Ms. Waters


Friday, June 5th, (

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Maths: Mathletics and Mental Maths, Dojo.

Irish: Look up the following words:

  • Barróg
  • Oifig
  • Dána
  • Málaí bruscair
  • Otharcharr

Draw a picture of each of the above to show the meaning.

School Hub 11 am


English: Reading Zone, Page 119, D and E.

SESE: Show me your finished project and Bee Art!!!

Go Noodle

P.E with Joe on Youtube, pick any of the days.

The link below is a Cloze Procedure, fill the gaps if you can!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Miss Waters.


Wednesday, June 3rd  and Thursday June 4th  (

Hi everyone!!!  This work is for today and tomorrow!!!

Mathletics: Go online, lots there assigned to do. Mental Maths on Dojo.

Irish: Look up the following words:

  • Ag stealladh báistí
  • Buicéad
  • Ospidéal
  • Fuinneog
  • Scriosta

SESE: I hope the project work is coming along. Don’t forget, lots of pictures along with the written work.

Art: Bees and flowers!!!! You decide how you want to present it!

English: Reading Zone:Page 118, A,B and C

Spellings: More silent “g” words.

  • Design
  • Align
  • Assign
  • Gnarled
  • Signpost
  • Reign
  • Designer
  • Foreigner
  • Poignant

Tin Whistle Practice

School Hub 11 am

TG4 10am

Urban Rascals Thursday Facebook.

Science: Make your own lava lamp!! Use the link below.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Waters.


Tuesday, June 2nd, (

Morning all, hope you had a lovely long, relaxing weekend!!

Mathletics: Go online and do the activities I have assigned and any others you wish to try. Mental Maths on Dojo.

Irish: Look up the following words and draw a picture to show the meaning:

  • Casúr
  • Sluasaid
  • Fógra
  • Rollóga
  • Péinteanna
  • Ag déanamh cáca
  • Ag péinteáil

TG4 10am and all day!!

School Hub 11 am

English : Reading Zone page Read page 115-117, look up the meanings of the red words.

Spellings: This week we are looking at silent letters. The “g” is silent in each of these.

  • Gnu
  • Gnat
  • Gnash
  • Resign
  • Gnaw
  • Gnome

Look up each one in the dictionary.

SPHE: This week I want you to do research on Bees, where they are in the world, how important they are to us , and how they do the job they do!!! Use the link below to help.

Have a great day everyone!!

Miss Waters.


Thursday, May 28th, (

Hi everyone, so this is our last day this week, we have no work until next Tuesday, I know, it’s lovely.

Maths: Mathletics and mental maths.

English : Reading Zone, page 119, D

Spellings: Figure,failure,conjure,mature,secure,manicure.

School hub.


Urban Rascals Facebook.

SESE: Let me see your project work.

Music: Finish your posters.

Extra maths above!!

Have a lovely long weekend and be back here on Tuesday June 2nd.

Miss Waters.


Wednesday, May 27th, (

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well.

Maths: Mathletics and mental maths.

English: Reading Zone, page 118 C

Spellings: pressure,leisure,pleasure,treasure,composure,measurement.

Irish: TG4


This link is from Becci Whelan…have a look and enjoy.

SESE: Project work.

School hub.

Music: Look at the different types of music genres there are , that’s just another way of saying different types of music. Here are a few, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz….see how many more you can find and create a poster showing a few of these and why they are different. Don’t forget to include your favourite singers and bands, and what genre they belong to.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.


Tuesday, May 26th, (

 Good morning!!!

Maths: Mathletics and Mental Maths.

English: reading Zone, page 118, A and B

Spellings: capture, fixture,vulture,feature,puncture,moisture.

We are looking at “ure” spellings this week that make a “yer” sound when you say them.

Look up the meanings in the dictionary.

SESE: Hope the Weather research is coming on well. As part of the Science element, look up Science and Weather and see what inventions you can find to tell me about.


School Hub

Urban Rascals on Facebook.

Tin whistle practice.

Practice your handwriting, at least a page.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters



Monday , May 25th, (

Morning all, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Maths : Mathletics and Mental maths.

English: Reading Zone, Page 115-117. Read and look up the meanings of the red words.

Irish: TG4

Play Deir Ó Ghrádaigh with someone at home. Use the back of the Seo Leat book for a list of doing words.You say ‘Deir Ó Ghrádaigh bígí ag ____’ or ‘Bígí ag ____. If you say the second one and they do the action; then they are out. You were all experts at this game in the classroom so see are your family members just as good. Maybe teach them 3 or 4 doing words from your Seo Leat book before starting (be the teacher) or mime the action for them.

SESE :  Your project topic for this week is Weather.

  • Tell me about the water cycle.
  • Different types of clouds.
  • Irish weather compared to a different part of the world.
  • The seasons.
  • Hurricanes, tornadoes and typhoons.


The above are guidelines to help you get started.




Pick what you would like to do from the above link.



School Hub.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.




Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd May, (

Hi everyone , hope everyone is doing well!!! This work is for the next 2 days. I have put extra English up on Dojo because I am not able to put it on here….It is more work on Homophones so you will be well able to do it.

