Ms. Mernagh

Monday 7/6

Good MOOOoorning. Lets move to Dojo from now on. Classwork is finished so now we will have three themed weeks. This week is Art/Craft/Cooking. Find the link on Dojo!

Feel free to message me with any questions 🙂


Fri 5/6

You’ve all gone so quite. I sense you just want your holidays. Which is fair enough 🙂 We shall keep it light today..

Did anyone watch the short movie I put up? I thought it was great!

This is the last day of class work you’ll all be glad to hear. Gonna try stick to Dojo from now on!


Reading – Continue to read “The Ickabog”.

I got no art to show what King Fearless looks like so if you did some I’d really like to see it.

Well done to the two art comp winners. Both really good and fit right in with the theme. Well done 🙂


Origami – Back to this old Japanese Art form. This one is much harder than the other ones you did. I find it quite hard anyway. When you go into restaurants in Japan, many will have a little bowl at the pay desk full or origami cranes that you can take home with you. They are all made on lovely origami paper and so pretty. I collected quite and few and then had the task of getting them back in my luggage without destroying them.

So have a go! I wouldn’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work for you today. It can take a few tries and some practice. Good luck!

Theres more videos to follow on origami if you let the video roll. In case you want more challenges..

Thur 4/6


Reading – King Fearless The Ickabog


Write a short summary on the chapter/chapters you read today. Below is a link to a worksheet to give guidance on what to mention in your summary. Try using some of the descriptive words from yesterday.

Summary writing


Tables Wheel – you could just do this in your head as mental practice. No need to write them out.

8x table wheel

SESE– Tidal facts

Write a fact file on Scoil Na Mara epispde 3 with an illustration to match


Have you started your Art for the JK Rowling competition?? If you would like to do the Art and just send for class or even just to show me that’s fine too!! Whatever floats your boat J

New Ross library Short Story Competition – Library will run a short story competition in June. “The Mighty Pens” is the name of the challenge and the story can be on any subject. Prize for the winner! You could just write a little day if you wanted. 

You can email entries to or send to me and il mail them for you!



Wed 3/6

English- Today is an Ickabog themed day. Hope your enjoying reading the book!

Reading – To read the next/ or a few chapters of King Fearless! There is a new chapter uploaded every day so keep up the reading

WritingCharacter description – to write a character description of King Fearless. I have attached a character word map to give you some ideas of descriptive words you can use to describe him!

What do you know about your character?

What traits does your character have?

What issue/problem did the character face in the story? How did they over come it?

character description word mat



Movie -After you sunned out later on, have a watch of this lovely animation. Very cute 🙂


To create an image

Enter the Ickabog art competition. JK Rowling is asking all kids to send in their illustration of what they imagine when they read this book. Use your imagination. Often books comes with illustrations but as this one doesn’t its up to you to create that image in your head and see them exactly as you like. If you look at the home page there is information on how to enter plus some example kids have sent in.

About The Ickabog by JK Rowling

The idea for The Ickabog came to me while I was still writing Harry Potter. I wrote most of a first draft in fits and starts between Potter books, intending to publish it after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

However, after the last Potter book I wanted to take a break from publishing, which ended up lasting five years. In that time I wrote The Casual Vacancy and Robert Galbraith wrote The Cuckoo’s Calling. After some dithering (and also after my long-suffering agent had trademarked The Ickabog – sorry, Neil) I decided I wanted to step away from children’s books for a while. At that point, the first draft of The Ickabog went up into the attic, where it’s remained for nearly a decade. Over time I came to think of it as a story that belonged to my two younger children, because I’d read it to them in the evenings when they were little, which has always been a happy family memory.

A few weeks ago at dinner, I tentatively mooted the idea of getting The Ickabog down from the attic and publishing it for free, for children in lockdown. My now teenagers were touchingly enthusiastic, so downstairs came the very dusty box, and for the last few weeks I’ve been immersed in a fictional world I thought I’d never enter again. As I worked to finish the book, I started reading chapters nightly to the family again. This was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my writing life, as The Ickabog’s first two readers told me what they remember from when they were tiny, and demanded the reinstatement of bits they’d particularly liked (I obeyed).

I think The Ickabog lends itself well to serialisation because it was written as a read-aloud book (unconsciously shaped, I think, by the way I read it to my own children), but it’s suitable for 7-9 year olds to read to themselves.

I’ll be posting a chapter (or two, or three) every weekday between 26th May and 10th July on The Ickabog website. We plan to publish some translations soon and will post further details on that website when they’re available.

The Ickabog is a story about truth and the abuse of power.  To forestall one obvious question: the idea came to me well over a decade ago, so it isn’t intended to be read as a response to anything that’s happening in the world right now. The themes are timeless and could apply to any era or any country.


The Illustration Competition

Having decided to publish, I thought how wonderful it would be if children in lockdown, or otherwise needing distraction during the strange and difficult time we’re passing through, illustrated the story for me. There will be suggestions about the illustrations we might need for each chapter on The Ickabog website, but nobody should feel constrained by these ideas. I want to see imaginations run wild! Creativity, inventiveness and effort are the most important things: we aren’t necessarily looking for the most technical skill!

In November 2020, The Ickabog will be published in English in print, eBook and audiobook formats, shortly followed by other languages. The best drawings in each territory will be included in the finished books. As publishers in each territory will need to decide which pictures work best for their own editions, I won’t be personally judging the entries. However, if parents and guardians post their children’s drawing on Twitter using the hashtag #TheIckabog, I’ll be able to share and comment!  To find out more about the Illustration Competition, go to The Ickabog website.


Covid-19 Donation

I’m pledging all author royalties from The Ickabog, when published, to help groups who’ve been particularly impacted by the pandemic. Further details will be available later in the year.


 Tue 2/6

Morning! How are you all enjoying some real summer?? Hope you all getting outside and soaking it all up. With sunscreen!

Here’s some suggested activities for today. If you can your family are out having fun in the sun…it’s up to you how much you do. You might just like to watch the Scoil na Mara video later when you come in and have a little read of the next chapter of King Fearless!


Space –  Two Nasa astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, aboard the Space X’s Crew Dragon launched into space. This article claims they “should” head into space, as it was weather depended. Luckily they “did! Just have a read to understand what’s going on.


Tides Scoil an mara episode 3. All about the tides. You even get to see some of Maireads surfing. She was a champion surfer some years ago.


SpellingsAstronaut (This spelling gets me every time. Try conquer it today 🙂

Reading King Fearless- next chapter. Has anyone attempted to draw King Fearless?? If you have please send it so I’m not alone in Dojo Space class 🙂


History of Space Exploration Historic timeline of humans and space exploration. Below is a video giving a brief description of space travel to give you some backround if you have time to watch.




Thur 28/5


SpellingsOutrageous, Hazardous, Disastrous, Spontaneous.

ReadingJK Rowling the author of Harry Potter is releasing a chapter a day of her new book online. There’s five available already so start reading today!! You need to scroll to the bottom to get chapter one. Under chapters 3,4 and 5! King Fred The Fearless!! It might be nice if you have younger brothers and sisters that you read the story aloud to them and give your parents a break for a few minutes each day. Just a suggestion 😉


Drawing – If you would like to draw how you think Fred the Fearless looks I would love to see it! Chapter one gives a description of hi you can work from.

He had lovely yellow curls

fine sweeping moustaches …velvet doublet…ruffled shirt…

Heres and example of a doublet but you’ll need to read the story first to understand what I’m on about 😉


Water SafetyFinal part of the water safety course. Online lesson page 14-finish. I have ordered Certs from the water safety crew so let me know if you completed the course and I’ll have one ready for you!!



Answers to yesterdays mental maths!

  • What is half of 3? (1.5)
  • What is double 0.34? (0.68)
  • What is 0.4 x 5? (2)
  • What is 4.5 + 1.2? (5.7)
  • What is 8 – 3.2? (4.8)
  • What is 6 divided by 1000? (0.006)

Here-s a quick decimals skills activity. Put these decimals in order, starting with the smallest. If this is difficult write them out on a notation board to help you.

0.9 0.19 0.6 0.78 0.412 0.52

Mental Maths- Todays mental maths! have four whole days off so go forth and have some fun. The JK Rowling story will have a new chapter uploaded every day so have a read and we can do some activities based on it next week! Enjoy the sun and make sure you leave your house and get outside and stock up on Vit D (Which we call know by now ..we get if from the sun and need it to keep us happy with healthy bones and muscles 🙂  )




Wed 27/5

Are ya’ll aware school is out this Friday and the following Monday!!!! A much deserved break for you all! Easier to remember what day it is so you remember not to do any work.


