School Book Collection next week

Dear parents,
Next Week we are moving to a themed approach for learning. This will give us a chance to collect school rental books from you and for you to collect pens, pencils, etc that your child left after them here at school. Drop off and collection will be from the school hall.

We have allocated a day and time for you to come to the school to drop off the books and collect.
Please drop off the books in an orderly fashion.
Please respect social distancing. Please arrive, drop off and exit.
We will have some staff here to assist you.
Try to adhere to the days and times if you can.
A friend can collect if needs be.

Tuesday: 3rd Classes
D Murphy 10am
A Waters 11am
B Griffin 12pm
J Kavanagh 1pm

Wednesday; 4th Classes
D Griffin/J Rowesome 10am
P O’Shea 11am
S O’Bryne 12pm
S Morrissey 1pm

Thursday: 5th Classes
J Mernagh 10 am
T Cooney 11am
S Keenan 12pm
S Cullen 1pm

Friday; 6th Classes
K Ring 10am
A Brazil 11am
A Foskin 12pm
J Whelan 1pm