Mathletics: Carry on with the work I am setting and then choose what you would like to do yourself.

Maths Test: On Dojo.

English: Reading Zone, page 114, D and E. Remember, Verbs are the action words.

Handwriting: I want you to write a paragraph, around 6 sentences, to tell me what you have been doing this week. I want to see the use of verbs and adjectives. So lots of action words and descriptive words, describe how and what you did!

SESE: Project work!! Show me tomorrow if you get it finished! Remember, include some of the following:

  • Different creatures that live in the sea.
  • Name the different seas and oceans.
  • Caring for the oceans and seas.
  • Pollution.
  • History….Famous disasters at sea.
  • Have you been on the sea? If yes, describe what it felt like. Did you get sea sick?
  • Sea art….I want to see some lovely sea pictures ( I used homophones there!!!)


Play Deir Ó Ghrádaigh with someone at home. Use the back of the Seo Leat book for a list of doing words.You say ‘Deir Ó Ghrádaigh bígí ag ____’ or ‘Bígí ag ____. If you say the second one and they do the action; then they are out. You were all experts at this game in the classroom so see are your family members just as good. Maybe teach them 3 or 4 doing words from your Seo Leat book before starting (be the teacher) or mime the action for them.

PE: Urban Rascals, or get out and play if you can!

Cooking: I made these and you could make some treats indoors. They are so easy and delicious!      I want to see pictures of the results!!!


School hub 11 am.

Enjoy, chat soon! Miss Waters


Wednesday, May 2oth (

9-00am-10-00am Out of bed, play and get dressed
10-00am-11-00am Breakfast, tidy up and household jobs
11-00am-1-00pm School work
1-00pm-2-00pm Lunch and play time
2-00pm-3-00pm Outdoor exercise time
3-00pm-4-00pm Creative time-reading, art, dance, music, drama, baking or more school work for older children
4-00pm-5-00pm Free play time or limited TV
5-00pm-6-00pm Project time: a time to work on a specific project like writing a book, painting, a specific project in an area of interest etc.
6-00pm-7-00pm Help prepare dinner and tidy up
7-00pm-8-00pm Family activity time-board games, limited TV etc.

Hi everyone, hope all is well with you. Weather is fabulous, so I hope you all get out and enjoy the fresh air!!

Go for a nice walk if possible.

Maths: Mathletics and mental maths on dojo.

English : Reading Zone, page 113 C.

Spellings: interfere , dreary,disappear,smeary,appearance and atmosphere. Look up each on in your dictionary and then put in to your own sentence to show the meaning.


Use the link above for arts and crafts ideas….keep in mind the theme of Under the Sea.

School Hub.


SESE: Keep working on your projects.

Tin whistle practice.

Make your own picture frame: get a picture that you like, glue it to some card or background and then decorate a border…something to remember this lockdown by in the future.

Have a great day!

Miss Waters.


Tuesday, May 19th.(

Morning all, hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

Mathletics: I think I am getting the hang of it now…you should all be able to see the work I am posting.It really is fun, so please log on ….some people are doing great work on it. Mental Maths on Dojo.

Spellings: here, clear,mere,gearbox,fearful and sneering.

Reading Zone: Answer A and B page 113. Read back over The Frog Prince story before you start.

Tin Whistle: Pick any song you want from Youtube, just type in Tin Whistle with fingers and notes….loads to choose from.

SESE: I hope you have started your Under the Sea projects. It’s such a huge topic that you will have loads of information to pick from…. Don’t forget to include Caring for the Environment as a section…very important!!

School hub


Urban rascals on Facebook.

Keep practicing your handwriting, practice makes perfect.

Revise your multiplication and division tables on Education City on Youtube.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Waters.

Monday, May 18th (

Good morning all, hope you had a lovely weekend. Great to see you guys on Zoom, we will have another chat in the coming weeks and I will make sure you will all get the codes needed, sorry about that!

Maths: Mathletics. Mental maths on Dojo.

English: Reading Zone, read page 110-112. Look up the meanings of the red words and put into sentences.

Spellings: deer,hear,steer,peer,rear and cheer. They all have the “ee” sound, but are sometimes “ea”.

Irish: TG4

School hub 11 am

SESE: your project for this week is “Under the Sea”…this will cover history geography and science. Tell me about the oceans and seas of the world, the creatures that inhabit them, and things that have happened throughout history….like disasters at sea, (Titanic is a good example). You have until Friday to show this, so enjoy. There are lots of documentaries about the sea on Netflix and youtube…. enjoy!!! Also mention a TV show or movie that you enjoyed that is based Under the Sea.

Art: Under the Sea art…whatever you like, paint, clay, crayons, 3D…can’t wait to see what you produce, also , take your time, you have until Friday!

Go Noodle, or some form of exercise.

Have a great day everyone!

Miss Waters.




Friday, May 15th, (

Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all keeping healthy and safe!!

Zoom call at 11am, hope to see as many as possible there!!! Please have any projects or work you have done , show to the others.