SpellingsRidiculous, Poisonous, Jealous, Fabulous


Decimals – Watch this short video as a reminder of Decimals…

  • When you have finished watching it give these mental decimal questions a go! If its too hard to do in your head..just take out a copy and write it as a sum and work the answer out that way. I think the last one is kinda hard but the rest are easier than they look.
  • What is half of 3?                                                                                                                                                
  • What is double 0.34? 
  • What is 0.4 x 5? 
  • What is 4.5 + 1.2? 
  • What is 8 – 3.2? 
  • What is 6 divided by 1000? 

PE/ Sphe

Water Safety – Returne a la PAWS today for some more water safety. Try read from page 7-14 today and we can finish it off tomorrow.

Once you have read it make a beach sign to highlight the most important beach rules in your opinion. I’ve seen some people do some pretty silly things at the beach or around water. There’s a difference with having fun and being free.. to just being plain silly. So have a think yourself and afterwards design the sign you would place on the beach to help remind those who need reminding that water is fun but needs to be respected. We isn]t fish so cannot breathe under water doh! Ps- I hope you’ll allow dogs on your beach.


Make a friend – Your task is to find any coloured card or paper and cut it out to create a lil character. Here’s an example of a little dude below to help start you off. If you really like him…..just make him as your new friend 🙂





Tue 26/5


SpellingsEnormous, Vigorous, Dangerous, Continuous.

Adverbs of manner tell us more about how something is done. Complete the sentences below by adding one or more adverb (any of the ones below can be used) along with some more information to make it a more  interesting sentence.

  1. He had disguised himself …..

Badly, carefully, cleverly, deliberately

  1. They asked…

Angrily, calmly, politely, relentlessly

  1. He was watching…

Anxiously, excitedly, closely, eagerly

  1. The fox crept…

Cautiously, silently, stealthily, secretly


Expanding decimals – Write each of the decimals in expanded form to revise place value for example 0.456

  • 0.346
  • 0.008
  • 186.662
  • Click first…. then follow the link for an example of expanded form if you have forgotten and some extra sums if you want to go further 🙂
  • type1-level1-expanded-1

Adding/ Subtracting decimals – Try adding/subtracting with decimals.  Use and write out a notation board for each sum to help. Notation board below to remind you.

  • 10 + 5.6 + 21.87 + 9.755
  • 6 – 6.113
  • 7 + 9.45 + 8.9
  • 789 – 4.2


PE/ Sphe

PAWSclick the link below to access the online lesson

  • Go to Show Lesson Book!
  • Read through from page 1 – 7
  • When you are done try to create a poster detailing what to do in an emergency taking guidance from page 7.
  • There’s two click whats correct activities on the life rings too that you can try. If you get lost click on the map of Ireland to go back to the home page.


Poster making – Try create a character for kids to learn Water Safety from. A character that would draw their attention and help them to focus on these very important facts. You could use a cartoon mouse or create the shrewd shrew! Or the responsible racoon! Kit them out with a uniform or badge that’s shows that they are part of team PAWS! and out to make sure the water laws are adhered to!




Music – Good song for Mondays have a listen while you work! This was the first record I got 🙂 You can see what your hair might have looked like if you were around in the 80’s!

P:E / Sphe

Water Safety – As you have all gathered I like the Sea. Also rivers or any form of water. Its the best fun. But anyone who uses the water should be aware and have a good knowledge of water safety. Its really really important. This week we going to have a look at PAWS!!  Primary Aquatics Water Safety

There’s lots of activities online to help you learn some important water safety facts. When you follow the link click you’ll see options for

a list of class years so scroll down and click on FIFTH/ SIXTH CLASS. We will have a look at the lesson book in the webpage tomorrow but feel free to fire ahead if you want.

Click on the Life rings and read through the following activities.

  • Whats the word
  • Word search
  • Whats the right order


Spellings – WEEK 25!! And very easy this week. Most of this weeks spellings end in ous!

Famous, Nervous, Numerous, Generous

CLoze Procedure – Having read “Whats the Word” activity on PAWS website, write it down as a fact file and underline the words you have added in in colours!


Water Safety

On the website PAWS there’s an option to complete the Whats the word os Gaeilge. Having already done in English, change the language to Irish (THERE’S AN OPTION AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE OF THE HOME PAGE. TO GET TO THE HOME PAGE CLICK ON THE MAP OF IRELAND)


Long Division – Some long Division Recap. The dreaded. First.. listen to the song!!


Now attempt the sum from the song. Anyone who has issues here, just put down pencil and watch the video again and then go back to it and see can you get any further. Just focus on A if your brain is getting frazzled. No Long Division nightmares please 🙂

(A) 124 divided by 6

(B) 855 divided by 9

(c) 528 divided by 6

(d) 896 divided by 32

(E) 902 divided by 41









Fri 22/5


Spellings Spelling B. You can write down each spelling on a piece of paper and pull out each one (from a hat) and spell it and if you can define it as you pull them out.

Reading Zone – Writing – Complete QB and C having read the story Unit 29 “ The Sentry Baby”.

POETRY –  Write a diamante poem about the ocean ( A diamante poem is a poem that takes the shape of a diamond )

Line 1: the word ‘Ocean’

Line 2: two words that describe the ocean

Line 3: three words that describe ocean sounds

Line 4: two words that describe the ocean

Line 5: the word ‘Ocean’


Here is an example…


blue, beautiful

splashing, crashing, roaring

deep, wonderful



Line 4: four ocean animal names

Line 5: five ocean activities

Line 6: four more ocean animal names

Line 7: three more ocean sounds

Line 8: two more ocean description words

Line 9: ‘Ocean’



Tables – Log into splash maths and pick three tables you are not the best at and pick the game for each table.

Mental Maths problem solving


Project work/ Research -Bio luminescence PhosphorescenceDefine each and write a short description of your understanding of each. We did this in class before. It’s hard…but not too hard. Look up definitions FOR KIDS. And it’s your understanding of it so just do your best.






Thur 21/5


SpellingsIntensify, Mystify, Diversify, Specify

Reading Zone – Writing – Complete QA having read the story Unit 29  “ The Sentry Baby” yesterday. If you feel like a bit more work QB.


Am don léamh -Diosco!

  • Freagra na ceisteanna/Answer the questions


Postéir os gaeilge

– Create poster/ Déan postéir for a Diosco os gaeilge. Make sure important information and facts you need people to remember are in larger font and obviously visible to your target audience. Who is your target audience?? 7-12 yr olds who like to dance?


Planet maths – pg 34

So this isn’t actually revision really but it’s quite easy so have a go. No getting stressed if you’re stuck. Just have a go!

  • Have a practice drawing a quick sketch of each triangle in your copy Equilateral, Scalene, Isosceles (impressed if you can spell this one. I can’t.)
  • Then do your best to complete Q. A without panicking. It’s ok if you don’t quite get it yet.






Wed 20/5


Reading read reading ANYTHING you like just try read something you like each day. I’ve gotten lazy at reading lately and really need to start back reading more its really good for you 🙂 I’ve been reading lots of cooking and recipes books so and that counts too!

Spellings – Typify, Simplify, Signify Magnify

Some hairy ones in there today guys good luck 🙂

Reading Zone 5Unit 29 Pg 135 “The Baby Sentry”

  • Read the story and define the words in red.
  • If someone is having difficulty logging onto follens let me know. It won’t allow me to screen shot the story as its too big a file so try log on and get the story online.


It’s the time of year for revision so won’t put new maths topics to you. Just as good to revise what you have done and know it well J

Planet mathspg 33 2D Shapes QB and QC



Am don léamh 5Diosco! Pg 36

Read and tarraingt pictúir leis na focail nua. Same as we did in school. Just divide page into eight and draw picture for each word OR a picture and label each of these items in your picture! Can do the written work tomorrow.


Duolingo – Come learn some Spanish. Its really cool I’m learning lots and Joe and I will need someone to practice with in September.  You can go quite far on this without paying.

For geography today do some research and see how many countries in the world speak Spanish and then do a fact file list for Project Work. It would be interesting to see how many nationalities you could communicate with by learning a little Spanish.








Tue 18/5


Spellings – Solidify, Personify, Falsify, Identify.

Letter Writing- You can write a letter to the sea OR just write a small piece about why you feel thankful for the ocean. Whichever way comes easiest to you to write. It supports and makes life on earth possible in many ways such as transport, food, jobs and even has effect on climate and weather.

