My Hopes for the Future, by Luca O’Connor (6th class)

Pupil’s Work:



In the future I want to go to Trinity College, I want to leave secondary school with many friends. In Trinity I want to study English, Journalism, teaching and acting. I want to write a novel and hopefully it will be good, I want legions of fans!! I want to marry someone I love more than anything else in the world, I want to have four children, but spread out. I want to live in a big city and own a bookshop. Not a large sprawling emporium but a small shop with a large room behind the counter with books. The person at the counter should always be able to suggest a book. I want to have a house near the shop and a room where I could write in peace with bookshelves covering the walls, filled with notebooks of ideas and short stories. The laughter of children can be heard and the house feels like home. At night, before my children’s bedtime (half eight sharp), they all gather by the fire as I tell them magnificent tales. Later when all of our children have left, me and my wife will travel around the world together. We might move house back to New Ross surrounded by friends and family.

The house will be small, there will be ivy growing on the wall. In this house I will take the shed and turn it into a writing hut, which my wife will constantly complain about. Every day I will walk the same route carrying a notepad. I’ll bump into old friends along the way and we’ll reminisce about the good old days. On summer days I’d sit down on the bench and think of ideas for my latest book. When I arrive home the smell of food will be in the air and we’ll live out the rest of our happy days like that. Then on my deathbed I want to be surrounded by family and friends and I want many of them to bring me a book.

Information for Parents about smart phone usage in schools.

Information from Parent’s Association:

Dear Parent,

Please click this link to read a circular (0038/2018) that has been issued to all schools recently regarding consultation with teachers, students and parents on the use of smart phones.

Please contact the NPC Helpline if you require any further information on the consultation process Tel: 01 887 4477.

Computer coding

Dear Parent,

We are currently working on a new project with Trinity College that is aimed at working in partnership with parents to support their children’s learning about computer coding. Before the supports are fully developed Trinity would like some information from you as parents and your children about your current level of knowledge, familiarity and confidence with computer technology, so that they can develop materials that will make a difference. We would really appreciate it if you and your child/children would complete the surveys (links below).

As these are surveys developed by Trinity College they have to follow the University’s ethical code for research so you will notice a longer than usual introduction to the survey and some consent questions. Please bear with this process as it is an essential component of university research I am afraid!

If you have any questions please contact me. The closing date for the surveys is the 6th of July 2018.

Thank you for your assistance with this project.

Michelle Davern

The parent survey is:

The child survey is:



World Orienteering Day

Bunscoil Rís took part in a Global Event today – World Orienteering Day.

Tom Geoghegan set up an Orienteering course and all classes had an opportunity to participate. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Our details are now uploaded and so far we are the only school registered in Ireland , we also have the biggest turn out in Ireland for a WOD event.

80 Regions/Countries took part

2137 Registered Events

348,066 World Participants

1550 Irish Participants ……… including the pupils of Bunscoil Rís.

This is a fantastic achievement. Well done to all involved and thank you to Tom.



‘Give It A Try’ Girls Rugby

The IRFU are running programme specifically for girls over the summer months called ‘Give It A Try – Girls’ Rugby Summer Programme’. It is designed for and aimed at 10 – 14 year olds. It will be held in New Ross RFC. Girls will learn the skills of rugby in a fun environment, as well as meeting new friends and staying active.

New iPad

Thank you to the pupils, parents and staff that donated old phones to our mobile phone recycling initiative. We have now received a new iPad after collecting 200 old phones and we are delighted. We will continue to collect for another iPad.