I hope you are enjoying Mathletics….if you are having any problems with the work I’ve set, go do some of the stuff yourself, I can still see that you are taking part.

Maths test on Dojo.

SESE projects for tomorrow please, lots of myths and legends to talk about tomorrow.

Reading Zone: Page 109 G

Tin whistle practice

School hub.


A page of your neatest joined writing in your copies please.

Art ideas: Have a look here and work from this. Pick any things that you want to do, then send on Dojo:

Have a great day and I hope to see you later on today!

Miss Waters.






Thursday, May 14th, (

Good morning everyone, hope you are having a lovely week.

I see some people are flying ahead with Mathletics,well done,  some people have not signed up yet, please do, its for your benefit!

We have a Zoom call this Friday at 11am, hope to see you all there, Mr Moran will have sent the details like before to log in…can’t wait to see you all.

Maths: Maths from now on is Mathletics. I have assigned new work, and of course you can keep going on your own.

Mental Maths on Dojo as usual.

TG4 each day for Irish.

School hub 11 am.

Urban Rascals on Facebook.

English: Think of 5 more homophones and their sounding words, put each in a sentence. for example…I went to the beach and you went too.

Reading Zone: Page 109, F

SESE: I have gotten some of the Myths and Legends projects back, some people are doing great work….please forward pictures of your work by Friday.

Science: Again, some lovely projects coming in about The Solar System, keep them coming.

I hope to hear some of you playing Baby Shark during our Zoom call, can’t wait for that!!!

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.

Monday May 11th, Tuesday, May 12th and Wednesday, May 13th .

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend!!

As you can see from above , this work is for today, Tuesday and Wednesday because I am not available online those 2 days. So , it may look like a lot, but it is for 3 days. You can space it out to suit yourself.

Maths: I hope you all got your Username and Password for Mathletics. I have assigned work for you, but I’m new to this, so I hope it got sent ok. There are lots of things for you to do , but there is no time limit….just do what you can when  you can. Also, you can play the games and check out the site for yourselves.

Mental Maths will be still on dojo.

Spellings: This week we are looking at homophones. We did some before like to,too,two….there, their and they’re. So they are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings.Here are your list for 3 days. I want you to put each one in a sentence to show the different meanings.

reed   read

sum  some

blue  blew

brake   break

wood  would

ate  eight

weather  whether

stares  stairs

aloud  allowed.

Use your dictionary if needed.

English: Read back over pages 106 and 107. On page 108 do A-C. On page 109, do D and E.

Irish: TG4

School hub every day at 11am.

Tuesday: Urban Rascals.

SESE: this project is for the WEEK, so I will expect to see your posts on dojo by then. I would like you to research Myths and Legends from Around the World. You can pick any countries, at least 3!!!! Please, if you can, choose one from Ireland. There are lots of things online and youtube to help you, just type in the title. Can’t wait to see the results…… pictures and words please!!!

Science: Find 10 facts about The Solar System…., also present as a project if you like, then its due in on Friday.

Music: You were so good on the tin whistles before we finished, and I know you have been practicing….so now I want you to teach yourself a song from Youtube. Type in How to Play Babyshark on the Tinwhistle in to Youtube. It shows notes and where your fingers go…so you should all be able to give it a go…..practice each day.

Go Noodle, or get out for some exercise!!!

I hope the mathletics works out ok, I will see the work you have done!!!!

Have a great few days, and I will chat to you soon,

Miss Waters.





Friday, May 8th (

Morning all, happy Friday!!!

Hope you took part in Urban Rascals yesterday, keeping yourselves fit and healthy!!

For art this week, I would like you to draw a picture of all the things you are thankful for, maybe it’s things you didn’t realise how much you appreciated them until now, with all of this going on.

School Hub 11am.

Maths: Page 118, B

English : R.Z page 106 and 107, look up the meanings of the red words.

Irish: TG4, lots of fun programmes to watch there and on Youtube.

Handwriting, a page of writing , copy from page 106.

Tables: Education City on Youtube, or whichever site you like , revise and get someone at home to check your answers.

Hope you are all helping out around the house….keep those bedrooms tidy!!!

Spellings: auburn,awkward,alternative,audition,altogether and awesome. Put three of these into sentences.

I will be signing you guys up to Mathletics, its a great website where you can work away at home each day, I will be able to see that you are logging on, so I will be keeping an eye on you :)…… I will send you a code on your own dojo , I’m still figuring it out, so don’t panic if you don’t get it straight away….you should be up and running by Monday.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Waters.


Thursday,  May 7th, (

Morning all, hope you got to enjoy the lovely weather yesterday.

TG4: 10am.

School Hub 11am.

Urban Rascals Facebook.

Maths : page 117, finish B.

Mental Maths on Dojo.

Spellings : flaw, drawn, laundry, dawdle, already and launch.  Put each in a sentence.

Practice your handwriting,  do free writing so pick a topic you enjoy.

Science: try some of the weight experiments on YouTube,  post your work.

Practice your tin whistle.

No project work this week!

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.