You could write about your own reasons that you personally are thankful for the ocean

I thank the ocean for….

Giving me sand I can walk on,

Shells I can look at,

Waves I can body board or surf in,

Fish I can BBQ,

The Dolphins you saw once…


Here’s a lovely and short illustrated story of StrongBow and Aoife to recap on main events and to give you some ideas how to draw the story

  • Have a watch of the video and then..
  • Pick your favorite scene from the Story of Aoife you read yesterday and illustrate it Or pick 6 and make a cartoon strip (Divide your page into 6 boxes and try do your scenes in the same sequence as they occur in the story.


Decorate an old glass bottle or by glueing decorations to the outside and put your thank you letter/Poem in there for safe keeping. But don’t throw it in Sea!

You could also just decorate bottle from the inside by putting rocks and twigs or dried flowers or flower cut outs from coloured card…Below is just an example I saw.




Monday 18/5

English/ History


So you’ll need to log onto cjfallon today for your English. STAIRWAYS STAGE 4, STARRY LINKS is the book.The first story is Aoife’s Tale. Have a read of the story and then give these questions a go. Here’s my password to use if you don’t have your own. Let me know if you have any trouble and il help.

Email: jmernagh@bunscoilrí    Password: jmernaghfifth     Website –

(a)Tale and Detail

(b)Work to discover

(c) Word Wizardry

Spellings- Classify, Terrify, Horrify, Glorify


Scoil na Mara episode 2

Algae. Mairead also talks about photosynthesis which you should remember a little about?  Hope so 🙂 Again you just need a paper and a pen and then relax and have a watch.


MathleticsIf you haven’t already logged on and had a go on this site try today and see how you find it. If you have already tried have another go today. Everyone should have recieved a password on Dojo so let me know if you didnt.

Mental Maths corrections from Friday


Dathanna agus Bia-Have a go at colours (dathanna) and food (Bia)  today

Again you’ll have to copy and paste this link as it wont work if you just click on it!





Fri 15/5

Sphe – Healthy Eating!

Strawberry and Coconut Ice Cream


  • 3 cups frozen strawberries. You could use fresh or frozen berries of any kind so whatever you have.
  • 1 tin of coconut milk
  • 1-3 table spoons of maple syrup. You could use also use honey.


  1. Add strawberries,coconut milk and maple syrup (if using) to a food processor or blender. You could use a hand blender too!
  2. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides of the blender as needed.
  3. Pour into a freezer-friendly, airtight container. Freeze for 3-6 hours, or until completely frozen. Give the container a shake at intervals when freezing to knock out some air bubbles.
  4. Allow to thaw for 10-50 minutes before eating. If your patient enough. I’m not.
  5. You can put some more fruit on top then to decorate OR just have on a cone in the garden! Good luck on your mission 🙂


Free writingGive a go putting your spellings or as many as you can into a story!

Spelling BIf you have someone around who can check your spellings and definitions you can test yourself that way


Mental Maths Friday Review


Mental Maths Corrections


Vocab/Focal nua – Have a go of this game to catch up on some vocab. You can have your dictionaries on hand to help!

It wont work if you click on the link for some reason so just copy and paste into a new page and it will work. It will take you to the page ive posted below and head into the FISH! Vocabulary.




Thur 14/5

ZZZzzOOO000MM @ 12! Fingers crossed :). It very easy just click on the link and it will bring you right where you need to go!

Join Zoom Meeting


SpellingsSurprise, Televise, Exercise, Compromise


Counties in Ireland

Have a look at the map below. Its a nice way of seeing the counties with a little info on each. After you’ve had a look try fill in the blanks on the worksheet below. You can just do this aloud if you are not printing things out.

Worksheet Labelling counties of Ireland

Worksheet Labelling counties of Ireland


Project WorkThe Basking Shark!! Ireland is seeing lots of sightings of these guys at the moment. More than usual! They are the second biggest fish in the sea!! What’s the biggest?????

These sharks are thought to be mostly gentle. There’s recent footage online of surfers in Co Clare just swimming along with them happy out. They will not interfere with you if you don’t interfere with them! Can’t say I’m up for swimming with them BUT still..might as well be informed. They are pretty amazing! They are filter feeders meaning they take lots in lots of water. The whale then pushes the water out, and animals such as krill are filtered and remain as a food source for the whale.

-feeding habits – Filter feeders! !

-Where in the world to find them

-What season do they arrive in Ireland.


Mental Maths






Wed 13/5

Morning! Some issues yesterday with our zoom but we back on track for Thur so come back and say Hi and hopefully we shall be in luck.


Reading – Read anything! Maybe start a new book or continue on the one you reading..

SpellingsDespise, Disguise, Imrovise, Surmise



Word Search- Here is a word search from Scoil Na Mara. You don’t need to print out just have a look for the words and as you find them try to say what they mean as you go! If you don’t know one.. look it up. Its our topic for zZoo0000m on Thur 🙂


Angles game- try some cat racing and answer the questions as you go! No need to write anything today. Have a go logging on to the mathletics and let me know how it goes for you!

Types of Angles – math games for 5th grade



illusion ArtHave a try of this one! Nadine did an amazing ladder illusion yesterday so here’s another to get the practice in 🙂 Good skill to have! Never know when you might need to draw an imaginary hole to catch a robber!










Tue 12/5

Zoooooom @12 come and say Hi!



Advise, Revise, Advertise, Comprise

Note this week all end in “ise”

  • DiscombobulateI really like this word J Find out what it means and then see how many other words you can make with its letters


Illusions Try this! You’ll need two markers or a marker and a pencil to get the two different shades. Just watch the video first and watch and then have a go pausing the video as you draw. You can show on Zoom to see if it works if you have it done in time!


Triangles -Have a look at this lesson on Triangles! If you find it hard don’t worry just relax and have a read.


  • Try using your protractor to make up some triangles
  • Add up all the degrees at the end to make sure they add up to 180 degrees.  Can you name what type of triangle it is? Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene?

Mental Maths corrections from yesterday








Mon 11/5


Spellings – Prize, Capsize, Arise, Devise – to learn spelling and definition and put into a sentence


Optical IllusionsHave a look through these optical illusions Linked below.

When you are done

  • write a short explanation as to what an optical illusion is. Just in your own words. It doesn’t need to sound fancy J
  • Choose one of the illusions you just saw, and write an explanation about how it works


Will be loading all your names into a new maths website for you to use today. Mathletics! Ill send a link via Dojo when its ready.

Triangles!!- How many degrees do the angle in triangle add up to??

The angles in a triangle add up to….180 DEGREES

Planet Maths

page 66 D. Say it! Recap on the rules by filling in the blanks.

page 64 A . Use your protractor to find the degrees of the remaining angle. You will find all the angles will add up to 180 degrees each time.

If you can do A easily go ahead and try B too for extra practice.

Mental Maths 

Friday mental maths problem solving answers


Leigh sa bhaile – Leigh and slíocht and freagra na ceisteanna

PE– Send a message on dojo if you want me to put up more yoga poses for you to do. Once I know some of you are doing it ill put up some more 🙂




Fri 8/5


Acrostic Poem – Using the word Biodiversity write an acrostic poem. 

1. Topic – Biodiversity
2. Write the topic word vertically on your paper. (Be sure to capitalize each letter
of the word.)
3. Start each line of the poem with the capital letters you wrote.
4. Each line of the poem should consist of a word or phrase related to the topic. See the
example below using the word poem.
Play with words
Open your mind
Everything is possible
My, what a great poem I wrote..





Problem Solving




Draw/Paint/ Model Based on the Scoil na Mara video create one of the characters from your story or choose one of the shell fish. Bring them to life in any way you like by a drawing or if you have time you can find something to make a 3D model. Mairead would love to see them too. If you want to show Mairead you need to email your Art or your story you did on Wed to me.


HEALTHY EATSSome lunch ideas to try over weekend? You just need some cream cheese or mashed avocado to stick on your fruit or veg. Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, carrot sticks! Any combination you have at home. There’s some spinach leaves in there too as wings but you could use salad leaves or just use whatever you have to try create a nice lunch plate you could share with everyone at home. Come up with your own combination. I would love to see what you make.






Thur 7/5


Spellings– Just revise the last three weeks for today and tomorrow. Just pick random spellings and define them and spell them aloud. If someone is there to test you all the better.

Cloze Procedure– Tom Crean. You will need to follow the link for History first then having read the piece about Tom Crean, have a go at this cloze. The answers are included on the second page.. so no peaking till you’ve done it 🙂 . Activity first then use self-assessment to correct!


