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Good morning all. I wanted to remind you about the transition to secondary school webinar taking place today. See details on classdojo story.


Mathletics exercises have been set for the week.

Averages; Topic 28; Planet Math pg 175.

Using the same method as yesterday, carefully read and then answer the word problems on pg. 175.



  • celestial
  • sacrificial
  • substantial
  • marsupial
  • prejudicial
  • controversial

Reading Zone; U 24; Betty Brightside; pg. 121; D – F.


Seo Leat; U 16; Cuairt ar an Meánscoil

Answers 19/05: (Please read the questions from your book as you correct your answers. It will help to see how the structure of the question relates to the structure of the answer.)

5. Fuair na páistí muifíní seacláide.

6. Chuala na páistí pléascán mór sa seomra eolaíochta.

7. Chonaic na páistí daltaí ag léim agus ag casadh agus ag turlingt agus ag dreapadh sa halla.

8. Bhí lá maith ag na páistí sa mhéanscoil.  // I mo thuraim, (in my opinion) bhí lá maith ag na páistí.


pg. 93; D.  Complete sentences using picture clues.

Cad atá á dhéanamh agaibh? – What are you (all) doing?

Táimid – We are

Bain taitneamh as – enjoy


SESE: History; The Road to Independence

If you don’t have your SESE book, access Unlocking SESE online @;

Read pg. 118, 119 then answer the blue ‘History detective’ questions pg. 120.


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