Wednesday, May 6th (

Good morning everyone, hope you had a lovely long weekend, it was fabulous.

Maths: Page 117, A and B 1,2,3.

Mental Maths on Dojo.

Spellings: Halt, hawk,sauce,haul,thaw and salt. What we are looking at this week is the “aw” sound, but through different letters. That’s the sound that you have to keep in mind when you say the words. Look up the meaning of each word and put the words into sentences.

English Reading: Read page 106 and 107 in RZ.

Irish : Look at some cartoons on Youtube.

School hub: 11 am

Go Noodle

Practice tin whistle.

Get out for a walk if you can.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.




Friday, May 1st , (

Morning all…happy Friday!!! Beginning of May already…can’t believe it!

Hope the routine I posted the last few days is helpful to you, getting your day in order can be hard to do.

So today, we have :

TG4 from 10am…lots of programmes , also go to Youtube and type in Irish cartoons!

School Hub at 11 am

Ask someone at home to test you on your spellings… no cheating lol!

Maths : Page 116, B. Look at the example to show you how to write down the sums. Keep all the KG under each other and the G under each other.

Art: Ms Ryan is running an art competition. Details will be on the Dojo home page. You have to draw or present, whatever way you like, a Cherry Blossom. Google it if you don’t know what it looks like, they are all around the town so you will have seen them. Enjoy!!

English : Reading Zone, page 105 G

Science: Got to Youtube and type in Weight Experiments for Kids…. see if you have any of the materials at home and try some of them. If not, just look at the experiments and enjoy them.

Maths Test on Dojo.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Waters .


Thursday, April 30th (

9-00am-10-00am Out of bed, play and get dressed
10-00am-11-00am Breakfast, tidy up and household jobs
11-00am-1-00pm School work
1-00pm-2-00pm Lunch and play time
2-00pm-3-00pm Outdoor exercise time
3-00pm-4-00pm Creative time-reading, art, dance, music, drama, baking or more school work for older children
4-00pm-5-00pm Free play time or limited TV
5-00pm-6-00pm Project time: a time to work on a specific project like writing a book, painting, a specific project in an area of interest etc.
6-00pm-7-00pm Help prepare dinner and tidy up
7-00pm-8-00pm Family activity time-board games, limited TV etc.


Morning all, hope everyone is getting on well!!

Maths: page 116, A….its like normal subtraction, just with weight. You will have to take from the tens sometimes to work out the units.

Reading Zone: Page 105, E and F

Spellings: Look up the meanings of the following and write them in your copy. Squabble,twaddle,quandary,wristwatch,quantity and qualification.

If you look at the word, “Wristwatch” in your spellings, this is called a compound word…in other word, 2 words put together to make one. Another would be Bedroom. See if you can make a list of ten compound words and put them in sentences to show their meanings.

SESE: Keep up the great work with your projects, I’ve already seen Kubas, it was great!!!! Due in on Friday.

Go Noodle

11am School hub.

Urban Rascals on Facebook.

TG4 for Irish, also go to and type in 3rd and 4th and Irish, you will find activities there.

Art: Youtube, Draw with Alan Sindy the Budgie!!!

Have a lovely day!!

Miss Waters.


Wednesday, April 29th, (

9-00am-10-00am Out of bed, play and get dressed
10-00am-11-00am Breakfast, tidy up and household jobs
11-00am-1-00pm School work
1-00pm-2-00pm Lunch and play time
2-00pm-3-00pm Outdoor exercise time
3-00pm-4-00pm Creative time-reading, art, dance, music, drama, baking or more school work for older children
4-00pm-5-00pm Free play time or limited TV
5-00pm-6-00pm Project time: a time to work on a specific project like writing a book, painting, a specific project in an area of interest etc.
6-00pm-7-00pm Help prepare dinner and tidy up
7-00pm-8-00pm Family activity time-board games, limited TV etc.


Above is a guideline if you are looking for a routine, it might help.

I would like to say a great big thank you to the boys  and girls who had the zoom chat today, was lovely to see you all!!! Next week we will do the same at some point and hopefully a few more will join!!

Hope you enjoyed your Urban Rascal workout yesterday, there were some vouchers to be won , best of luck!

Maths: Page 115, B. It’s just basic adding, keep everything as grams and work from there.

Mental Maths on Dojo.

Hope your projects on Florence Nightingale are coming along, can’t wait to see the finished results!

English : Reading Zone, page 105, D.

Don’t forget to keep up your reading, there are lots of free sites out there, enjoy!!

Do a page of your lovely handwriting, pick any piece of writing to copy, your choice…send pictures on Dojo.

School hub 11 am.

TG4 any programmes in Irish will keep your Irish on point.

Have  great day,

Miss Waters.




Tuesday, April 28th (

Morning all!!! Today we hope to have a zoom call for any of you that can get on the internet. It will be at 12 oclock and sir will send on the details later, hes organising it. I will put the code up on Dojo when I get it!!

Maths: I hope you all raided the cupboards and looked at what different things weigh… If you have a bathroom scales, weigh yourself too!! On page 114, there is a yellow box with hints, you might need this for today’s work. Page 115, A.Good luck with the aliens!!!