Lines and Angles– Planet Maths pg 63 A  and B

  • Read “Measuring Angles” at the top of the page to recap how to use protractor.
  • If you don’t have a protractor you can estimate for A ..

Topmarks-Chose one of the options here on Hit the Button. Halves, tables, fractions? You can choose one a day for the next while



Mé féin – Myself

Have a look at this “Mé féin” poster. It was lots of verbs that will help you to write a little about your day. Do it as a recap/diary entry of Wednesday/ De Céadaoin. You can try add the new words from yesterday in too.

Chonaic mé fiséain “Scoil na Mara”. (I watched a video called ” Sea School”. . Bhain triail os/ Try it 🙂


Tom Crean- As you’ve probably all explored every inch of your back garden by now, have a read of another explorer to entertain you!


Fun/ Life skill– Anyone learn any spanish yesterday??




Wed 6/5

Spanish!!?!Hola! Joe came up with a great idea! He’s using a language app to learn some Spanish and he suggested we all try. It’s a great website that takes five or ten minutes each day. So who’s up for it? Its in preparation for when we get to travel again and Spanish comes in very handy.

It will liven up our days and also you’ll have knowledge of a language that’s spoken all around the world!

The app is called Duolingo! You can choose lots of languages but if we all have a go at Spanish we can practice it when we get back to school.

Follow this link and get started! You can set how many minutes a day you want to learn. So I’m going for ten to keep it short. If you did this every day for ten minutes that’s a lot of Spanish we’d all know in one month!


We have talked a lot about Bio Diversity. A good friend of mine is a marine biologist who loves the sea. She lives 2 minutes from the beach near Clonakilty in West Cork. As part of a Community Environmental Fund and to get kids better acquainted with the importance of Biodiversity she will be making some lessons online all about exploring the seaside.

It’s called Scoil na Mara!

As it might be a few weeks more before we get to a beach we can have a look at her videos and see the sea that way. While learning lots about it too!

Have a look at Episode 1 video. As Mairead will explain you just need some paper and a pencil! Mail me if you have any issues.


Spellings– Have a go at spelling some of the words you wrote down at the end of the video!

Free Writing- Have a go at writing the story Mairead suggests at the end of the video. You can try give personalities to the shell fish to give them human characters. Give them fun names! The dog whelk might become a vegan? Rather than eat his brothers and sisters ?

You can mail me any stories and ill send them on to her. You can type the story if you like and email it to me at

Art – Draw a picture to go with your story


Focal Nua – Scoil Na Mara- Sea school            Corcaigh – Cork               Sliogéisc – Shellfish


  • Lines and angles- A recap on the angle family. List the members and describe them. Are they obtuse, acute, reflex ect? How many degrees?
  • If you already know your angles and don’t need to revise them again, do page 62 in your Planet Maths Q. B and C and D
  • Here’s the link to Folens to gain access to your Planet Maths in case you haven’t already done that
  • If you can find a protractor for tomorrow that would be great J as you can practice drawing the angles. If you can’t find a protractor don’t worry.
  • Here’s a link to the angle family if you need a recap











Friday 30/4

Good to see you yesterday on Zoom! Next week we need to come up with a topic for discussion/Debate. Il throw some ideas on Monday and you can see what you have most interest in..


Writing: Free writing- Suggested title…The Day we Left Earth. Any titles, Stories, Fact files, Poems accepted J Funnier the better!

SpellingsFormulate, Circulate, Originate, Aggravate- How about trying to get a few spellings from this week into your free writing!


Spelling B– if anyone has time to ask you your spellings it would take two mins to do a random selection of them to see do you know them


Splash Maths- Have a go at any game to give yourself a tables challenge

Mental Maths Problems

PE: Could you chose a physical activity you have not done in a long time? Have you roller blades lying around, a trampoline you don’t use? A bike you never cycle? A basketball you never bounce? A space ball that’s gathering dust that could do with a bounce? Skipping rope? The list is endless. New activity that gets up heart rate. I’d like to see what you come up with?

Was going to suggest a tree that you haven’t climbed BUT I WILL NOT ask you to climb trees. I got stuck 60feet up a tree in Kennedy Park. My uncle had to leave my four mth old cousin at the bottom and come up to get me. Also my brother fell out of an apple tree and had to go to hospital. trees …

Fun – Have a lovely weekend








Thur 30/4

Zoooooom – Come say hi and tell some news, show your pet??Show your mum??

Join Zoom Meeting <>

Meeting ID: 739 448 5359

Password: Wex30

Spellings- Formulate, Circulate, Originate, Aggravate

Mental Maths –


Writing- Those questions from story yesterday.

Project Work – Continue? You can add some more facts, start if you haven’t started or illustrate it nicely if you haven’t don’t that yet.
If anyone has a cherry blossom tree you should check out what Ms Ryan has up on website. Super cool cherry blossom art!





Wed 29/4

Well done to those of you who posted yesterday! Mini Legends!

Kahoot Quiz reminder ..


Pin    03036751


SpellingsFormulate, Circulate, Originate, Aggravate

  • Match the verb in this week’s spelling list to the word that belongs in same word family
  • Pollen, Negative, Circle, frustration, Origin, Captive, Hibernation, Formula, Act

Reading– I haven’t been putting reading down as work but it’s the best thing any of you can be doing! You could go into the garden in the sun and read away. So try find a book and have it ready to go when the sun comes out. Some days you might decide to do no other, just read a book!


Planet MathsPage 24 and 25 “Online Shopping”. Knock your brain around these word problems. Look for operation first. Is it multipy, divide, subtract or additon?

Gaeilge– Lá ar an Trá

  • Am don Léamh 5 lch 4 and 5- Read the story today aloud. We have done before which might make it easier.
  •  TarrainghtDraw/ a picture “Lá ar an Trá”  and label all the words that are illustrated in your picture. Questions can be answered today..or tomorrow. See how you feel.


Project WorkBased on noise pollution or noise effecting wildlife? Anything you like under that theme. If your only checking in today and didn’t see yesterday’s Science lesson….you can do some project work on anything you like!


Garden/Stone/Twig Art! Call it what you like! My sister made this one during the week and thought you might like a go. Seeing as we can all find a stone or a twig. She did this one for my Mum and Dad because they love hiking but you could do in based on whatever you like. Image of a flower, Tree, Bike. Make it as big or as You just need to ..

  1. Cut out some cardboard
  2. Paint/Colour the background whatever way you like
  3. Glue your bits on! Make a….star,  a flower, a tree, house, rocket?? Anything you like. Or just do one like above. She used a glue gun. I know a few have glue guns but any glue will hold long enough for you to admire it a while J




Tue 28/4

Kahoot Quiz open now til 3pm on Wed. Putting it in red so you don’t leave squidlet hangin alone in there. Tija already had a go so get in and try beat her 🙂

New Kahoot Quiz here’s to hoping it works 
Pin: 03036751

Also organizing a zoom meeting for class so watch for details…



Spellings –Activate, captivate, hibernate, complicate

  • Here the words you may have come up with yesterday so have a look and see how many you got.
  • Inedible, Impossible, Invisible, Inaudible, Unintelligible, Irreversible, Incomprehensible, illegible, intangible, unfeasible. How many did you get? Not an easy task


WritingHaving read about hedge schools yesterday try answer these questions

What was a penal law in Ireland


Planet maths page  25 “Shopping Online” Q 1-2

Mental Maths Corrections

Gaeilge- A day off?? If you really want to do some write a short diary entry 🙂


Noise Pollution – Have a read of the first two pages of this website. Then have a look at the article about wildlife that are really benefiting from lockdown! Will ask you to do some project work on this theme tomorrow. If its not too sunny to be inside. Here’s to hoping 🙂






































Mon 27/4

Morning. Hope this Monday finds you well. Got in touch with some of you last week and will continue to call tomorrow. Its just a check in to say Hi and make sure all good. Hope your managing to get some work done and not finding it too boring. I messed up Kahoot last week Sorry! It was all go just it finished at 11:00 rather than started at 11:00. Alicja got there early so she takes the gold medal! Jake McH sent me some instructions so might do better this week.

Also..if any of you want to organise a quiz yourself fire ahead and ill post it!

Love getting Art/Pictures/Hellos /Work so keep it coming 🙂


Spellings: Negate, Decorate, Pollinate, Frustrate –  you can learn these and read/ write their definitions so you understand its meanings.

