Social Distance Sports Day 2020!

So, this is a sports day with a difference. You have to use household equipment if you don’t have the real sports gear! Change it to suit yourself if you need to. We understand the weather is poor with showers today so try your best. Also take a look back at the other activities from the past four days and try them if you haven’t given them a go. We had Zumba on Monday which is perfect for indoors.

  1. Obstacle course. If you have somewhere outdoors, set up an obstacle race, you can use anything. Make one course and time yourself against your family, neighbour or friend…. keep apart between races.
  2. Javelin throw. Individual, measure distance. If you don’t have a javelin, throw a wellie, a shoe…. anything you like!!!
  3. Egg and spoon. For social distancing , you could time individual runs.
  4. Sack races. Use bin bags if they are big enough!
  5. Three-legged race. This can only be done with a family member, due to restrictions.
  6. Baseball pitch. Get a child/adult to pitch the ball and see who can hit it further. You can use the tennis racket if you prefer.
  7. Bean bag balance. You choose how many race at once while balancing beanbags. You can also decide the distance. Put bean bag, or book on your head, see how far you can get!!! Speed it up as you get better!! This can also be done on a timer for distance/safety.
  8. Sprints. Divide in to whatever size group you like to race between the markers.

For mindfulness today, we want you all to have a movie night with your family. Watch a family favourite and spend some time together. Build a fort with blankets and cushions and create your own home cinema. Have some foods you like and treat yourself, such as, popcorn or a chocolate bar. Yum!

Have a great day everyone and we hope you had a fantastic week. The activities will stay on the homepage here for the summer if you want to try any of them out. The hurling challenge video by Diarmuid O’Keefe is on Class DoJo and the school’s Facebook page.

Ms. J Kavanagh and Ms. Waters