Mental maths on Dojo.

English: Use your dictionary to find the meanings of today’s spellings. Swatch,squat,squalid,quality,wallaby and waddle. Put each one into a sentence.

Reading Zone, Page 104 C.

School hub at 11 am.

Urban rascals on facebook , get your exercise done!!!

Tg4 10am

Zoom call, all going well, at 12 noon. Hope to see as many faces as possible.

Project for this week is for History and Geography. I want you to study all you can about Florence Nightingale. Im going to attach a link her, if it doesn’t work, go to Scoilnet, go to Primary and if you look up history you will find her. There are lots of other place like Youtube where you can watch stories about her. Show me your finished projects on Friday, plenty of time to get it done!

Have a great day and chat later,

Miss Waters.



Monday, April 27th, (

Good morning all, I hope you had a great weekend, it really was beautiful!!

Maths: We are going to do Weight this week. It’s not too difficult and you can find the answers in your own house. When we did capacity, we saw that 1000ml=1 litre. Now we see that with weight, 1000g=1 kilogram. On page 114, try B and C….if you have a weighing scales in your kitchen use it! If you can, look at Youtube and just type in Weight for Kids…lots of different activities and games to do there.

Mental Maths on Dojo.

English: Reading Zone, Read back over page 101-103. Do C on page 104 and D on page 105.

If you have finished reading your library book, dont forget to do a book report…You can write or draw the report!!!

School Hub: 11 am

TG4, 10 am….and throughout the day, with English subtitles.

Go Noodle exercise.

In your copies, write what you did for the last few days.

Spellings: swap, waft,swamp,wand,wallet and squad. The focus is on the letter “a”…making an “aw”sound…if that makes sense.

Tables revision on Youtube!

Have a great day everyone!!! We might be having a zoom call on Tuesday, I will keep you posted on this on Dojo, so check later today. It’s just to say hi, so don’t be worrying if you are not at the computer at that time!!!

Please keep posting your work to Dojo!!

Miss Waters.



Friday, April 24th (

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely day yesterday, weather was great!! I did my gardening, not brilliant, but better than nothing…tell me what you think of my photos on Dojo!!!

SESE: Send on more pictures of your projects, I got some back, but very few!

I would like everyone to post something to Dojo so I can see what you are doing, if this is possible, of course. Well done to my regulars who I see most days!

Maths: Test to follow tomorrow on Dojo. We are starting weight next week, so keep an eye on food in cupboards etc, we will use what we have to work out some problems.

English: Reading Zone, page 104, A and B

Irish: TG4 each day…also, unscramble the following:

  1. mé Bhí inné. ag obair__________________
  2. sé inniu. ar scoil Tá_______________________
  3. an múinteoir ?  bhfuil Cá_________________
  4. sí sa bhaile . Tá _______________________

Send on pictures from your food diary…mine isn’t going to well, I am going to start eating better next week!!!!

School hub: 11 am

Art: Draw with Alan on youtube, draw the pirate!!!

Go Noodle.

Tin whistle practice. I hope you listened to the song on youtube sung by Jess, its lovely!

In your copies, think back to Monday and see can you remember what you did each day, in order, there might not be a lot of new things, but somebody might have done something different….each day is not the same!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe,

Miss Waters.



Thursday, April 23rd, (

Good morning everyone, hope you are all doing ok!! I hope you can get out and about safely today as it is going to be a gorgeous day!!

SESE: I hope your projects are coming along….famous buildings that I posted on Tuesday!! Can’t wait to see them!!!

Music: There is a gorgeous song on Youtube right now, a little girl in England singing to support their health service….Im loving it , and if we were in school, we definitely would be learning it…so , her name is Jess Mac, and the song is We Can Be Kind….very appropriate for now…. I’m going to learn it too!!! If you want, send a video on Dojo of you singing along…if not, have a listen , its gorgeous!

Exercise: Don’t forget, Urban rascals today on facebook.

School hub: 11 am, RTE  player if you don’t have SKY .

Irish: TG4, lots of fun things on there! TG4 Player online.

Practice your tin whistle!!!!

Keep your food diary going…want to see lots of pictures of what you ate this Friday!

Spellings: pyramid, symbol, cymbal,system,Egypt and typical. Look up the meanings in your dictionary!

As today is going to be a gorgeous day, and if we were in school we would be outside, I’d love you all to be able to get out at some stage…I’m going to do some gardening tomorrow…or at least try…I’ll post pictures of my attempt on Dojo!! If you are out and about and distancing, send on some pictures…

Have a great day,

Miss Waters!!


Wednesday, April 22nd (

Good morning all!! When you are putting picture or videos on Dojo, could you click where it says Portfolio and then all your child’s work will be there in one spot. If you cant , no worries, keep sending them on to me as a message.

Eat a healthy breakfast, keep a little food diary each day of what you have eaten. You can send on the pictures of them on Friday.

TG4, 10am, Irish. Lots of programmes and cartoons in Irish.

Conas atá an aimsir inniu?____________________

Conas atá tú?____________________

An bhfuil tú ar scoil anois?____________________

An bhfuil tú abhaile anois?_____________________

Don’t forget, School Hub at 11 am.

Maths: page 112. Try this page. It shows you an easier way to multiply bigger numbers by breaking them down into smaller numbers.

Mental Maths on Dojo as usual! Go over your tables on Education City or other tables games on Youtube.

English: Reading Zone, page 101-103, look up the meanings of the red words and put them into sentences. Read back over the story again.

SESE: Go to scoilnet online. Click “Go to Primary”. Click on “Kitchen Chemistry”.Have a go at some of the experiments here, if you don’t have the ingreadients, dont worry, just look at how you would do it and maybe you could do at a later date. Dont forget to send the pictures on Dojo!!Enjoy, they are great fun!

Go Noodle.

Handwriting: Copy half of page 101 in R.Z. in your best handwriting, send on pictures if you can.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Miss Waters.


Tuesday , April 21st, (

Hi everybody, hope you are able to get out at some point to enjoy the lovely weather!!!

Maths: page 111, C….also Mental maths which will be on Dojo!

English: Look up the meanings of the red words in Dad, Sam and Blacky, write their meanings in your copy! Read over the story a couple of times, get an adult to listen to you.

SESE: project for this week, so no rush, is to look up the following buildings on the internet and find out key facts about each. Look for dates they were built, why  and by who?

  1. Empire State Building
  2. Leaning Tower of Pisa
  3. Eiffel Tower
  4. Sydney Opera House
  5. G.P.O., Dublin.

You can present your work as a project, or in your copies.

Practice your tin whistle.

School hub at 11 each day.

Urban Gym today at 1:30.

TG4 for Irish, any time of the day, there are great programmes, subtitles provided. Sky 104.

Have a great day everyone!! I’m going to send a short clip to say hi to you all tomorrow on dojo…

Be safe and careful!!!

Miss Waters.


Monday April 20th (

Morning all, hope you had a happy and safe Easter break, at least the weather was lovely…hope you were all really helpful at home, we all have to do our bit!!! OK,so back to work!!

Gonoodle: Pick your song of choice to exercise to!

Spellings: abyss, myth, lynx,lyrics,syrup and idyllic. The letter “y” is the focus, but this time it makes an “i” sound. Look up each word and put into a sentence.

Write, in your copies, and tell me about a few of the things you did over Easter. I know it was a very different time for us all, but I hope you had some fun!!

RTE 2 , School Hub at 11 every day, enjoy!

Maths: I will post mental maths on dojo each day. Also, page 111, A and B. You cant colour in the book, so write down the multiples of 7 in your copies with the matching letters….. B is just all about your 7 times tables. Use the back of your maths book or diary to help.

Reading: Read Dad, Sam and Blacky in your R.Z., Unit 25.

Get out for a walk, if possible!!

Have a great day and keep safe,

Miss Waters !!!



Friday April 3rd (

Happy Friday everyone!!

RTE 2 11-12.

Art: Design an Easter poster.

Go Noodle, or go for a walk with a family member only.

English: Write about what you would like to do when you are grown up….if you aren’t sure of one particular thing, write about a few things that might interest you. Draw a picture in your copy when finished!

Maths: Page 110, do all of the page, sounds like a lot, but it’s all revision.

Irish: Keep listening to activities on youtube, tune in to TG4.

Do some handwriting, can’t wait to see how lovely and neat they are when we return to school.

Watch your favourite movie and in your copy describe the main characters and what the plot or the story or is about!

Play the matching pairs game with a deck of cards, you should all have them from food dudes!!

I won’t post mental maths tomorrow because you have plenty here.

Have a great Easter everyone, stay safe, and hopefully we will be back in the classroom ASAP!!

Miss Waters.



Thursday April 2nd (

Morning all…hope you weren’t pranked too many times yesterday!!!

RTE2 11-12, School Hub.

Urban Rascals, Facebook 1:30

English: Think back to what you have done this week and write a report. I know it’s difficult to do different things each day, but maybe this will help you to do new things next week…but keep safe!!

Maths : page 109, Multiplication, B 1-6. This is a new chapter, but we have done multiplication before so you should be able to do some of these.

Unlocking SESE: page 71 , 3…if you don’t have the book, I want you to design a poster for a new suncream that will give excellent protection from the suns rays. You can do it in the copy or as a poster!

Design a poster supporting  Autism Awareness Day!! Blue is the colour of support, so dress in something blue if you can.

Mental Maths will be on Dojo.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.


Wednesday April 1st (

Morning everybody, happy April Fools Day!! Don’t play too many tricks on people today!!

Hope you enjoyed your workout on urban rascals….

Spellings: diesel,thieves,besiege,audience,briefcase and unbelievable. Use your dictionary to find their meanings.

English: Read back over page 96. Find as many nouns as you can and put five of them in different sentences. (Nouns are things!)

Handwriting: Write a page of joined writing in your copy, do it like free writing, so your choice of topic.