  • Add a prefix to last weeks spellings to make a new word. A prefix is added to the beginning of a work to change its meaning. Look back and your spellings and see what you can add to the start and write down how it has changed in meaning..
  • For example in + edible = inedible; not suitable for eating
  • Another example ir + reversible = ?? Have a go with the rest and see how many new words you can make.


Mental Math 

Mental Maths Friday Corrections

Gaeilge –

Leigh sa bhaile -Have a read and use a foclóir if your stuck. You can write answers or just say aloud.

If you think this is too easy just pick a story you like from book 5 at cjfallon online and go with that!


Songs singing!! Saw this guy over the weekend! How cute. Think you should have a listen to him and then maybe a go at singing the original song by Bob Marley or at the least playing it loud and having a dance. The lyrics are anseo in case you’d like to sing 🙂 Three Little Birds Dub



Hedge Schools : Schools haven’t always been as we know them now. Have a look through this web page and read about the penal law in Ireland and the Hedge schools  that were set up to educate Catholics in Ireland at the time of English rule. Its quite interesting. There’s a blue arrow at the bottom of the page so follow it to page two if this website. No need to go further. Imagine going to school in secret! I’ll post some questions on this for English tomorrow.









Fri 24/4

Kahoot Quiz at 11:00


Free Writing/ Spellingssome good stories the last week when you put your spelling into stories so try again this week and get as many of your spellings into a fun story!


Problem Solving

TablesTry answering the questions on this link below by saying answers aloud as you read for some tables practice!

Ultimate tables challenge


Bubble Art Inspired by Laura’s pic yesterday. Hope you have some paint or even food dye? You could make wrapping paper, cards or just on paper! You’ll need a glass and a straw!


Yoga – Warrior pose! Surfers pose! Lift your finger tips to the sky. Position knee over ankle, but not out past you toes. Straight back leg which is the grounding leg! What I’d like to see is some pictures of you guys doing your yoga poses?? See are you getting them right?












Thur 23/4

Please send any work you do to Dojo. It’s been quiet on the work front this week so any you have done send it over and make it look like we busy 🙂

Those who work with Ms McCarron and Ms McKenna please check their pages :

Kahoot Quiz tomorrow at 11:00 (Animal Classification)

Pin: 03767743




Spellings: Feasible, Reversible, Intelligible, Indestructible


Mental Math corrections

Planet Maths: pg 48 A and B

Below is a rather large web address for a video to help those who have forgotten how to change improper fractions. You also get to revise the dreaded long division :).


This is from Leigh sa bhaile 4 on cjfallon website. I’ve out up book 4 but if anyone wants to go ahead and log in and do book 5 that’s cool!

Geog: Using google maps link below, when you get there to Ireland type in Mountains if this link doesnt bring you right there. Use the first page of worksheet below to fill in where each mountain is, then check your answers with sheet two. No peaking 🙂,-10.3314974,7z/data=!3m1!4b1

Mountains of Ireland




Wed 22/4

Those who work with Ms McCarron and Ms McKenna please check their pages 🙂

  1. cjfallon online – Access to many books we will use so have a go today of getting on and try save password today on computer so you dont need to keep enterting it. You can set up your own account or use mine!

Email: jmernagh@bunscoilrí    Password: jmernaghfifth

2. folens online – Planet Maths/Am don léamh. Again either set up your own or use ma one!

Email: jmernagh@bunscoilrí    Password: jmernaghfifth


Spellings- Tangible, Convertible, Visible, Incredible

Writing– To write a summary in your own words OR some project work based on the topicRTE article of Turtles from yesterday.


Tables- x3 fast as you can up and down from 60. Have a look at game called coconut multiples  below..

Mental Maths 

Mental Maths correction


I’m experiencing problems with the Folens website today so you might too. Not to worry as Im sure it will be back working later.

Having read madra sa chlós yesterday (Inné) answers these today. If you’ve had enough writing from your English just do it orally and speak aloud to get practice 🙂

If your stuck on the Irish just message me and il help!


Reading- Thought we coul have a look at the Donkey! Doesn’t go into much about donkeys killing humans gives us a better idea of donkeys relationship with humans! And dogs!

Donkey Facts for Kids


Urban Rascals continues so have a look if you’re not outside already!

School Hub will continue on RTE ..Also os Gaeilge on Tg4 so a good way to keep your Irish in check.









Tuesday 20/4

Guten Morgan.

Chat – Dojo. Very happy to hear from you all over on the Dojo page. Keep it coming and upload something to show when you feel like it 🙂 

Work posted here is to try occupy you at home. If you don’t complete it all, thats no problem!!


Spellings– Possible, Flexible, Illegible, Audible – to learn, define and out into a sentence. (Note last 3 letters always the same)

Reading– Who loves TURTLES? Have a read of this good news!


Tables– Speed tables. Start with x2 today. Suas go dtí 60 as far as you can go and back down again. 3,6,9..60! 60, 57,54 ect. See can you improve on your speed and precision as you go.

Splash maths for some table games and activities

Mental Math – Set a timer on your phone for ten minutes. Stop after ten minutes and see how many you get done. Afterwards you could take one sum you dont understand and have another look at the One sum. If still stuck message me and il see what I can do from here. A One sum challenge!


Leigh Madra sa Chlós- This is also available on the link I sent yesterday from Folens. Its from Leigh sa bhaile 4. If you feel able fire ahead and do the first story from Leigh sa bhaile 5!Trying to make it easy for home 🙂 Just read this story from Am Don Léamh and do your best to understand. Ill post the questions tomorrow. Take your time and dont worry about words you don’t understand, or use a foclóir to help. Practice reading aloud if you have time.

Science/Art – Its the season. Looking around on walks I’m seeing so many signs of spring. The plants you guys planted are making a run for it with the sun and heat lately. Will post some pics on Dojo of the courgette and beetroot some of you planted. Heres an activity to to get to know the process of seed to plant and if you could take your colours and paper out to your garden and try find some leaves for the Art activity it would be nice to see the results over on Dojo if you feel like sharing it.

leaf info and art


Urban Rascals continues so have a look if you’re not outside already!

School Hub will continue on RTE ..Also os Gaeilge on Tg4 so a good way to keep your Irish in check.

Auf Wiedersehen
















Monday 19/4

Hi all hope your well and had a great break away from school. Some nice weather coming back our way this week! As before the break we can use Dojo for posting up work and pictures. I’ve been getting lots of cool art and pictures which is great!!! Sure Id miss 31 of you shouting and asking me questions all day so at least I get to see some fun art 🙂

If your uploading written work or maths please upload to the class portfolio. Think that makes sense..if not…we can look at it again.

If you don’t want your work posted on main page in Dojo and just want to show me, that’s fine too, just say so! Any Art that has kept you busy over the break is welcomed on Dojo tomorrow!

I’ll be back posting work again here but please don’t stress, or  feel like you need to do it all. It will be there for those of you who are in a situation to get some work done. Its good to keep ticking over a little and keep our brains active!

Don’t want to freak you out with too much work Day 1 so will leave it as some Math’s and English to ease you in. Spend time on your free writing and enjoy illustrating it. I’ve details below on how to log on to get your planet math’s online so if you can spend some time sorting that out it will make it easier going forward.

Any parents who would like to contact me with any queries Feel free to email at any time for any reason its no problem.

Those of you working with Ms McKenna and Ms McCaron make sure to view their page too!


Spellings week 21

ible endings this week so note that all end this way making it easier to remember! You can define, learn, and then put them into a sentence. Those of you who only do one or two spellings a night just continue to do so!!!

Terrible, Sensible, Edible, Horrible

Free writing – Id love to hear some stories, real or imaginative. Anything you have done over break, how you feel about your new found freedom from school…. Anything you would like to write about.


Will start working from Planet Maths. I know most of you took your books home so can work from there. Some I know don’t have your book so log into Folens online and set up a free account to gain access to lots of books. If you have trouble setting up your own account just use mine.  Use my school email with the password jmernaghfifth and hopefully it will work and you can view all the work there. Please let me know if you have any trouble signing in. We will also be using for Irish and other subjects.

So once logged in you can go to page 45 Fractions for revision.

B- Fill in the missing words

C- Use the correct sign

The greater than symbol is >. … The less than symbol is < in case like me….you forget this every time!!


I’m sure you have all been outside shaking some moves for the break so continue to do so! Any movement at all will stand to you and keep you healthy and strong, which is especially important at this time.

Joe wicks is doing daily workouts online you can follow. But be aware of the squats as I put my back out a bit the first week and it took two weeks to get back on track! You guys are young and more elastic though so you should be fine 🙂










So you have two weeks to relax now. Any Art projects or crafts or cooking you do over the break you can post if you’d like to share! There’s so many ideas on the internet now to keep people occupied so have a look and try something new!

