Paired Reading 📖👏🏻🤩

Following on from such a successful 6 weeks of paired reading in term one, we decided to have another 6 weeks of it. The 3rd class children are paired with 5th class and the 4th class children are paired with 6th class. Each Wednesday morning for 30 minutes the children pair up and read to one another. The children thoroughly enjoy it as their confidence grows with reading and they have an opportunity to read for pleasure. 📖😁

Rock Bottom

During the month of December our four 6th classes performed in a fantastic production called ‘Rock Bottom’. The children performed two day time shows for the children and staff in Bunscoil Rís and one night time show for parents. The show was performed in St.Michael’s Theatre New Ross. The children had the opportunity to sing, dance and act on stage in front of their family, friends and school. It was a fantastic experience and one in which the children will always remember!

School Calendar 2019-2020

School Calendar 2019 – 2020

Return to school: Thursday August 29th Pupils return to school.
Midterm: School closed week of October 28th Reopening Mon 4th November.
Christmas Holidays: School closing Friday 20th December at 12pm, reopening Monday 6th January.
Midterm: School closed Thursday 20th & Friday 21st of February.
St. Patrick’s Day: School closed Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th of March.
Easter Holidays: Closed from Monday April 6th. Reopening 2 weeks later on Monday 20th April.
May Bank Holiday: School closed Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th of May.
June Bank Holiday: School closed Friday 29th of May & Monday June 1st.
Summer Holidays: School will close on Thursday June 25th at 12 noon.

Please use the school holidays to book family holidays. We want all pupils to be in school for every day that they are well enough to come to school.
Gerry Moran

My Hopes for the Future, by Luca O’Connor (6th class)

Pupil’s Work:



In the future I want to go to Trinity College, I want to leave secondary school with many friends. In Trinity I want to study English, Journalism, teaching and acting. I want to write a novel and hopefully it will be good, I want legions of fans!! I want to marry someone I love more than anything else in the world, I want to have four children, but spread out. I want to live in a big city and own a bookshop. Not a large sprawling emporium but a small shop with a large room behind the counter with books. The person at the counter should always be able to suggest a book. I want to have a house near the shop and a room where I could write in peace with bookshelves covering the walls, filled with notebooks of ideas and short stories. The laughter of children can be heard and the house feels like home. At night, before my children’s bedtime (half eight sharp), they all gather by the fire as I tell them magnificent tales. Later when all of our children have left, me and my wife will travel around the world together. We might move house back to New Ross surrounded by friends and family.

The house will be small, there will be ivy growing on the wall. In this house I will take the shed and turn it into a writing hut, which my wife will constantly complain about. Every day I will walk the same route carrying a notepad. I’ll bump into old friends along the way and we’ll reminisce about the good old days. On summer days I’d sit down on the bench and think of ideas for my latest book. When I arrive home the smell of food will be in the air and we’ll live out the rest of our happy days like that. Then on my deathbed I want to be surrounded by family and friends and I want many of them to bring me a book.

NewRoss Font – As designed by 6th Class pupils – Download details below

1. Open Kennedy summer school
2. Scroll down to end of page to where it says “This font is now freely available online here”
3. Click “here”
4.Click download
5. Go to your Download folder and find “New Ross-Regular” (or search for it on your computer)
6. Open “New Ross-Regular” then click ‘Install Font”
7. A new Window called “Font Validation” will open. Tick “Select all fonts” then click “Installed Checked”
8. Open Word and type in ordinary font e.g. in Times Roman, then highlight the text and go to Formation Pallett, see below, and scroll down to find the very tiny letters of NewRoss Regular.

9. That’s it! It should read in the New Ross Regular font.

1st Day At School

We had a great first day at school today. The weather is gorgeous again and we hope to get a long indian summer.
It was great to see all pupils wearing their uniforms and looking so sharp. Thank you to all parents for kitting out their children so well.

Reminder: No pupils are allowed on the school premises before 8.15am.
Breakfast club starts at 8.15am and we encourage children to use the breakfast club each day or whenever they need to.

Thank you to all for paying for book bills. Lots of parents have paid online, thank you for that. We need everybody to pay for school books this year. We will invest book money collected in new books for the pupils.
Please pay at PAYMENTS

Return To School

We look forward to the return of pupils and staff to school after the summer holidays.
School will reopen for all pupils on Thursday 30th. Breakfast club will open at 8.15am for all pupils.
Remember there is no supervision of pupils before 8.15am each morning. Children are not allowed on the school premises before this time.

The online payments is a great success. Sorry that the system was down for a while over the summer holidays. Lots of parents are using the system. Please continue to use this for everything, school books, swimming and any other expenses during the year. Parents can pay in whatever amounts they wish.

Book money is now due at €45 per pupil. This can be paid in small amounts if necessary but must be paid. Please pay at PAYMENTS

Please ensure that your child has the correct uniform on at all times or the school tracksuit if they are doing PE or playing team games during the year.Children can wear navy blue shorts during the fine weather. All pupils can wear a school trousers this year.