Project: Starting today, until Friday, do a project on any 3 animals , maybe pick animals from different parts of the world, show their different lives and habitats….you have until Friday, looking forward to seeing the results!! And thanks again for everyone who is posting, keep up the good work!!

Tin whistle practice. Go online and find a tune that you can learn, all you need is BAGFED…you know what that means!! You can play it for me when we get back t school.

Maths : Page 103 C and D… do your best, some of the work we might not have covered, so don’t worry, give it a go!! I will have mental maths on Dojo tomorrow.

Do some exercise.

Reading: Maybe start a new book, if you can, use the Vooks website if you don’t have any new books at home. You can send me a picture of you and the book if you like!

Irish: Keep looking at youtube or any other Irish websites out there. Just type in Irish for Kids in the search bar and lots of things to pick from there.

Have a great day,

Miss Waters.






Tuesday March 31st (

Morning all, hope everyone is feeling ok, safe and healthy.

Don’t forget RTE 2, School Hub 11-12 each day.

Revise all your tables using youtube. and lots of maths games there too !! for more maths activities.

If you have signed in to folens or fallons online, explore with your child and find activities that suit their ability.

P.E. Urban rascals on Urban gym , Facebook at 1:30….healthy body =healthy mind.

Do some cleaning up at home, maybe some baking, I’m sure you are all being very helpful, but we can always do more to help around the house.

Spellings: relief, frieze,fielder,priest,believe,achieve. Look up the meanings in your dictionary and then put them in sentences.

In your copies, write a short story about how you are feeling now. It’s such a stranhe thing to not be allowed to go out, so tell me how this is affecting you in good or bad ways, some people are enjoying the time at home…..I’d rather be in the class!!!!

Maths: I will post Mental Maths on Dojo each day, can’t figure how to put it up here!! Maths: page 102 A and B.

Irish : Type in Irish for kids in to Youtube, lots of activities to be done there.

Have a great day and I’ll be chatting to you tomorrow…..

Miss Waters.



Monday March 30th (

Morning all, hope you had a great weekend.  RTE School Hub 11-12 each day for the kids. The Urban Rascals prize is a home study Centre donated by a parent.  If you are interested  in the box of food weekly initiative look to our facebook account or text a message to 0860211338.

English: use your dictionary to find the meaning of the following spellings and put each one in a sentence to show the meaning.  Field, Chief, piece, brief, shield, grief.

Maths: page 79 C and D

Unlocking SESE: page 70 and 71, try the shadow experiment and do 1 and 2 on page 71.

Make a diary entry of what you did for the weekend, use your lovely joined writing.

Art: Draw with Alan,  Create a robot.  See if you can create a 3d version  with household objects.

Go Noodle

Tin whistle practice

Don’t forget,  lots of websites on our web page and facebook,  do what you can!!  Enjoy and have a great day…

Miss Waters.




Friday March 27th

Morning all,  Hope you all enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday!!!

English: Write a story telling me about all the things you miss because of self isolation, and what is the first thing you will do once we can go back to normal!!

Maths:   page page 78 A and B

P. E. : Go Noodle,  do any of the dances for 30 minutes.

Music : Practice your tin whistle!!!

Art: Draw with Alan,  Sunday the Budgie (YouTube)

Unlocking SESE : page 69.Do the Design and Draw section at the bottom of the page!

Give yourself some golden time and have a great and safe weekend!!

Miss Waters.



Thursday March 26th (

Please login to Class Dojo, Pizza party to be won. Login to Urban Rascals at 1;30 on Facebook .Prizes for pupils and 4 adult t shirts for parents also to be won!!!

Morning all, hope you enjoyed the lovely weather yesterday, going to be gorgeous again today!!!!

English: P.100, F , draw a picture of the story once you have finished the written work!

Maths: p. 51, B and C

Irish  An bhfuil an ghrian ag taitneamh?______________

An raibh an ghrian ag taitneamh inné?____________

An mbeidh an ghrian ag taitneamh amárach?_________

Use either Bhí, Beidh or Tá to start the answers, make sure they match the different tenses….see if you can remember.

Spellings: As I am not there to give you the test, get one of your parents to test you…best of luck!!

Handwriting: Write a diary of your day and use your joined writing.

Art: Youtube, Draw with Alan, Draw a Puffin….cant wit to see the results!!!

Unlocking SESE, page 11, The Powerful Sun.Read page 68, look up the words in the Key Vocabulary box.Answer the 4 questions at the bottom of the page.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy the weather!!! Just please stay safe, I think we all want to get back to school as soon as possible!!!

Miss Waters.

Wednesday March 25th

Morning all, hope you all had a great day yesterday!! Lots of people took part in the Urban Rascals facebook fitness, don’t forget, its back again tomorrow.

English:Page 100, F …tell me about Ana!!!

Music: Listen to the following songs and then tell me what links them all and why the message is so important, they are all on youtube.

  • Help!
  • Count on Me
  • With a Little Help From my Friends
  • You’ve got a friend.

Design a poster that shows what the main points are in the songs!