If it appears I’m loading you with work today, Its just there in case you need it during your break! No pressure!

PE: Most important to keep moving. Try get at least 30 min outside and moving every day. Really important for mental health. Some daily dose of vit D necessary too 🙂

Find some time in each day to find a space, using a mat if you have one, outside is perfect! Try out the yoga poses we have looked at. Chair, Tree and new today is downward dog which you know from class too. You could do ten bunny hops every morning too after your yoga to get your circulation going.

Downward dog strengthens the upper body and helps improve circulation and posture.  

Maths Word Problem Corrections: If you have time today spend five mins on any you got wrong!

English Spellings: Like last Friday if you can grab someone who will ask you your spellings Spelling B style that would be great!

Movie Reviews- any movie reviews over the break appreciated ..Follow link below for a template to help.

 movie review

Kahoot Quiz: Great idea from Mikey to set up a Kahoot Quiz for the class. All details posted on Dojo. Website address and password. Shout if you have any issues logging in. 12;00 today. Follow link below and enter password.

-Password fifthclass2020


Science: Don’t forget to tune into the Glasgow Live Science Experiments on youtube

-NASA have a website Teachable Moments with lots of articles and experiments. Some quite complex but you have time so give it a look. If you go to teach at the top of the page it brings you to your year group.

-This activity looks fun and a good way to learn more about the planets

History/English/ Gaeilge: To make daily / every other day, diary entries to keep track of this unusual time in our lives. To explain to someone who would like to read your journal in years to come to learn how life was during lock down. You could give it a positive spin and only write about the fun and aspect or you can talk a bit of the frustration at being only allowed to go two kms!!!

  • include the time and location for each entry. 
  • background information that’s needed for context and understanding.
  • Pick a special spot you like to do you diary entries outside under a tree would be idyllic 🙂
  • Keep it simple
  • Try discover your own writing style and have some fun

Optional Project Work: Space and The Planets..

Planet Fact Cards

Class Art Competition: I’ve gotten two or three entries so please keep them coming. Any art you like based on the sea and human relationship with the sea. You can do anything you like Id love to see it!!

Art: Another Origami. Many seem to be enjoying it so will keep it coming…Roooooarrr

Art: Melted Crayon Art- If you have any crayons that are falling apart lying around. You can wait for some sun or put in warm oven for a few mins if you have a parent to help.


Urban Rascals will continue throughout the break on Tue and Thur so have a go that will fill two exercise slots for the week which is a great start.

RTE School Hub will continue over the break every day so if you need more activities tune in.






Thur 2/4

Morning. World Autism day today for those who would like to support and wear blue. I shall write in Blue 🙂 Don’t forget you can mail pictures of yourself wearing blue in support to the FB page or to the Dojo site!

English/ Science: We normally do project work in Thursday so today’s project title is..”The Eye”. Worksheet below you can follow and also a large drawing would be good to show the Eye parts. I remember learning The Eye in school and was super impressed with myself at the end when I could list off the parts and their functions. Fun to draw and label too but C’mon and use a ruler when you are labelling!! 

There are two pages attached below. Read eye facts first..then complete the worksheet. The diagram on the worksheet is quite boring, I think you could all do better when you illustrate your project work.

Eye Facts

 2.  The eye


Maths Word Problems: Was sticking to Mental Maths to keep things easy for you but id imagine you getting bored of it now?

Mental maths corrections:





Wed 1/4

Morning! Tomorrow  is World Autism Day so if you’d like to support by wearing blue you can send in pictures of yourself wearing blue to the school FB page. Rainbow pencil for all photo entries.

  • See Dojo page for link to CJFallon  school books allowing you to continue with extra work if needed (Seo Leat, Read at home, Busy at Maths..)

Mental maths:

Mental maths corrections:

Tables challenge: click the link below to complete a tables challenge

Maths tables challenge

English Spellings: Fracture, Departure, Temperature, Literature – to learn spelling and definition and put into an interesting sentence. 

English: Could you use every spelling from this week to write a short story or poem?? I think this would be fun to read so if you do this activity please send for me to read!

Gaeilge: Follow this link to an activity to revise clár teilifís.

Clar teilifis

History/English/Gaeilge: You have two weeks starting Mon to spend some to spend some time journal ling. If you try find a small notebook or copy to have ready it would be a good start.

SPHE: Cake Pops!!! For anyone who can find ingredients at home..













Tue 31/3

All  of you are on Dojo now so will use this site just for posting and no talking. It makes it easier for folks to find the work.

Class Art: Will post the class art competition over at Dojo. The video above is the artist making the picture we are going to look at for project.⇑⇑

English: Finish your movie review and an illustration to go with it

English Spellings: Venture, Future, Structure, Dentures – To learn spelling and definition and put into a sentence

Maths: Anyone have measurements for today? Putting Monday maths up, although I’m fairly sure its Tue. Same as in class some might only complete 1-10 of mental maths. That’s perfect.

Mental Maths Friday Corrections

School message Board

-Urban rascals prize is a home student centre that was donated by a parent so make sure you tune in on Today and Thur from your garden!

– RTE are starting  a school hub every day from 11-12 so good way to spend the hour

-There’s a box of weekly food being made available at the school for those who need it so have a look a the school Face Book page for details or text the school at (086 0211338)







Mon 30/3

School message Board

-Urban rascals prize is a home student centre that was donated by a parent so make sure you tune in on Tue and Thur from your garden

– RTE are starting  a school hub every day from 11-12 so good way to spend the hour

-There’s a box of weekly food being made available at the school for those who need it so have a look a the school Face Book page for details or text the school at (086 0211338)


I hope you had a nice weekend. I’d like to stress if you have parent’s home from work and are enjoying spending time with them and helping entertain younger brothers or sisters or dogs, that’s exactly where you should be and how you should spend your time right now. 

I’ll post some work and some activities that you can do to pass some time. 

Maths: For maths today take a break from mental maths and go outside and measure your garden or yard space with your feet. It will help revise length. Afterwards you could go and get a ruler and find the area and perimeter f various objects in your house. Kitchen table, tv, garden shed! 

  1. a)Area  

(b) Perimeter. The measurement can be in “My foot” MF, instead of cm. You can also get a very long piece of string and use that to measure or alternatively is there’s a measuring tape around somewhere…

Spellings: Mixture, Gesture, Nurture, Culture- to learn spelling and definition and put into a sentence

English: Movie review! I think it would be cool to post our reviews online to give others ideas of good movies! I’m going to watch Moana tonight anyway!

Here’s a movie review sheet to start you off or loosely guide you. You can mention Genre, Main characters, Plot, How many starts out of 5, Would you recommend to a friend and why.

If you are listening to the audiobook continue to create an image after each listen. What you see, hear or feel illustrated. Jake McHugh did a great drawing of a car the last day. You could head into garden and lie down and cloud watch while listening  ..(If there is any where you are. Tonnes where I am today)

  • Movie Review Link : file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/School%20March/Task%203%20Film%20Review.pdf
  • David Walliams Daily AudioStory:

SPHE: Simon Harris who is the Minister for health joined the guys on News2day to answer some questions small people might have about the current situation.  

Minister: a high officer of state entrusted with the management of a division of governmental activities 

Science: Tune into the Glasgow Museum live Science Experiment

Art: I put up flowers instead of butterflies on Friday. I thought the flowers looked too hard for you guys but I was wrong. Was sent some very impressive Origami Flowers on Friday.

Misses Ryan’s and Ms Griffin have started this idea. Sounds great you should get involved!

Great idea here to get involved in! 

Art Exhibition 

Art can be creative without costing money. Pictures and/or models can be made from recycled material, shells, twigs, pebbles etc. can be found in nature – in the woods, by the beach or in your back garden. We would like you to try and produce a piece of art – draw, collage, montage, crafts, recycle – in fact…..anything you like. 

You can make as many pieces/pictures as you like. You can bring them to school when we return and we can have an 

Art Exhibition 

in the assembly hall. You can take a picture of your art, if you prefer, and e mail it to: 





Fri 27/3

Friday!!! We survived a week in virtual school! Thanks for your help and for sending in your work and lovely art. Looking forward to seeing what you do next week! 

Log into  Dojo if you haven’t yet..

Maths: Just going to post the week of problem solving for Fridays. You can run through them and if there’s one your stuck on you can just carry on with your day and take a quick look at it again later! No stress if you don’t come up with the answer 😊                                         


English: Try get someone to ask your weekly spellings. Extra praise if you can give definitions too. Take two points for spellings and two points for a clear definition, one point for half a definition and see how you get on. You can let me know how many you got right if you like. 

