Hot Food Menu

The hot food lunches have been a great success so far in the school. The children are thoroughly enjoying the variety of food that comes in every day. You can change your child’s food order each week by logging on and using the details we have given to every child. In order for the lunches to change for the following week, you must change it by Thursday. Try to choose a different hot lunch each day for your child as a balanced and varied diet is best.

Online Learning January 2021

This month we went back to online learning due to new lockdown restrictions. The children and staff have adapted brilliantly to this and we are very proud of everyone who has engaged so far. Each morning we host Zoom meetings for each of our classes for one hour. They are hosted by the class teacher and an SET teacher. The children and their teacher discuss the work for the day, teach mini lessons and also correct work. It is an opportunity for teachers to check in with each student and to continue teaching the curriculum, as best as possible. School work is uploaded daily to Class DoJo and then the children share what they have done with their teacher using Portfolio on Class DoJo. Children are also logged into Mathletics. Here they work on their Maths daily and independently. Every Friday we have also successfully held a whole school assembly on Zoom where over 250 students and staff have logged on.

Below is a sample of just some of the work the children have completed this month.



Flu Vaccine Information

Bunscoil Rís will be running a FREE flu vaccination clinic for all pupils in the school after the Halloween break. There will be a consent form going home with your child today. If you want your child to be vaccinated you MUST return the consent form to the school by this FRIDAY 23rd October.
Flu is one of the biggest causes of short term absences from school and the best way to prevent related illnesses is by getting the flu vaccine each year.
I am attaching, below, information about how the vaccine is given to children.

Any questions feel free to call Niamh Foskin on 086 8276511.


Bunscoil Ris Edmund Rice Senior School Letter For School Clinic and Consent Form

Fluenz Tetra Patient Information Leaflet










Social Distance Sports Day 2020!

So, this is a sports day with a difference. You have to use household equipment if you don’t have the real sports gear! Change it to suit yourself if you need to. We understand the weather is poor with showers today so try your best. Also take a look back at the other activities from the past four days and try them if you haven’t given them a go. We had Zumba on Monday which is perfect for indoors.

  1. Obstacle course. If you have somewhere outdoors, set up an obstacle race, you can use anything. Make one course and time yourself against your family, neighbour or friend…. keep apart between races.
  2. Javelin throw. Individual, measure distance. If you don’t have a javelin, throw a wellie, a shoe…. anything you like!!!
  3. Egg and spoon. For social distancing , you could time individual runs.
  4. Sack races. Use bin bags if they are big enough!
  5. Three-legged race. This can only be done with a family member, due to restrictions.
  6. Baseball pitch. Get a child/adult to pitch the ball and see who can hit it further. You can use the tennis racket if you prefer.
  7. Bean bag balance. You choose how many race at once while balancing beanbags. You can also decide the distance. Put bean bag, or book on your head, see how far you can get!!! Speed it up as you get better!! This can also be done on a timer for distance/safety.
  8. Sprints. Divide in to whatever size group you like to race between the markers.

For mindfulness today, we want you all to have a movie night with your family. Watch a family favourite and spend some time together. Build a fort with blankets and cushions and create your own home cinema. Have some foods you like and treat yourself, such as, popcorn or a chocolate bar. Yum!

Have a great day everyone and we hope you had a fantastic week. The activities will stay on the homepage here for the summer if you want to try any of them out. The hurling challenge video by Diarmuid O’Keefe is on Class DoJo and the school’s Facebook page.

Ms. J Kavanagh and Ms. Waters


Day Four of Active and Mindfulness Week

This morning you will be learning about water safety. We live on an island and thus are completely surrounded by water. Thus, it is very important that you learn about how to stay safe in the water and also to respect the water.

Follow the link below:

If you want to write a piece or draw a picture to show what you have learned, then go for it!

Your afternoon activity is Urban Rascals at 1.30pm. Tune into Urban Gym on Facebook. It is the final Urban Rascals workout and we would love if everyone took part. We want to say a big thank you to Andy and his family for doing these workouts twice a week, free of charge, so please leave a thank you comment if you do tune in.

Your mindfulness activity today is to watch the sunset with your family and reflect on the week. Ask one another what did you do, what did you not like about the week and what did you like about the week. Sunset is at approximately 9.52pm tonight.

Today’s magic word is shark and when someone in the house says this everyone must do mountain climbers for 60 seconds.
Record what distance you walk today too!

Active and Mindfulness Week Day Two

Good morning Bunscoil Rís students! 😎


Magic Word: Sunshine= 5 burpees

Don’t forget to keep track of the kilometres you walk today and share it with us also.

Today is GAA day!! We are very excited to say that Senior Wexford hurler Diarmuid O’Keefe will be helping us out today. Dee O’Keefe is from Rathangan and plays midfield for Wexford. He won an All Star Award last year and played a huge role in winning Wexford the 2019 Senior Hurling Leinster Championship title. Mr. Murphy is also a very skilled hurler and has set you challenges for the day.