Maths: Page 52, 9-15. I will also post mental maths to dojo, they can be done later.

Irish : Create an account on Folens, log in to Am Don Leamh, page 32 and 33, read and answer the questions.This is free, its the book the class have so if its in their bag, even better.

Spellings: Piranha,basketball,avocado,armada,passport and grasshopper. Put each one into a sentence, use your dictionary if needed.

Art: Lovely website on youtube, Art for Kids Hub…lots of great art ideas here, Do whichever you like and send me on the results!! Don’t worry, if you don’t want to post pictures or you cant, that’s fine, you can show me when we get back in to the classroom.

Hope you are enjoying Vooks…its a great resource! Pick a book and when you are finished, write a review and illustrate. Not all in one day 🙂

Have a great day and hope to wave to you all when I see you!!!

Miss Waters!!


Tuesday March 24th
Today, please take a look at Urban Rascals on the Urban Gym Facebook Page. Tomorrow they are bringing you a really fun children’s fitness class at 1:30pm live from New Ross. Anyone who posts a photograph of themselves working out on the school website will have their name put into a draw with a chance to win a FitBit! Really looking forward to seeing some photos!
Win a pizza party for your class by logging into Class DoJo.
Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well!! I’ve received some lovely pictures of all the extra activities people have been doing…keep them coming!!!

English: Page 100, D and E.

Vooks is a great site with thousands of e books and audio books……free!!!!

Handwriting: Pick a page from your Reading Zone and use your lovely joined writing and copy into your copy.

Spellings: Today’s spellings are chance,koala,drama,plaster,pyjamas and disaster.  Put each one into a sentence, maybe try to write a paragraph using them instead of just individual sentences, link them.

Maths Page 53, question 1-8

If you have it on you computer,hit the button is a great site, think it costs money, so keep an eye, they might make it free. Splash maths is also  a great site to keep you busy.

Exercise: Look up Urban Rascals on Urban Gym’s Facebook…they will be doing lessons today at 1:30 and Thursday.

Also, look up PE with Joe on Youtube!

Art: Draw with Alan-A Dog Called Ollie…..Youtube, Take pictures and send the finished product on dojo!!

Irish: Answer the following questions:

  1. Conas atá an aimsir?________________________________
  2. An bhfuil tú sa bhaile?_________________________________
  3. An bhfuil tú are scoil?_____________________________________
  4. Cá bhfuil an múinteoir?______________________________________

Go to Education City on Youtube to practice your tables.

Have a great day and try and get some fresh air!!!!!!


Monday , March 23rd.

Good morning everybody.hope you all had a great weekend!!! Don’t forget there are lots of helpful websites on our school page for your use, if you so choose.   or Classdojo if you need to contact me!!!

English: Read back over The Scarlet Rose and answer B and C on p.99.

Spellings: ask, vase, lava,bath, nasty,sultana. Put each one into a sentence, if you don’t know the meaning, use your dictionary.

Maths: P.55, C and D

Irish: Rewrite the following correctly.

mé Chuaigh an siopa. go dtí___________________________________________

Séan D’ith ar a hocht a chlog. a dhinnéar_______________________________

go dtí Chuaigh an dochtúir Máire inné.__________________________________

History: Pick one or 2 of the following explorers and create a project based on the information that you find. For example, include where and when they were born/died, what are they famous for and do you think they changed the future for us?

  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. Hernan Cortes
  3. Ferdinand Magellan.
  4. Ernest Shackleton

Have fun and don’t forget to include pictures!!!

Diary: Let me know what you did over the weekend, recount the activities in the form of a comic book, so in other words, more drawing than writing!!!!!

I think that is LOADS for today, but like I said, use the websites that are out there if you want more to do and dont forget to get some exercise!!! See you tomorrow…

Miss Waters

Friday March 20th

Good morning everyone, I hope everybody is feeling well and staying safe!! If there are any questions, you have my contact on class dojo, or

English: Read page 98 R.Z. Answer the questions in Activity A, page 99.

Maths: Page 54 A and B.

Handwriting: Write about what you did yesterday and today, using your best handwriting that you have been learning.

Fitness: Go Noodle, 20 minutes.

Unlocking SESE: Read back over page 92-95. Write five facts that you learned from this chapter.

Art/SPHE: Design a flyer/poster that would help the stop of this nasty virus. Include what we should be doing along with the things that we shouldn’t be doing!!!! Are you following all the instructions???

Read a book or comic!

Help your parents and stay safe and healthy!!

Miss Waters.


Fri March 13th
Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March

Sorry for the delay. Here is work for two days.
Miss Waters.
English  R. Z. Page 96. Read and look up the red words using your dictionary.

MathsPage 30, A and B

Read your library book.

Unlocking SESE , read p. 92 and 93

Go Noodle


English R.Z. p 96. Put the red words into sentences.

Maths p. 31 C and D.

Unlocking SESE p. 94 and 95. Do Review p.95,  1 and 2.

Read your library book.

Go Noodle


You can also revise your multiplication and division tables on youtube.

Other activities are available on our facebook page the school website.