Art:  Origami Butterflies.. A bit harder I think but give it a go.


SESE: Some good news 

Venice canals clear as city tourist-free under coronavirus 

The sudden exodus from Venice has had a dramatic effect on its normally polluted waters 

The city of Venice is enjoying crystal clear waters in its world-famous canals due to a lack of debris from tourists and near-zero boat traffic under Italy’s ongoing coronavirus lockdown. 

The clear waters are a tiny bright spot in the beleaguered but beautiful city, whose economy has been virtually wiped out since tourists fled the area beginning last month, spooked by the spread of coronavirus in the country’s north. 

Since March 9, the city like the rest of Italy has been a so-called “red zone,” with hotels, restaurants, cafés and most businesses shuttered, and residents ordered to stay inside and avoid travel. 

That has had a drastic effect on Venice’s normally polluted waters, where speedboats churn up mud, and discarded plastic and other garbage from tourists float in its canals. 

Images of the welcome change were first posted on a Facebook group “Venezia Pulita (Clean Venice),” with residents sharing photos of tiny fish swimming in usually opaque waters, or cormorant, egrets and other birds enjoying the lack of boat traffic in the city’s canals. 

“Stay at home—and nature thanks you,” commented one Italian woman, Monica La Rosa, on the site. 

On Wednesday, only an occasional police or ambulance speedboat was seen in the nearly empty city, as lines of docked gondolas protected by blue covers bobbed under sunny skies. 









Thur 26/3


Any salt art to show today? Looking forward to see how it worked for you. Thanks to everyone who posted up work over last few days its nice to see I’m not talking to space 🙂

PE: Don’t forget Today, please take a look at Urban Rascals on the Urban Gym Facebook Page. Tomorrow they are bringing you a really fun children’s fitness class at 1:30pm live from New Ross. Pictures of kids doing it from the garden would be a bonus!)
Win a pizza party for your class by logging into Class DoJo

Science: Try tune into the live Science experiments at Glasgow Museum. Would like to hear what you think!

Music: Dabble Do have been setting up resources for teachers to try make teaching music easier! There are offering a free months membership for parents. The program is free for the first month and then costs €2 per month thereafter but they can cancel at any time. 

  • Song Singing 
  • Artist Profiles 
  • Educational Videos 

Maths: Mental Maths! Thur 1-20 and Wed corrections

English spellings: composure, enclosure, overexposure, disclosure. You could ask someone to give you a spelling Bee tomorrow to see how many you can spell correctly. Try revising all the weeks worth tonight

  • Anyone who read the article I put up on yesterdays page could write a short synopsis on the story and their thoughts on it.
  • Mondays English task will be to write a film review so if you see any good movies over the weekend keep it min mind. We can do small reviews on the Dojo too and start a movie review post to share good movies we watching.

Geog:You can use on online map to try name these countries. I’ve given the answers to help so try self assessment where you test yourselves and then check answers for confirmation. You need to click on the link first and another will appear underneath.. Obviously if you don’t have a printer it will make this difficult but try to look over and familiarise yourself with where the countries are. Next weeks task is to learn the capitals.



Wed 25/3

Ce moi! How is you all? Can those who haven’t logged to dojo try. Just to put up art or maybe some nice pics of your day to entertain us! And let me know if you are having trouble or any other queries

(Don’t forget Today, please take a look at Urban Rascals on the Urban Gym Facebook Page. Tomorrow they are bringing you a really fun children’s fitness class at 1:30pm live from New Ross. Anyone who posts a photograph of themselves working out on the school website will have their name put into a draw with a chance to win a FitBit! Really looking forward to seeing some photos!
Win a pizza party for your class by logging into Class DoJo)

Maths: Wed mental maths and mental maths Tue corrections. Hope u can see them as I think this is the best I can do online. You may need to zoom in..


English: closure, censure, fissure, leisurely   (I’ve never heard the word fissure. Mail me the answer fast 🙂

Art: Salt art! Trying to think of materials you will all have at home so salt is prob a good one.

Raised Salt Painting
  • 1.) Squeeze glue designs or pictures onto your card stock.
  • 2.) Sprinkle with salt until the glue is thoroughly covered. Tip to let excess salt fall away.
  • 3.) Dip your paint brush into liquid  paint then gently touch to the salt-covered glue lines. …
  • 4.) Let dry thoroughly. …

SESE: Have a read. Explains the basic of why we need to wash wash wash our hands at the moment. You could do a small project afterwards or create a poster to put up in your home to remind people to wash hands. I know many of my friends fighting with partners as one tells the other to wash hands constantly 🙂 

Gaeilge: For the Irish continue with the table I put up.  Just practice using them to make sentences based on topics we know. You can try switching sentence with different tenses..

  • Teann said go dtí an zú gach samhradh sa laethanta saoire.
  • Chauigh siad go dtí an zú an samhradh seo caite.
  • Rachaidh siad go dtí an zú an samhradh seo chugainn.


PE: Here is a loooong and detailed account of a bunny hop. Some wont read and that’s but some might like to read some important details on body awareness. You can land all sorts of ways that can damage your knees so its good to do all these kinds of exercises right. I’ve given myself some sore injuries from various activities from not holding myself properly. Anyway try some hops. I will try too!

PE: Bunny Hops – maybe try these especially if you have some younger brothers and sisters who need a bounce! 

  1. Jumping in one place (The basic exercise). 
  1. Jumping moving forward. 
  1. Increasing repetitions. You can do multiplication and division with a dice to increase jumping repetitions. 
  1. Increasing quickness of jumps and between jumps. 
  1. Adding arm movements while jumping. 
  1.  Adding rotations to the jumping. Try the Rotation Jumps Exercise shown in the tutorial below. 

Some nerdy advice on best way to bunny hop. 

  1. Stand tall. Try to have your child stand as tall as possible and pull his or her belly button in before starting the exercise. This will promote good posture and increase abdominal engagement. 
  1. Place hands in front and together before starting hops. Place hands in front of the body a little above the belly button before starting the exercise. This will help get the upper body positioned before starting the hops, therefore making it easier to perform correctly. 
  1. Try to land as softly as possible. This is tough for toddlers and preschoolers to focus on. So, this is typically a good goal for kids that are a little older. If they seem ready for a new challenge, see if they can try to land as softly as a cat. 
  1. Best to land on the balls of feet and rolling through the feet to help with shock absorption. When first landing on the ground, land on the balls of the feet, roll through the foot from the ball of the foot to the middle and then heel. It is important to try not to land with a flat foot as this is rough on the body and joints. This is also easier for older children to pick up. 

Please let me know if you are doing the work. I know some are. If theres any changes you need me to make just shout!








***Mental maths for today added no panic if u didnt see.. Answers tomr

Tue 24/3
Today, please take a look at Urban Rascals on the Urban Gym Facebook Page. Tomorrow they are bringing you a really fun children’s fitness class at 1:30pm live from New Ross. Anyone who posts a photograph of themselves working out on the school website will have their name put into a draw with a chance to win a FitBit! Really looking forward to seeing some photos!
Win a pizza party for your class by logging into Class DoJo.
♦ English: So David Walliams is doing a free daily podcast so you could sit and have a listen each day. Nice activity to do once you heard the story each day is just get a pencil and create and image of what you imagined as you listened

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

♦ Spellings to learn a put into interesting sentence, or use all this weeks so far for a fun story -Measure, Insure, Reassure, Pressure

♦ This is an interesting read…

Lost Weather Balloon GoPro Found Two Years Later with Astounding Shots of Earth from Space

♦ Gaeilge: You may have forgotten this word but its back! I’m posting three tenses of the verb. This might look scary but it actually simplifies it. Start with past tense and run through some sentences to practice. Then the present and future. When you are doing your diary? Are you doing your diary? Id suggest every second day, English then Irish every other day, or mix it up whichever you like. But use these tense tables. Il post  another but suggest a couple of days on this table.


