School Calendar 2021/2022

August: All pupils starting Tuesday 31st August (Unless we need a sliding start again)

October: Midterm 25th-29th

December: Closing for Christmas on 22nd at 12pm

January: Reopening the 6th

February: Midterm 21st-25th

March: Closed Thursday 17th and Friday 18th

April: Closing for Easter Friday 8th at 12pm and reopening Monday 25th

June: Closing Wednesday 29th at 12pm

Crazy Hair Day!

On Friday June 11th we had ‘Crazy Hair Day’ in Bunscoil Rís.


Each child was asked to bring in one euro and the proceeds went to the local charity Wexford People Helping People. This charity operates on donations from all around the county to help those who really need it. This year has been very tough on people and we were delighted to have this day to help raise funds. The boys and girls made a great effort with their hair and donations…well done!!