Day 2: Technology and Engineering


Today is technology and engineering day. Below are some activities for you to try. You don’t need to do all the activities, just pick an activity that you will enjoy.


Activity 1: Build a flag from Lego

Build a flag from Lego


This experiment is great fun and everyone at home can join in. Try build a flag of any country with Lego.

Above is a picture of the American flag. Check out the video above for some ideas. We would love to see your creatures. Send photos to your teacher on Dojo 🙂



Activity 2:

Pyramid Catapult


You can make your catapult from any items you can find at home. Watch this video for some ideas. You may not have all the materials listed in the activity below.






10 lollipop sticks

5 Skewers

3 straws

1 cup

1 rubber



  1. Cut 2.5 straws into quarters. Pinch the straw piece and insert a craft stick. Repeat until there are 3 straw pieces and 3 sticks connected end-to-end.Fold the shape into a triangle and connect the ends together.Peel off a length of tape from the roll without severing it. Wrap the entire perimeter triangle in tape as you peel it off of the roll.

    Repeat 2 more times to create a total of three triangles. Arrange them in a trapezoid pattern and tape the edges together in at least two places. Fold the outer two triangles upwards to form the pyramid. Tape the edge together to keep the pyramid shape intact.

  2. Lay 5 skewers flat and neatly lined up. Keeping the skewers flat, wrap tape around the skewers in at least two places. Tape a craft stick to the centre of the skewer bundle to reinforce it.Insert the pointed end of the three middle skewers into the remaining 1/2 straw piece. Tape it on.Lay the skewer bundle inside the catapult and align the straw with the front of the pyramid. Tape the straw to the front edge of the pyramid. This will create a flexible joint which will allow the catapult arm to move up and down.

    Attaching the arm to the catapult frame requires a lot of dexterity. Encourage your students to take turns helping each other with this step: one person holds the pieces in place while the other tapes it.

  3. Place a piece of tape at a perpendicular angle on the back of the catapult arm. Hold a cup near the top of the arm and wrap the ends of the tape to the sides of the cup. Be sure to leave some of the skewers exposed at the top of the catapult arm. Use more tape to secure the cup to the catapult arm.
  4. Place one hand inside the pyramid frame and firmly press on it. Use the fingertips on the other hand to press down on the end of the catapult arm. Pull back, then release by allowing your fingertips to slide off of the skewers.




Here are some more engineering activities for you to try out

  • Design and build a roller coaster. …
  • Construct a LEGO camping lantern. …
  • Make a snack pulley. …
  • Create mazes for hexbugs. …


Here are some websites with even more ideas: