Online Learning January 2021

This month we went back to online learning due to new lockdown restrictions. The children and staff have adapted brilliantly to this and we are very proud of everyone who has engaged so far. Each morning we host Zoom meetings for each of our classes for one hour. They are hosted by the class teacher and an SET teacher. The children and their teacher discuss the work for the day, teach mini lessons and also correct work. It is an opportunity for teachers to check in with each student and to continue teaching the curriculum, as best as possible. School work is uploaded daily to Class DoJo and then the children share what they have done with their teacher using Portfolio on Class DoJo. Children are also logged into Mathletics. Here they work on their Maths daily and independently. Every Friday we have also successfully held a whole school assembly on Zoom where over 250 students and staff have logged on.

Below is a sample of just some of the work the children have completed this month.