1. How many jab lifts can you do in a minute?
2. How many handpasses can you do off a wall in a minute?
3. Create a target area to land a sliotar or football in.
4. Send a video of you doing freestyle hurling skills.
5. Practise chip picking up a football.

Take a look at the video which I have posted to the school’s Facebook page and Class DoJo now of the challenges Dee has set you for the day. Best of luck!

Today’s mindfulness activity is to do something that you enjoy. Do something for yourself. It might be reading, baking, walking, running, playing a game etc.

Have a great day!

Ms. Kavanagh


Good morning boys and girls! Are you ready for another fun filled day of activities?

Magic Word: Beachball = Lunges from 60 seconds. Someone in your house says this word and everyone must do the activity. It can be said randomly throughout the day!

Remember to send me the distance you walk today as we are trying to walk around Ireland this week.


Have a fantastic day and try to do it all outside as it looks like it’s going to be another lovely day.

Ms. J Kavanagh and Ms. Waters

This morning afternoon activity is a Body Burn Workout.

Warm up for 5 minutes (jog on the spot, high knees, kick your feet back high and stretch)

Do each exercise for 50 seconds with a 10 second break. Repeat twice.

  1. Mountain climbers
  2. Squats
  3. Jumping Jacks
  4. Burpees
  5. Plank

Cool down by jogging lightly on the spot, slowing to a walk and finally stretch!

Your afternoon activity is Urban Rascals at 1.30pm. Tune into Urban Gym on Facebook. Comment ‘We love Active Week!’ with your name and class so we can see you taking part.

For mindfulness today, at the end of the day, lay on you bed and focus on your breathing. Think about what you liked about today and what you didn’t like. This also works well by telling someone so you could do this before bedtime also.

Active Schools Week

This week is Active Week and Mindfulness Week. We are going to get moving and also look after our wellbeing that little bit more. We hope you enjoy this week and use it to refresh, reflect and focus on your mind and body. Each day there will be two active activities and one mindfulness activity. Enjoy!

Firstly, we as a school are going to walk around Ireland. I want you to walk a kilometre or more each day and send me how many kilometres you do each day to the school’s Facebook messenger. We hope to reach 4,000km by Friday evening which is the distance around Ireland.

Next, each day we will post a magic word with an exercise attached. Someone in the house says this word throughout the day and you must do the exercise. For example, monkey = 5 jumping jacks.

Ms. J Kavanagh and Ms. Waters


Magic Word: Monkey. Whenever someone says this word you must do five jumping jacks!

Today’s active work this morning is a Zumba class. See the links below!


This afternoon’s activity is Balloon Soccer. If you have balloons, then great! Blow them up and have fun playing a game of soccer. How many do you think will burst? If you don’t have balloons, that’s fine. Use socks to roll up and use this a ball or you could just use a soccer ball.  

For mindfulness today, we want you to focus on your breathing.

  1. Spend three minutes focusing on your breathing.
  2. Where in your body do you feel it the most? Your nose? Your belly?
  3. Be aware of the sensation of the in breath and the out breath.
  4. Just notice the normal rhythm of your breathing and if the mind wanders, gently bring it back and focus on your breathing
  5. Continue for 3 minutes and enjoy the calm this exercise brings you.

What a mouldy mess! 🙉🔍

Ms.Kavanagh’s 3rd class have been learning about how germs spread and importance of good hygiene. They used slices of bread and left them on different surfaces for 60 seconds (the floor, a phone, a desk and a shoe). A child also coughed on a slice. One child washed his hands with soap and water and held that slice. The results have been astounding!!

Mould has grown on every slice bar the slice that was touched by washed hands. The class proudly presented their experiment at the whole school assembly on Friday. They have also asked different classes to come into their classroom to explain their experiment to others. These 3rd class children are keen to spread the message “Wash you hands regularly to stop the spread of germs!” 🙌🏻💦🙌🏻💦

Good Hygiene

Good Hygiene: Wash hands regularly with soap. Sneezing: Catch a sneeze with a tissue or into elbow area. Bin the tissue afterwards. Kill the sneeze by washing hands. Catch it, Bin it, Kill it. All children should bring a small pack of tissues to school each day.


Paired Reading 📖👏🏻🤩

Following on from such a successful 6 weeks of paired reading in term one, we decided to have another 6 weeks of it. The 3rd class children are paired with 5th class and the 4th class children are paired with 6th class. Each Wednesday morning for 30 minutes the children pair up and read to one another. The children thoroughly enjoy it as their confidence grows with reading and they have an opportunity to read for pleasure. 📖😁

Rock Bottom

During the month of December our four 6th classes performed in a fantastic production called ‘Rock Bottom’. The children performed two day time shows for the children and staff in Bunscoil Rís and one night time show for parents. The show was performed in St.Michael’s Theatre New Ross. The children had the opportunity to sing, dance and act on stage in front of their family, friends and school. It was a fantastic experience and one in which the children will always remember!