Aimsir Laithreach       Aimsir Caite         Aimsir Fháistineach
Present tense Past tense Future tense
Téim (I go) Chuaigh mé(I went) Rachaidh mé(I will go)
Téann  tú

(you look)

Chuaigh tú

(You went)

Rachaidh tú

(you will go)

Téann sé

(He goes)

Chuaigh sé

(He went)

Rachaidh sé

(He will go)

Téann sí

(She goes)

Chuaigh  sí

(She went)

Rachaidh sí


(She will go)


(We go)


(We looked)


(We will go)

Téann sibh 

(You go)

Chuaigh sibh

(You went)

Rachaidh sibh

(You will look go)

Téann said

(They go)

Chuaigh said

(They went)

Rachaidh siad 

(They will go)

♦ Maths: Spent ages last night getting a copy of mental maths pdf but its not allowing me copy and paste so Im gonna need to work on that and see can I get some help. Will post a dodgy pic of me taking a pic of corrections from computer for now! Soz. Spend some time on corrections and try figure out what went wrong. If you got ten wrong just pick one!!! If you can figure that one out then job done today!


♦ Folens books online: Follow the steps below to get access to planet maths and reading zone and also Am don Léamh. If you get access to Am don léamh you could so a quick story each day if you so wished so give this a shot. Took me a while yesterday, think there was some issue with site but you are all better at using a computer than me.

  1. Go to and click register
  2. Select Teacher
  3. Fill in a username, email and password
  4. For Roll Number use the code:

   Prim20 for primary book resources


♦ PS This web page seems to change all I do so if theres many mistakes, some are to make you guys feel good that teachers make mistakes too, and some are this computer messing with my head 🙂



Mon 23/3

Hi again! Hope you all had a nice wkend and are staying away from others? Hard to do but becoming more and more important to do so! So please stay home!

These are different days so some will have focus to do some school work and others will fall into family life. I’m putting work up for those who would like some for now.

Any one get a scrap book/ project book yet? Or a copy or notepad for the written work and maths. If you had any pocket money left now might be the time to head to Mr Price for some glue, paints, paper .. I even made a trip and set up an art desk here. Only used it once cos I’ve been trying to get outside as much as possible.

♥ Art – This is the simplest of Orgami. Even I can do this one. So give it a go. Use a ruler to make a square to start with. Even!!! Ruler!! I you try a few over next few weeks you can have a little origami zoo!! The video on how to do this fish is at the end of todays page.


♥  Maths – Some mental maths the best way to go with maths! Ill post the answers tomorrow. Try your best and hope you can see it ok I can see its a bit blurry

♥ Persuasive Writing : Persuasive Writing is used to present a logical argument from a particular point of view. This genre will often involve the writer comparing opposite points of view, analysing the arguments and…

So reading the news it seems many are not adhering to the staying in and social distancing. Teenagers in particular. So today or over next few days I suggest you write a persuasive note to Irish teenagers on why, for now, its best to stay home. You can email it to me to read if you like? I can get the computer to put BIG RED MARKS all over it on your corrections…. Only joking 🙂

♥ English: Spellings – Sure, Unsure, Ensure, Assure

Not the hardest this week so give them a go. Spell, define and put into a sentence. Here’s a link to New Ross Library. This could supply you with enough books to cover your English lessons for a year. Even if your not a member its really easy to sign up so give it a go. You can choose books on any subject to keep you entertained.


at New Ross Library
Our eLibrary is open 24/7
Download e-books, e-audiobooks and free music.
Browse digital magazines, comics and newspapers.
You can also learn a new language or take an online course!
Library members have free and instant access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks with the Borrowbox app.

Here’s how it works!
From the home screen of your device click on the App Store application for iOS or iPhone or the Play Store for Android.

Search for BorrowBox and download.

Open up the Brrowbox app and you will be greeted with a login screen. From here you will need to select your library, then enter your library card number and pin.  You will also be asked for an email address when signing up.

You’re now ready to browse and read!
Click here for more infomation


♥ A “She Can” sports colouring book. If you have a printer you can print out and be inspired!


♥ Origami Video

Bye for now! And email if you need to ask any questions 🙂 Stay safe u guys!




Fri 20/3

Hi, how you all getting on? Are any of you actually reading online Miss?

Any deep sea project work? Diaries? It will be good if we can get a system working so you guys can talk back to me 🙂 Think that may be on the cards.

For day I think keep going on the suggestions for the week If you get bored I suggest you read and the read some more.  You can do enough reading. Any materials.

♠ It has also been  advised you log onto twitter as there are lots of ideas running round on it.

♠ John Boyne is the author of Boy in the Stripped PjS. He has set up a short story competition to try entertain kids out of school. On Monday Ill post up some tips for story writing. Stuff you know already but just to remind you.

John Boyne : “I was thinking about the fact that so many kids are off school at the moment; they’re isolated and at home, and they’re trying to think of something to do. There’s a lot of creativity going on with Irish children in schools. So I’m setting up a short-story competition in three categories: six- to 10-, 11- to 14-, and 15- to 18-year-olds,” he told Liveline, on RTÉ Radio 1, today.

♠ Ill be putting up some art ideas from this website but here it is if you want a headstart. I know lots of ideas are not practical as you just might not have the materials necessary but that’s ok too! I’m sure half the boys a are wedged to their computer games anyway!!

♠ Hope your all getting some moves in! Now is the time to “Witness the fitness”! The one good result of this is that you dont have to sit in a chair all day and can move freely so move. Whatever way you want to. jumping jacks, skipping, bunny hops? That strange lizard move Nadine showed us! I’m trying that at home but little space in a apt might need a field. Have a look at this

♠ A new yoga pose for the day is…Chair Pose! Even if you hold this pose five times for ten seconds it would be a great start. Again work slowly!

  • Strengthen the supporting muscles of the major joints, such as the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.
  • Develop core strength.
  • Strengthen the quads


♠ Courtney! Looks like you might need to start making that dress without me! Which is better really as you are the dress maker! Get started! Newspaper, egg shells, beads, bottle caps, jar lids, old materials…..

Have a nice wkend. Stay safe! And please wash your hands for ages with soap!  Mine are sore and cracked from washing mine so much so maybe get used to putting on some moisturising cream after too!!




Fri 20/3






As we have missed the planting experience at school it might be nice to try some at home. Plant anything!

You can put holes in the bottle of juice carton or small yogurt and use that with soil from your garden. Water well and see what happens!

Your parents or grandparents might have some kind of seeds lying around or you could use the avocado seed. Myself and Nadine started one in school but had to leave it today with too much to carry.

  •  Here’s a website to show you how to plant avocado seed!

HOW TO: Grow an Avocado Tree from an Avocado Pit


Here’s a website to the life cycle to have a read.

  • Try drawing some of the stages into your project book if you have it home and if not, on any sheet.

•    Home is where the art is a new competition set up to entertain kids at home. You design your own home and then send it to the feed on this FB page where you can also view the work of others.



  • The website I put up for the tables in the last post seemed to disappear so will send it again

  • Word problem for those of you who would like a mini challenge. They medium level hard so most should be ok!
  • Maths problems thur 19

So this website gonna take time to figure out 🙂 Not the easiest so there will be mistakes! As usual think you guys used to me and my mistakes at this stage!

Keep going with deep sea project as long as your interest in it takes you and try to keep the dairy. This is History!! So why not document for those to read in the future as this is quite Unprecedented!!!

Word of the day. Unprecedented- Define and use in your dairy to describe whats going on

If your having troubles using this website or cant follow my ramblings email me and we can figure it out





So technical me is gonna have a field day trying to do this online. Without Pawel 🙁

I’m gonna just put up a few activities each day so don’t worry if its something you find difficult or it involves long division!! If you have a scrap book at home or can make one from loose sheets it would be cool to keep some project work in so we can all have a look when we get back to school. Would love to see some art too!

      • Some project work might be fun. You could do something similar to the one is school! Pick some creatures and practice drawing them and write a little about each. Here’s the website we looked at in school with all the info.

      • Rescued these little friends today. Some haven’t come up at all. Maybe because they weren’t a healthy seed, or because they haven’t had any water for days.


      • Mental maths challenge for all you guys who are missing maths class.. I think you’ll have a little time to practice these tables now so have a go!
      • This website has some tables games so have a look




      • Maybe spend some time and start to write a story? Some free writing about current events maybe?
      • You could also start to write a diary. A few notes each day just to write down how you are, anything you heard of the news of interest and a little info on how it feels to be kinda stuck in your homes with no school!
      • If you can, you could write this dairy os Gaeilge! Or even the parts you can, day of the week. date, season, aimsir.   A mix of some English, some Gaeilge would work nicely.


      • Most importantly!!!! Get outside and move. I’m heading for a walk everyday to keep myself sane. I’m also gonna try skipping on the spot to keep myself moving.
      • Remember the yoga pose where you stand like a tree? Try do this with your eyes closed! Not so easy then..

So.. get a headstart on some of this! Il post some more tomorrow. Hope you all doing ok!