School will reopen after the school holidays on Thursday.

We look forward to seeing all our pupils, parents & staff.
Supervision for bus pupils will start when they arrive.
All pupils walking or being dropped can arrive from 8.45am each day.

Breakfast Club will run from Thursday also from 8.45am each morning.

Like previous years pupils should arrive and walk around to their class entry/exit door.

Entry & Exit Doors:
3rd Class: Side door nearest the main gate
4th Class: Main school door
5th Class: Side door nearest basketball court
6th Class: Door around the back of the school.

Finish Times:
3rd & 4th Classes: 2.25pm
5th & 6th Classes: 2.30pm

Please drive carefully, park carefully, drop on the Bawnmore Road please and if possible get your children to walk to school. Gerry.

Return 2 School

Return 2 School:
We are working hard to get the school ready for the return of our pupils and staff next week.

We want to keep the school a Covid free zone.

Maximise Distance, Minimise Contact.

Hand washing & Sneezing Etiquette:
It is really important that children arrive at school clean and that they wash their hands before they leave home. They will wash hands first thing on arrival and several times during the school day.

Practice washing and sneezing properly at home!!

Staggered Start:
To avoid crowding we will have a staggered start for a number of weeks. For the first 2 days there will only be half the school in attendance as we need to give them important information about how the school day will run for them.

Thursday 27th:
School only for 3rd & 4th classes
• 3rd class times 9.30am – 1.45pm
• 4th class times 9.15am – 2.00pm

Friday 28th:
School for 5th & 6th classes only
• 5th class times 9.00am – 2.15pm
• 6th class times 8.45am – 2.30pm

From Monday 31st:
All classes in school with different start times.
• 3rd class times 9.30am – 1.45pm
• 4th class times 9.15am – 2.00pm
• 5th class times 9.00am – 2.15pm
• 6th class times 8.45am – 2.30pm

Each class will enter & exit through a designated door that we will show them.

We hope to extend the school day for all classes as we get better at entering and exiting the building.

Important Notes:
1. Children have the option to wear a mask, some tissues bring some sanitiser but are not allowed to share. No sharing of any equipment allowed. Staff will be wearing a mask or a visor in school.
2. Pupils should only arrive at correct times only.
3. No dropping off early.
4. Brothers & sisters from the same family can enter school with the oldest child and go straight to their class. Same for collecting.
5. No breakfast club to start with.
6. School lunches will be delivered as normal in school.
7. School uniform or school tracksuit to be worn each day alternating daily.
8. All school pens/pencils/books will stay at school. we won’t be giving any written homework to start with, might be more active homework.
9. Adults are asked not to enter the school and must make an appointment. Masks to be worn.
`10. Please do not send your child to school if they are sick. This is really important this school year.
Parents will be contacted to collect their child if the child feeling unwell at school.

Our Return 2 School Plan is a work in progress and we will update you again and again as we get closer to opening.

Email if you have a question/comment.

Sorry for the long list but we want everybody to be safe.
Looking forward to working with you in the next school year.

Dates for Sacrament of Confirmation:

Confirmation Update:

Confirmation ceremonies for our 6th classes will be on the following dates in September. All dates are Saturdays, 11am.
Ms Brazil Sep 5th
Ms Foskin Sep 12th
Ms Whelan Sep 19th
Mr Ring Sep 26th
Please pass on the word to 6th class parents & pupils. We will have more information later in the summer.

Special Needs Assistants

Special Needs Assistants:
Next year we may need extra Special Needs Assistants to cover illnesses & absences.
This will depend on government grants and what guidelines we receive from the Department of Education.
I would like to have some SNAs on standby to avail of if & when required.
If you know anybody who may be interested in working as a SNA in the school please ask them to send a CV to
Regards Gerry Moran.

School Cleaners

School Cleaners:
Next year we may need to employ extra cleaners. This will depend on government grants and what guidelines we receive from the Department of Education re. cleaning.
I would like to have some cleaners vetted, on standby & to avail of if & when required.
If you know anybody who may be interested in working as a cleaner in the school please ask them to send a CV to
Regards Gerry Moran.

