12/06/20 Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

Happy Friday. It’s treat day today and you deserve it!!

The treat I have picked for today is a yummy one! A Crunchie is one of my favourite chocolate bars so I have gone for a Crunchie Biscuit Cake! This can last in the fridge a few days but it never lasts that long in my house 🙂


I have also added other ideas for a healthy banana ice-cream or nice popcorn treats for a movie night along with some three ingredient recipes.
I hope you enjoyed the week of different challenges. We loved seeing the pictures that you sent into us. You are all so inspirational and creative in the work that you’ve been doing and you should be proud. We are very proud of you all. Thank you also to the adults who helped you this week and any older brothers or sisters!
I hope you enjoy all the challenges that are being set for you next week.

Ms. N. Foskin