Paired Reading 📖👏🏻🤩

Following on from such a successful 6 weeks of paired reading in term one, we decided to have another 6 weeks of it. The 3rd class children are paired with 5th class and the 4th class children are paired with 6th class. Each Wednesday morning for 30 minutes the children pair up and read to one another. The children thoroughly enjoy it as their confidence grows with reading and they have an opportunity to read for pleasure. 📖😁

Rock Bottom

During the month of December our four 6th classes performed in a fantastic production called ‘Rock Bottom’. The children performed two day time shows for the children and staff in Bunscoil Rís and one night time show for parents. The show was performed in St.Michael’s Theatre New Ross. The children had the opportunity to sing, dance and act on stage in front of their family, friends and school. It was a fantastic experience and one in which the children will always remember!