wish to do them all at once or maybe 3 each day. If a page won’t load you may skip it. I have left the page unlocked so you can attempt any work available on the website.

If you are not using mathletics or would like some extra math for today you can go to pg. 174 Planet Math. Complete parts A – D.

Averages – to find the average you need to add up the total of all numbers and then divide by the amount of numbers;

eg. find the av. of  25,45,17

25 + 45 + 17 = 87

87 ÷ 3 = 29



  • memorial
  • territorial
  • editorial
  • industrial
  • secretarial
  • ceremonial

Reading Zone; Betty Brightside; u 24.

Answer parts A, B and C page 120.

You should still be reading for at least 30 minutes each day; from any book of your choice.


Seo Leat u 16.

Yesterdays answers;

  1. Chuaigh Bean de Rís agus na páistí ó Rang a Sé ar cuairt go dtí an mheánscoil.
  2. Ar dtús, chuaigh siad go dtí seomra na ríomhairí.
  3. Labhair captaen na scoile leo ar dtús.
  4. Choniac Fionn a chol ceathrar Mícheál.

Today I want you to complete the story and the questions. Below I will leave a list of difficult words;

Cén saghas? – what kind?

Cad a chuala siad? – what did they hear?

Seomra eolaíochta – science room

Is dóigh liom – I think

an raibh la maith ag na páistí? – did they have a nice day? Bhí / Ní raibh


I am not sure what pages you have left in your confirmation book. What I am advising is that you complete the workbook so that when the confirmation can take place you are ready. Go through one page per day and research online. If there are any particular areas you need help with send me a message and I will forward something for you.

SESE Geography:

Attached is a worksheet and answers to Ireland’s rivers. I recommend you look at the answer sheet first and after you have learned them, use the blank map to test yourself.