New School Rules For Home

Hi Families,
I hope that you are keeping well. Please do me a favour and dab every time you sneeze. It is very important that Bunscoil Rís pupils do their very best to avoid spreading this Corona disease.
New School Rules:
1. Everybody has to wash their hands every hour at least with soap. Catch your sneezes and wash your hands afterwards.
2. Every hour every pupil has to take a walk in the back garden if you have one. If you don’t take a short walk outside 100 metres up the road and back a few times if it is safe. Remember to tell your parents or minder. When outside do 10 star jumps, run on the spot for 10, jump in the air for 10.
3. At all times remember social distancing. This means keeping 2 metres away from everybody you meet.
4. Always say ‘Hello’, ‘ Good Morning’, ‘Good Afternoon’ & ‘Thank you’ as often as you can. Keep it all positive.
5. Call your Grandparents every second day if you can.
6. Check your class page at the ‘Classwork’ tab each day at 10am. Remember to check your Support Teacher’s page also.

We have wonderful pupils in Bunscoil Rís and we know that you will all do your best for your parents and grandparents.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Home