School Book Collection next week

Dear parents,
Next Week we are moving to a themed approach for learning. This will give us a chance to collect school rental books from you and for you to collect pens, pencils, etc that your child left after them here at school. Drop off and collection will be from the school hall.

We have allocated a day and time for you to come to the school to drop off the books and collect.
Please drop off the books in an orderly fashion.
Please respect social distancing. Please arrive, drop off and exit.
We will have some staff here to assist you.
Try to adhere to the days and times if you can.
A friend can collect if needs be.

Tuesday: 3rd Classes
D Murphy 10am
A Waters 11am
B Griffin 12pm
J Kavanagh 1pm

Wednesday; 4th Classes
D Griffin/J Rowesome 10am
P O’Shea 11am
S O’Bryne 12pm
S Morrissey 1pm

Thursday: 5th Classes
J Mernagh 10 am
T Cooney 11am
S Keenan 12pm
S Cullen 1pm

Friday; 6th Classes
K Ring 10am
A Brazil 11am
A Foskin 12pm
J Whelan 1pm

Routine is Key to Happy Children

Please see below a sample timetable that might be of some help.

9-00am-10-00am Out of bed, play and get dressed
10-00am-11-00am Breakfast, tidy up and household jobs
11-00am-1-00pm School work
1-00pm-2-00pm Lunch and play time
2-00pm-3-00pm Outdoor exercise time
3-00pm-4-00pm Creative time-reading, art, dance, music, drama, baking or more school work for older children
4-00pm-5-00pm Free play time or limited TV
5-00pm-6-00pm Project time: a time to work on a specific project like writing a book, painting, a specific project in an area of interest etc.
6-00pm-7-00pm Help prepare dinner and tidy up
7-00pm-8-00pm Family activity time-board games, limited TV etc.

Kennedy College Art Competition

Kennedy College have opened an art competition and have invited pupils from Bunscoil Rís to enter.
I know from work posted on Class Dojo that some pupils will be very interested.
What is your understanding of Covid-19. Your piece van be a piece of art with text or a piece of art.
Get cracking guys. when completed simply take a photo and send to
Great prizes.

The Treasury & Urban Rascals

Our local School & Office Suppliers, The Treasury, have sponsored 3 school bags for our Urban Rascal Gym work out.
We thank them for their very kind donation.
Tomorr Thursday dress in blue, for World Autism Week, log into Urban Rascals, take a photo and post to School Facebook to win a school bag or a lap top stand.

Urban Rascals Prizes

Hi Pupils, want to win a study table. This would be really handy.
This great prize is sponsored by Krzysztof from EF World Furniture in Woodbine Business Park, New Ross.

Tuesday prize is a desk
Thursday prize is a lap top Stand

This will run for 3 weeks, 6 prizes in total. Krzysztof is just super

New School Rules For Home

Hi Families,
I hope that you are keeping well. Please do me a favour and dab every time you sneeze. It is very important that Bunscoil Rís pupils do their very best to avoid spreading this Corona disease.
New School Rules:
1. Everybody has to wash their hands every hour at least with soap. Catch your sneezes and wash your hands afterwards.
2. Every hour every pupil has to take a walk in the back garden if you have one. If you don’t take a short walk outside 100 metres up the road and back a few times if it is safe. Remember to tell your parents or minder. When outside do 10 star jumps, run on the spot for 10, jump in the air for 10.
3. At all times remember social distancing. This means keeping 2 metres away from everybody you meet.
4. Always say ‘Hello’, ‘ Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ & ‘Thank you’ as often as you can. Keep it all positive.
5. Call your Grandparents every second day if you can.
6. Check your class page at the ‘Classwork’ tab each day at 10am. Remember to check your Support Teacher’s page also.

We have wonderful pupils in Bunscoil Rís and we know that you will all do your best for your parents and grandparents.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Home